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Hey, thanks, here you can see two screenshots in Audio MIDI setup, one using the ESI interface with 8 outputs and one with the MixPre 10-T audio interface with 4 outputs, the MixPre 10-T works totally fine, I am getting sound out VUO but when using the ESI I am not getting any sound,

One thing I see that is weird is in the Audio MIDI setup I can't change the format of the ESI interface (bit rate and frequency range), I wonder if the problem is connected to that, the MixPre 10-T has a drop down menu to change the format, but I guess the format changes automatically depending on the source of the audio. The ESI is capable of having up to 24 bit 96 KHz D/A conversion so that shouldn't be the problem.

The ESI interface works fine with Logic and when listening music in different media player so I don't know why it can not play from VUO, I can't figure it out :(

Please let me know if you have any ideas to fix it,

Thanks! :)

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What do you see in the Audio MIDI Setup application? Could you take a screen shot?

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No sound coming out of audio interface ESI Gigaport HD +

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Hi there,

I have a problem when using the audio interface: ESI GIGAPort HD+, other audio interfaces I've used work fine and the built in audio works fine too with VUO audio output,

this audio interface ESI Gigaport HD + works fine with other applications such as media players, DAW's and other audio applications, do you know what the problem could be in connection to VUO?

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Each plugin includes Vuo's runtime libraries and dependencies, so the plugin can run independently without having Vuo installed. We've taken a look at how to reduce the size, and we're planning some modest reductions for Vuo 2.0. Larger reductions should be possible, but will require more work. If it's a priority for you, please create a feature request.

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So I've been using Vuo to make FFGL plugs for Resolume and I'm very pleased.

I notice however that the exported plugs are quite large. Typically ~10mb. The native Resolume plugs are tiny ~50kb. Is that to be expected? Why so much larger?

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Best way to make strings with hex/binary/unicode chars?

I wish to send a binary control code over a serial connection and not sure how best to encode this into the string for 'Send Serial Data'. I found the 'Make Text from ASCII' Node so should I use that for each char with 'Append Texts'? I was half expecting to find a way to escape special chars into a string but if it's there I couldn't find it :-)


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In case it's of interest, I'm exporting Vuo 2 comps as FFGL plugins to use within VDMX (the workaround until VDMX is updated to support Vuo 2) and it's working a treat :)

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mle commented on Steve's Composition, “Shiny Spheres

Can we get this to work with Vuo 2.0?

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So first I need to purchase Vuo1.2.8 - after that I have acess to Vuo2.0. Correct?

With a Vuo Pro 1.2 license, you can access the Vuo Pro 2.0 beta, which includes support for exporting macOS FFGL 1.6+ plugins. Vuo Pro 2.0 is a free upgrade for Vuo Pro 1.2 license holders. (The Vuo standard (non-Pro) license does not include support for exporting FFGL plugins; a Vuo Pro license is required.)

Vuo2.0 exports to FFGL that functions in Resolume 6 and 7. Correct?

FFGL plugins exported by Vuo Pro 2.0 work in macOS Resolume Arena and Avenue version 6 and later. We're not aware of any unresolved compatibility issues so far (if you do run into problems, please let us know, and we'll try to fix them).

Are there good indications that Resolume will continue to support FFGL plugs produced by Vuo in future versions (of Resolume)?

We don't know Resolume's future plans for changes to their FFGL support, but we are continuing to monitor changes they make. We are communicating with them when necessary, and plan to adapt Vuo as needed.



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