Add control over the outline to the Make Oval Layer node so one can just draw border, or combination of transparency of border and interior.


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Yes, borders 😢

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Yes, borders 😢

Made a feature request back then for borders for all layers, not only oval : Add Borders to Layers.

I just thought maybe using a themed button with no text in it, but it seems that when putting the interior color to alpha 0, the border is a bigger copy behind it so you don't get transparency either.

Yes, I found a similar issue

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Yes, I found a similar issue with the slider handle border back in the summer. Make Slider Theme: Handle Border - Should be outline not solid

I'm not sure if the solution to this particular issue is exactly the same but at the time Jaymie told me:

Unfortunately it's one of those things that sounds simple but would actually require a lot of development work to properly fix — work that is part of feature requests that are not yet scheduled.

Chris ah yes right, I

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Chris ah yes right, I remember your post now about it too.

Paul until borders for ovals or all layers are implemented, your best bet I guess would be to use Make Parametric Objet as showcased by Jaymie here : Generate a half circle?.
Because using Make Parametric Points connected to Line Strip as you mentioned, since line joints don't close, you end up with gaps when making larger borders.

And beside converting it to an image and to a layer, the only solution I know of is to directly convert the 3D Object to a Layer with a custom node (example attached in .zip).

Hope this helps until further implementations (I hope vector & SVG support will also make these kind of things easier).

To build on Bodysoulspirit's

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Feature status:
Waiting for review by Team Vuo
Open for community voting

To build on Bodysoulspirit's suggestion, there is now Make Points along Oval, slightly more convenient than Make Parametric Points, but still the awkwardness with turning that into a layer.

For this feature request, we could add inputs for border color and border width to Make Oval Layer. (And Make Rectangle Layer, since it's so similar.) This would allow drawing a circle/oval (or rectangle) with transparent interior (fill) and opaque border (stroke/outline).

The related feature request Add Borders to Layers would provide a different way to add borders, which would apply to any type of layer. The current feature request would only apply to oval and rectangle layers, but would allow adding a border from within the Make * Layer node.

We've updated the title and opened this feature request for voting.


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To build on Bodysoulspirit's suggestion, there is now Make Points along Oval, slightly more convenient than Make Parametric Points, but still the awkwardness with turning that into a layer.

Yes but, what I prefer with your method described on Generate a half circle using Make Parametric Objet is also that you don't get the gaps between the line segments with larger line widths (which you still see with the same amount of vertices using Make Points along Oval) ;)


How about the Bezier Curve node?

Sorry Azy, not sure what you mean with the Bezier Curve node ?

@Azy Bodysoulspirit You have

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@Azy Bodysoulspirit You have to think about what you're asking the computer to do ;)

A line strip object is a strip of lines, if the line width is small enough it will appear as a smooth circle. However, a line is also a rectangle. This means that if you increase the line width to a large size, gaps will appear as you essentially are drawing rectangles on the points on a circle.

To rectify this, you can draw triangles between the points of two circles instead:

To get a result like this:

(I sped through this, there may or may not be double the points needed in the final result)

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