What I'm looking for is similar to the Summerize List Items node but without it inserting the line breaks between items in the list.

I tried accomodating for the line breaks included in the Summerize List Items output by using the Replace Text node to replace 'returns' with nothing or space but the Text Replace node doesn't seem to recognise standard control characters like \r and \n.

I've achieved this with brute force using 20 Take from List nodes and Append Text amounts other nodes… seems a tad crude.


The reason for wanting to

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Yes, the brute force method of repeated Take From List and joining in Append Texts does work! And possibly a process loop could work for that too making it unlimited in size.

The reason for wanting to remove return chars from the text was simply that Summerize List outputs a return delimited string and I don't want the returns in the string.

It then struck me as limiting that Replace Text doesn't search for control chars like return, newline, tab and so on which are commonly required for parsing text rom machine and human sources to use in graphics.

A GREP node would be neat. I'll put that on my todo list!