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4 Why does the Render node sometimes have (apparent) DOF and other times not? useful design 3 years ago by jstrecker
11 Why does this set of patches not work when converted it to a sub-composition and feed it identical data useful design 1 year ago by jstrecker
2 Why does this smoothing composition work but not as a sub-composition? useful design 1 year ago by useful design
2 Why doesn't this Shadertoy code run? afonso 2 years ago by jstrecker
6 Why is a layer in my comp blinking? (unexpected behaviour) casdekker 1 year ago by Bodysoulspirit
1 Why is a node connected but not working? mutable 4 years ago by mutable
5 Why is the output of Process List getting jumbled? jstrecker 3 years ago by jstrecker
5 why is this Build Node not generating a list, why is the Cube so large in Render Window useful design 3 years ago by Bodysoulspirit
2 Will the new Leap SDK be implemented? bLackburst 4 years ago by tmoles
2 Will you implement the ability to use tessellation? zerodigitalart 4 years ago by smokris
1 Window focus affects data transmission bLackburst 5 years ago by smokris
7 Windows Version in the next 5 years? Or ever? craftycurate 3 years ago by useful design
1 wiring diagram: BMW Exponat with 12 Monitors on one MacPro 5,1 zwei-p 3 years ago by krezrock
5 With two 'Process List' nodes, where to place 'Hold Value' nodes? Xavier dev 1 year ago by useful design
2 Workflow tip / Combine Nodes / Publishing krezrock 3 years ago by krezrock
9 works on one mac not another pbourke 11 months ago by pbourke
4 XBox One's new Kinect 2.0 billgilman 6 months ago by smokris
5 `Make Text Layer` has no layer name alexmitchellmus 2 years ago by Bodysoulspirit


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