Vuo Feature Requests allow members of the Vuo community to provide suggestions for improving Vuo. Suggestions may cover improvements on how the editor works, suggestions for new ports or new nodes, recommendations for example compositions, or changes to Vuo’s documentation. In fact, just about any aspect of Vuo the community cares about is open for a good suggestion.

You may use feature requests to attempt to move up a scheduled feature. If you'd like us to implement a feature before its scheduled date on the roadmap, vote for it. We'll pick a top-voted feature to implement in each release.

When you make a suggestion, it will have status Waiting for review by Team Vuo.

Once Team Vuo reviews it, we will give it a status:

  • Waiting for more information from reporter — We don’t completely understand your request. We need more information.
    • At this point, if you are satisfied that some other feature or features of Vuo are sufficient, you may request to withdraw the feature request, and it will have status Withdrawn by reporter.
  • Tabled by Team Vuo — Team Vuo understands the request, but does not feel the suggestion has sufficient merit to justify the work involved, or believes it does not support the vision Team Vuo has for Vuo.
  • Merged — The request is covered in another active or completed feature request.

Once Team Vuo finishes its review:

  • If Team Vuo schedules the feature after review (status: Waiting for work by Team Vuo), the community does not need to vote to complete it.
  • Otherwise, Team Vuo will change the feature to status Waiting for community to vote.
  • When Team Vuo plans an upcoming release, we'll pick a top-voted feature to include in the release, and change the status to Waiting for work by Team Vuo.
  • Once the feature is included in a release, the status will be changed to Resolved.

Any individual may vote, with those votes held until the work is scheduled. Votes may not be withdrawn. If at some future date, the feature is withdrawn or tabled, we'll return those votes to you.

Please consider every feature request carefully, and submit a detailed, actionable item for features that have demonstrable merit. Please submit only one suggestion per feature request, so it can be judged individually. Statements that only describe a problem without a possible solution are likely to be given the status Waiting for more information from reporter. Team Vuo needs to understand and review each request, and while we're doing that we can’t be developing other Vuo features.

And, as with any software development, nothing is as easy as it seems at first glance.