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2 Multichannel virtual audio device as input: only two channels in Vuo 12 months ago Kewl
2 Visual data beyond Vuo "space" 12 months ago Kewl
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1 When is the next update that will cost money? 12 months ago jstrecker
8 Play Audio File + Send Live Audio = micro pauses 1 year ago jstrecker
4 Make CMYK Color 1 year ago MartinusMagneson
3 "Coming in Next Release" section on VUO website??? 1 year ago jstrecker
4 Drag Built Layers with the Mouse? 1 year ago jersmi
1 scene optimisation 1 year ago jstrecker
2 Track Skeleton with multiple users 1 year ago Salvo
3 Performance issues/crashes on multiple Mac/MacOS/OS X versions 1 year ago jstrecker
4 Observations on Work flow and possible feature requests 1 year ago jstrecker
1 Should I worry about ImageGenerator refreshing input values every frame? 1 year ago jstrecker
4 How to properly publish an input designed to receive events? 1 year ago marcin
2 VDMX not accepting compostion with "Changed" node 1 year ago marcin
4 Select Input Node... How do I do 16 inputs properly??? 1 year ago cwilms-loyalist
2 Make Button problem with Pressed event 1 year ago marcin
1 Improved email notifications for posts 1 year ago krezrock
3 Updated "Calculate Amplitude for Frequencies": white is flat? 1 year ago jstrecker
9 Spline? 1 year ago George_Toledo
12 VUO - Best GPU Type, Single-Core, Multi-Core (Changed!) 1 year ago seanradio
2 Export as a movie with alfa channel (transparency) 1 year ago marcin
3 How to create a solid 3d object from 3d points? 1 year ago khenkel
6 Ipad for Vuo / Vuo for ipad 1 year ago jmcc
6 Kinect V2 1 year ago cwilms-loyalist


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