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Hello all,

Ran into what I assume is a fairly generic problem, however have found no documentation to solve. Tried exporting a movie via image generator protocol on Vuo Community edition from two different computers this week. They are practically the same specs:

iMac & Macbook Pro 2013/2014 High Sierra Quad Core 2GB VRAM 16/32GB RAM

I was able to export one movie file from the example compositions, but everything else displayed this message and gave up on the first frame:

"There was a problem exporting the movie. Couldn’t generate the image; perhaps there is insufficient video memory."

Graphics card works well on other software, no intense processes happening at time of export, just exporting a video file playing back at 720p. Only issue I can think of is the Nvidia Drivers on this era macs are abandoned/outdated, which might be causing some communication issues internally. Otherwise the video card fires up well on all other processes. Any ideas?


Since you're using Vuo

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Since you're using Vuo Community Edition, thus your export resolution is limited, it seems unlikely that the export would exceed the available video memory.

Another possible reason for that error message is if the composition doesn't output an image.

Could you attach one of the compositions for which the movie export fails?