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Thank you Kewl.

Just creating an aggregate device with the C922 mic and Blackhole worked perfectly.

Cheers, William

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dee posted a new Discussion, “Sharing Apps

Sharing Apps

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Hi All,

So ive exported my first app. I tried to share with a friend but he just gets a message saying you do not have permission to use.

How do i export an app that i can use on another computer please. At the moment im on community edition.


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Kewl commented on wmackwood's Discussion, “C922 Pro Stream Webcam microphone . . .

If memory serves me right, Vuo deals only with 48 kHz audio. If that is still the case, the 32 kHz limit of the C922 could explain the problem.

Maybe if the audio goes through a virtual audio interface like Blackhole or Loopback, the OS will be able to resample the audio stream to 48 kHz before sending it to Vuo.

https://existential.audio/blackhole/ https://rogueamoeba.com/loopback/

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wmackwood posted a new Discussion, “C922 Pro Stream Webcam microphone . . .

C922 Pro Stream Webcam microphone . . .

Hello VUO Team,

I have a C922 Pro Stream Webcam. No problem receiving live video feed from it.

It is currently hung as an overhead stage camera, and I'd like to use the built-in microphone. The mic works in the Mac environment and shows itself as:

16/24/or 32KHz (selectable) 2ch 16-bit integer

Though the 'Receive Live Audio' Node lists the microphone as (Unknown Manufacturer: C922 Pro Stream Webcam), it seems unable to process the audio stream. Any work-arounds or suggestions?

Thank you in advance.

William Mackwood

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Jaymie, I changed the title and description of this FR since the part about converting a single color already is implemented ;) Hope it's fine, please modify if not.

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Support "full" fullscreen on recent displays (ex with notch)

Hi guys ;)

Not sure how to name this feature request, but on recent MacBook screens, the ones with a notch, it would be really cool if the fullscreen mode would allow "real" fullscreen. I mean the full display, closer to the borders and next to the notch.

When switching to fullscreen mode, right now, it reduces the size with a bigger top, bottom and sides black border, as displayed in the image below.

2 things that would be cool I guess :

a - Have the possibility to have this as an option. To use the old method or the "full" screen.
b - This should be accessible if you enter fullscreen mode with cmd-f AND with the green window fullscreen button.


Screenshots, Mockups, and Videos: 


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mic voted on jersmi's Feature Request, “Delay node
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Paul commented on Paul's Bug Report, “Movie playback and audio issue

Any progress or insight into this?



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