I'm trying to get the 'SendTextToSerialDevice' example to work with the Arduino using the Send Serial Data node.

I have an Arduino sketch that reads serial data with a baud rate of 9600 but there doesn't seem to be any data sent for some reason because Serial.available() returns 0.

const unsigned int MAX_MESSAGE_LENGTH = 4;

void setup() {

void loop() {
 //Check to see if anything is available in the serial receive buffer
 while (Serial.available() > 0)

   //Create a place to hold the incoming message
   static char message[MAX_MESSAGE_LENGTH];
   static unsigned int message_pos = 0;

   //Read the next available byte in the serial receive buffer
   char inByte = Serial.read();

   //Message coming in (check not terminating character) and guard for over message size
   if ( inByte != '\n' && (message_pos < MAX_MESSAGE_LENGTH - 1) )
     //Add the incoming byte to our message
     message[message_pos] = inByte;
   //Full message received...
   //Add null character to string
   message[message_pos] = '\0';

   //Print the message (or do other things)

   //Or convert to integer and print
   int number = atoi(message);

   //Reset for the next message
   message_pos = 0;

The Arduino sketch works fine since it receives data from the serial window. I have tried using the Configure Serial Device node but I still have no data sent to the Arduino. I have also correctly selected the USB port on the Send Serial Data node.


Has someone had success using the Send Serial Data node?


I have been using the Send

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I have been using the Send Serial Data node without any trouble. What serial interface do you have on the Mac? I'm using the Keyspan Usa-19hs High Speed Usb Serial Adapter. If you are transmitting between two computers (two DTE devices) then you will need a swap-over cable, more commonly known as a null modem cable.