I would like to be able send my application window to the desktop level under the icons. this is something that Kineme Quartz Builder used to be able to do. I don't think it would take too much time as there is already support for window levels. this is how I do it in Xcode as a subclass of NSWindow

[self setLevel:kCGDesktopWindowLevel - 1];

this places the window on top of the desktop image but under the desktop icons. I just think it would be cool to be able have animated desktops, kind of like screen savers for the desktop. however I don't think this behavior should be pro level but open to community version as well. it would work just like window levels work now but have an extra option for desktop.


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We're opening this up for voting, so the community can help us gauge interest and prioritize implementing it.

The macOS situation has changed a bit since the days of Kineme QuartzBuilder, so unfortunately it's not quite as simple as just adding another window level anymore. macOS's new fullscreen mode (which Vuo uses, but didn't exist back in the QuartzBuilder days) doesn't support the desktop window level, so in order to do fullscreen rendering at desktop window level, we'd need to implement an alternative. (Which is doable; just letting you know why it will take longer than you might have expected.)

thanks jean. I did notice

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thanks jean. I did notice apple doesn't use desktop level in its new window leveling but after exploring a bit on my own. I found all the old window levels are still there when nswindow is subclassed. I got to update my operating system so I can use the new sdk and might be able to build an image generator app myself that goes to the desktop. I tested it all ready with blank app and can still send to the desktop level with the old level constants but I haven't tried making the window go full screen yet. I suspect I will run into issues there. I really liked that feature of quartz builder. that and being able to make a window transparent background I thought was cool too.

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