Hi guys, I'd like to create a simulated snowfall as the the background for a small composition I'm creating. I was thinking of using 3 separate layers of snow which I've already created the png images for. They are basically transparent png images with a variety of small slightly blurred white specks. The idea is that the 3 snow layers would slowly and endlessly scroll in slightly different directions down the screen overtop of some wintery background image. Before I had put much thought into how I would do this I was expecting this to be really simple, and maybe it is; but now that I'm trying to do it I've completely stumping myself. What is the best way of setting up the motion on these layers so it can loop infinitely and control the direction? This composition could potentially be running for days and I'll be out of the country during the event so I'd like it to be efficient and stable. Any ideas on how I can do this part? Feeling kind of dumb right now because I am not getting it.

I've attached an image of the PNG layer I am trying to animate.

I found this article on how to do it on a website in CSS, but it's hasn't jump started my brain into figuring it out. :P Infinite CSS background image loop