I have no experience with kinect and I don't think I've ever even played an xbox (weird I know).

I did a google search, looked around for fifteen minutes and couldn't really find anything definitive. I thought it might be fastest just to post here.

1) Does a kinect have a normal usb cable?

2) If I plug it in to a macbook pro will I automatically receive messages that can be read by Vuo?

3) What else do I need to know?



Hi dear.

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Hi dear.

Starting from the last question, two models of kinect were released. Owing both, I'd opt for the second one, with better performances. I can't be precise enough, but I have in mind that the second version at a certain time splitted in two subversion: for windows and for Xbox. I can' tell this for sure, you should investigate further. Anyway, mine has a USB 3.0 cable with which you can connect to the mac. An other cable from the kinect has a normal electric plug. Coming to Vuo - you can easily grab color, depth and infrared image from the device with "Receive Kinect v2 Image". There's a feature request to develop a node to input skeletal tracking data, but at this time it's not yet available in Vuo. You can achieve that data, if it's what you need, through an external app that's able to send them via OSC, and receive them in Vuo trough a receive OSC node. I did it with Delicode NiMate but it seems to be discontinued, hopefully there's some other software available for this job.

regards michele