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with thanks to Dust Dustin for the project Neon City which this started out as.. see post on Dustin's page.. Hey Dustin thanks for this. Great inspiration to explore 3d building in VUO. I found this a very helpful starting point to remix into this abstraction. I changed to a fixed camera and modified a version of your starfield with a new twisting structure object file I had already made. I started some audio response to brightness using your composition audio -this could be taken much further too of course-( ps. I used Blackhole Audio freeware driver to route audio from VUO into Quicktime screen recording,https://existential.audio/blackhole/)



remix of Dust's Neon City- music loop by DUST


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cool Paul this composition

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cool Paul this composition works now. I love the blackhole audio driver. it works good for sending system audio into Vuo and out etc.. I use it with quicktime sometimes and also OBS studio. I like OBS because I can capture the Vuo window with blackhole audio. OBS has great compression so it keeps the video file sizes smaller than quicktime does. I don't have a Vimeo pro account so I am limited to the amount of HD video I can upload per week, so its nice to keep the screen capture small as possible for me but still maintaining quality at full screen resolutions.

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