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Please find my third and hopefully final version attached

FFGL plugin attached.

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@jstrecker commented on @Scratchpole's Discussion, “vid2vid (style transfer)

Wow. Yeah, that would be amazing. vid2vid has a non-commercial license so it is probably not something Team Vuo could add. But if anyone else would be interested in coding it, you can embed Python in C/C++.

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No, I have wound up just finding it more expedient to do equirectangular with raymarched scenes. But that has its limits.

I had some trouble getting the sdk installed on a new setup, so I haven’t been able to follow up and try to get a custom node working.

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@GeorgeToledo I agree. Did you ever experiment with this 6 camera setup, would love to see ;)

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@Kewl commented on @marioepsley's Discussion, “Total immersion - projection?

For a cube, I guess I would unfold it inside Vuo. But again, I believe the stitching, the alignment, the optical distortion correction, etc, would be the job for the video mapping solution.

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Thanks @Kewl, it's really the inside Vuo stuff that I'm thinking about, how one would capture a 3d scene to wrap a cube without weird distortions and misalignments. Would you build a kind of 6 camera setup? and how would that stitch together? What if the room wasn't perfectly cubed? Could we maybe stitch two 180degree fisheye cameras together and somehow use that to build the texture map?

Not sure but possibly something to do with this thread.... https://vuo.org/node/1019

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@Kewl commented on @marioepsley's Discussion, “Total immersion - projection?

I'm pretty sure that, post-Vuo, you would need some sort of video mapping solution. Or could the mapping be done in Vuo? Hum...




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