Hi guys ;)

Not sure how to name this feature request, but on recent MacBook screens, the ones with a notch, it would be really cool if the fullscreen mode would allow "real" fullscreen. I mean the full display, closer to the borders and next to the notch.

When switching to fullscreen mode, right now, it reduces the size with a bigger top, bottom and sides black border, as displayed in the image below.

2 things that would be cool I guess :

a - Have the possibility to have this as an option. To use the old method or the "full" screen.
b - This should be accessible if you enter fullscreen mode with cmd-f AND with the green window fullscreen button.


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Because of how full

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Because of how full-fullscreen works in macOS, we could implement this in one of two ways.

The first way would be to make the full-fullscreen available only in exported apps. In Edit > Composition Information, there could be an option for the type of fullscreen that the composition should use when exported to an app. The drawback is that you would not be able to use full-fullscreen when running the composition within Vuo.

The second way would not have that drawback, but it would take substantially more effort to implement, because how full-fullscreen works on macOS clashes (in technical details) with how Vuo currently runs compositions to allow live editing. With the second way, there could be a node that lets you choose the type of fullscreen that the composition should use. We would have to change some things about running compositions to make that work.

Bodysoulspirit, since you requested this feature, I'll leave it up to you to decide between the first or second way.

Thanks for the follow up

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Thanks for the follow up Jaymie

Well, since I often use Vuo compositions within Vuo and also to be able to preview what things would look like without having to export each time you make a change, I think I would prefer the second method that would allow both if that's ok for the team.



Does live editing matter if the editor is hidden behind a fullscreen app though? Presumably you wouldn't be editing on a secondary screen if you have one connected, rather using it for output avoiding the issue. Or is that a wanted feature?

Sorry, I don't understand what you mean 😢

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