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It’s unfortunate that the rules have changed relatively soon after the FxPlug3 support was added, but there are many other developers in the same boat, and not many complex plug-ins are ready for M1 chips right now. Probably best to reach out to other devs to find out what the situation is.

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Thanks for letting us know! We're investigating FxPlug4, and will follow up here when we have more info to share.

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Apple have now announced that FxPlug4 will be required.

Hopefully it won't be too hard to update the current support to the new API?

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Some good news! Got a reply from David @ VDMX cc visiophone

I've pasted his response to my questions (in bold) below. I'm not sure how to respond to the last question around sub-compositions, should I direct him to the Vuo team?

Sorry for the non-follow up, we've been up to our ears in updating our codebase for Metal / etc!

Lastly, there are some new super cool nodes since the very recent latest update of 2.2 that are not allowing me to import the comps.

We're putting together an intermediate update with some general minor fixes in early February, but I'll talk to Ray about getting out a build with the new Vuo framework sooner than that since that is likely a lot easier to put together, and I think we need to update the NDI framework as well.

The one is the VDMX doesn’t remember MIDI mapping

This definitely looked reproducible from the videos from the user, and it definitely looks like it is on our end of things! When I initially tested for it I wasn't able to reproduce it on our end, but I'll give it another try today and see if I have any better luck recreating it this time.

The other is when sub-compositions will be supported?

We can look into it for the update in February, but we honestly haven't started to look into it yet. Is there something special we need to do on our end for this?

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Lucas Garcias posted a new Composition, “Rainbow Feedback Spectrum

Rainbow Feedback Spectrum

Rainbow Feedback Spectrum - Free VUO path and FFGL

Hi! My name is Lucas Garcias and I m part of the collective MOTUS LUMINA . I make this audio reactive patch and wanna share with the community ! Its a Audio Spectrum and you can go from monochrome to a rainbow with some feedback fx... You can control the device input, colors, feedback and size.

I share the comp and the FFGL to get back some of the energy the community give to me !

Composition and supporting files: 

Exported App: 

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Jean Marie commented on Paul's Discussion, “Make image with Shadertoy

Paul, my apologies in the delay getting back to you.

It's true that sampling discrete pixels can lead to aliasing. Some ways to compensate for that:

  1. Modify the shader to take into account the space between the discrete sample points. The GLSL smoothstep() and fwidth() functions are useful for that — here's an introductory tutorial:

  2. Spatially supersample — render the shader image at a higher resolution than needed, then scale it down.

  3. Render the shader image as usual, then apply an alias-reducing postprocessing filter such as FXAA

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Thank you very much Joëlle and Bodysoulspirit for the explanation. When I started programming with Vuo I made many compositions with Fire on start and Fire on display refresh nodes because the majority of the examples I tried were not protocol comps. Now it is time to re-edit the old protocol compositions! Thnx again!

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Joëlle commented on Motus Lumina's Discussion, “Image generator protocol start-up

Check the second last comment by Bodysoulspirit here as I had the same question re Allow First Event or Fire on Start:

For protocol compositions it's best to use Allow First Event, hope that helps!

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Magneson, I tried to reproduce the problem with the attached compositions, but haven't been able to. Could you post a composition that demonstrates the problem?



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