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Following up -- these examples were (deceptively) simple and clear, helpful in clarifying how event flow works in Vuo. Thanks again, Jaymie.

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Bump for SVG/vector import. I just cast some votes at the "import" FR, seems like import/export should be one node set, "support for vector graphics".

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@jersmi commented on @jvolker's Feature Request, “SVG & PDF import

I just had a look at Magneson's SVG to XML approach, it's a bust for me (or would take a lot more work and I can't imagine it amounting to anything except an experiment). SVG's parameters for paths include move (M) and curve (C -- provides 6 parameters per point for cubic bezier curve).

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@marioepsley posted a new Discussion, “Realsense Depth Sensor
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@jstrecker commented on @conanp's Bug Report, “Vuo using CPU for HAP playback?

We're seeing similar results with a 1920x1080 Hap1 video (Gadane Fega Hap from Hap Sample Pack One 1080p), tested on one computer. Vuo 1.2.8 is using a lot more CPU than VLC (Vuo = 101% – 125%; VLC = 25% – 58%).

As it turns out, Hap has two APIs: a simpler one that Vuo was using and a more complicated one that is apparently the fast one. With the fast API, the same video uses much less CPU (12% – 19%). We'll switch over to the fast API for the next release.



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