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Hi all. Is there a way to choose a filepath (url) and store it in the app ? I have an app that snapshots a live video input , adds a text input and saves as an image to disc. Now you can set a default url in the 'display save window ' node, but you have to change that every save action if different to the url built into app. Id like to be able to specify a path via a button press and have the app store . If possible, then save on quit so it defaults next boot up.

Hope that makes sense

**EDIT***. Sussed out how to store the change during app boot up using 'hold value' node, and updating url on save


I did solve this thank you.

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I did solve this thank you. Discovered the 'write data' and 'read data' node. Wrote a text file at save point with folder path to the application support folder in library.

Am i right in thinking you cant write this to the app package itself ?