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I tried your suggestions and performance didn't Improve, I did some similar test with a QC cube (see new preste in VDMX project) which runs fine with the same LFO input. Since I'm new to Vuo its hard for me to tell if I'm doing something wrong or if there is a general performance issue with Vdmx LFO data driving a Vuo comp. .


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Now I remembered that I removed those nodes in a later revision after Jaymie pointed out above that they were not being used (I had put them in when playing around trying other things). Jaymie also added the Hold List which fixed the issues with too many OSC messages being sent from NImate.

So I have now replaced the compostition again with the correctly working version. Hope you get it running @marioepsley, please do let me know if you are successful. Cheers

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We haven't tested the composition, but one of my colleagues suggested hooking up the time port. VDMX seems to work better when the width, height, and time ports are all connected to nodes in the composition. Generally, it's also not a good practice to use nodes that create their own events within an image generator composition. So, you can use a cable from the time port to an "Allow First Event" node, where the output event would then go to the "Make Wireframe Shader" and perhaps the "Make 3D Point" nodes. Let us know if that helps.

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I'm glad you like the look of it. You don't need to compile them, just download them and put them in the correct folder. ( Please read my comment below and download the fresher version). Here's the important bit of text from the Parabox nodes Read Me: Place the co.parabox.nodes.vuonode & all .vuo files (found in the bin folder) in your User Modules folder: ~/Library/Application\ Support/Vuo/Modules/.

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This looks great!

Any chance you could share these 2 nodes as I can only see them on git hub and don't know how to compile them.

Node not installed — Make Mesh with Values (co.parabox.mesh.make) Node not installed — Get Mesh Values (co.parabox.mesh.get)

Thanks a lot!

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Hi All

I just started using Vuo and I'm having some performance issues when i try to manipulate several parameters in my Vuo comp with a Lfo in VDMX.

My performance drops from 60 fps to 30 fps when I start running the Lfo in my VDMX example project and sending values to the Vuo image generator.

The Vuo comp is very "light" and should run at 60 fps.

Any tips on how I can improve my performance ?


-Piotr Pajchel

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This should probably be a new topic, but whenever I visit this site I have to clear cookies in order to log in.

When I try to log in without that, it tells me that I need to try "logging in again in 4 seconds", or something along those lines.

But if I clear cookies and then try to login, it's fine. Using Safari/Sierra.

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For some reason that was eluding me when I was looking at example comps! I was trying to just hover QC style.

I was using the shader toy node last night, and was noticing that when I click the input port to edit shader text, that the tooltip also seems to get activated. So, I will wind up with the code window there, as well as a giant popover/tooltip that has the entire shader written out.

Is there a way to get that to not happen? Is it a certain way that I'm clicking it, or a behavior that can be altered?



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