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I need to differentiate OSC input by IP address. Is there a reason there is no 'Specify OSC IP Input' node?

Is there a workaround to provide the equivalent?



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Currently, when you use

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Currently, when you use Specify OSC Input to configure an OSC receiver, the composition will receive OSC messages on all of the system's IP addresses. At a minimum, this will be the loopback address ( For each additional network interface (ethernet port, wifi), this will include the IP address(es) assigned to each one.

If I understand correctly, you're asking for a Specify OSC IP Input node so that you can receive on only one of the system's IP addresses, right? If so, I can convert your question to an official feature request.

In the absence of that node, the workaround would have to be on the sender's side.

If you have multiple senders — each a separate physical device that connects to your system through a different network interface — and you want the receiving Vuo composition to be able to distinguish between the senders, then you could have each sender prefix each OSC message address with the device name. Here's an example of how that would look in the receiver:


If you have a single sender that connects to your system through multiple network interfaces and you want to avoid receiving duplicate messages, then you could configure the sender to send to one specific IP address. Here's an example when sending from one Vuo composition to another on the same system:


Yes a feature request for a

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Yes a feature request for a specify OSC input IP node is what I need Thanks.

Here’s my use case:

My vuo composition queries an OSC server on each of 2 computers running a main and backup show control system, to determine the current cue on standby by sending to port53000. Each computer replies to the query on a fixed port 53001. I need to know which client sent which reply.

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