Hi all,

I'm want to count the occurrence of items in the first column in a csv.
The items that could occur on this list are numbers between 1 and 100.

So I am able to count the occurrence of specific values (99 in this example, see added composition), but only one at a time. But what would be the best way to iterate this 100 times ( one for each of the possible item values) in order to make a new list containing item number in column 1 and their occurrence in column 2.

composition and demo csv attatched thanks for any help!



Hi carlitos,

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Hi carlitos, here is a possible solution. In green nodes i added, or modified (i put "true" include headers parameter of Get Table Column node). I did not remove nodes that are useless. The result you wish is outputted by "Finished Processing" output of the green "Process list" node I added, ordered ascending from lower value to greater. Probably there's better ways to do this, I'd investigate "Process List" node. regards michele

EDIT: sorry i noticed now you wish not only occurrences but also values... should be not difficult to modify in that way