Coming from a design background, I'm pretty well trained to hold down the Z key, and marquee select the area I want to zoom to. This is how Photoshop, Sketch, Figma etc. works.

Therefor I often unconsciously hold down Z and select an area with the hope of zooming into that area.

Would love support for that!



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You don't need to hold 'Z'

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You don't need to hold 'Z' down in photoshop to zoom-in though.

'Z' selects the Zoom tool, which can zoom in or out.

The temporary pan & zoom tools (which returns to the tool you already are using after the pan/zoom is executed which in itself is another time saver/convenience/friction reducer) are invoked in all the Adobe CC apps with the three finger modifier dance of: * spacebar" for pan * "spacebar" + "⌘" for Zoom In (macOS) * "spacebar" + "⌘" + "⌥" for Zoom Out (macOS) using either click, marquee or click&drag for dynamic zooming in some of the apps

As someone who trained a lot of students and industry veterans in PS and AI I insisted that they get these and other shortcuts to become like second nature because it literally saves hours in the week they're used so often.

I advocated for for these short cuts and they were deemed "modal" and therefore not appropriate for a long time. Eventually, IIRC, cwright asked for a panning shortcut and "spacebar" modal was implemented. I don't do Vuo these days, hoping to come back one day, but I was constantly trying to use the Adobe shortcuts to zoom in and out of composition details as I worked on bigger comps, which is like "everything" you do because Vuo still doesn't have local sub-compositions for organising larger compositions into component paths which you don't want stored and accessed as a separate file.

Here's my FR from back then:

The point of holding down the

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The point of holding down the Z is that it makes it a pseudo-mode. Pseudo-modes are good, because you can't 'forget' you're holding down a key with your finger.

Since Vuo is not a tool-based interface, this would work IMO.

Would love another consideration. Until then, I'll keep hitting Z, dragging, and nothing will happen 🙂

Apparently there are two FR's

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Apparently there are two FR's for zoom, I was just looking around for yet another option -- the one I always want is modifier key + mouse wheel to zoom in/out at the cursor. Vuo has scroll assigned to the option key + mouse wheel, but I'd say zooming is better; if the zoom is at the cursor you don't need scroll -- for ex., option+wheel to zoom out and see where you want to go, zoom in where the cursor aims. Command +/- is a further reach.

I miss a keyboard shortcut

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I miss a keyboard shortcut for zoom to fit.. I usually make pretty large compositions (should get into use sub-compositions more..) on a large monitor - then it would be great to just hit Z as short cut to zoom to fit

I also feel a rethink on the the zoom, zoom to fit, and drag canvas would be good. Maybe as editable keyboard shortcuts...? Then users can assign their own favourite key and mouse combinations to the zoom and move functions that they are used to (in sketch, affinity photo, etc..)

related FR:

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