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1 Does VuoInputData always have to have a minimum and maximum value? George_Toledo 6 years ago by George_Toledo
1 Does Vuo support alpha channel in a video file? mnstri 2 years ago by mnstri
2 Does Vuo play animated .dae meshes kokot 4 years ago by smokris
2 does the update from 1.20 to 1.2.1 cost $ balam 4 years ago by balam
1 Does the Filter Skeleton node scale the NImate coordinates? Scratchpole 2 years ago by jstrecker
4 Documentation Suggestion pbourke 7 months ago by pbourke
2 Do image dimensions matter? kokot 2 years ago by kokot
2 Distance and rotation between two 3d points marioepsley 2 years ago by marioepsley
2 Display funding cost of feature requests Bodysoulspirit 6 months ago by Bodysoulspirit
2 Discussions and Questions sections merged Kewl 2 years ago by Bodysoulspirit
1 Different window size depending on method of resizing Bodysoulspirit 4 years ago by jstrecker
1 Development ponderings bLackburst 6 years ago by tmoles
2 develop a node using openframeworks cremaschi 4 years ago by jstrecker
10 Deprecation of OpenGL and OpenCL Kewl 2 years ago by alexmitchellmus
8 Dedicated input editor "inside" node space alexmitchellmus 4 years ago by alexmitchellmus
16 Data Types Thoughts Bodysoulspirit 4 years ago by Bodysoulspirit
14 Cylindrical projection to fisheye Kewl 3 years ago by Kewl
1 Cycle through list to display numbers from text file Georgie 3 years ago by Bodysoulspirit
3 Cycle through list - how to get the current position lrock 5 years ago by smokris
3 Custom shaders ahoeben 6 years ago by George_Toledo
4 Custom node: editor crash with VuoList_VuoGenericType1 dumski 5 years ago by jstrecker
2 Custom Node using C++ scrat 4 years ago by jstrecker
4 Custom Grids Citizen-Caine 2 years ago by jersmi
6 csv issues : don't find the good setup... tazinnuedo 10 months ago by jmcc
3 Crossfader with Hold bLackburst 5 years ago by jmcc


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