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This looks great!

Any chance you could share these 2 nodes as I can only see them on git hub and don't know how to compile them.

Node not installed — Make Mesh with Values (co.parabox.mesh.make) Node not installed — Get Mesh Values (co.parabox.mesh.get)

Thanks a lot!

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Hi All

I just started using Vuo and I'm having some performance issues when i try to manipulate several parameters in my Vuo comp with a Lfo in VDMX.

My performance drops from 60 fps to 30 fps when I start running the Lfo in my VDMX example project and sending values to the Vuo image generator.

The Vuo comp is very "light" and should run at 60 fps.

Any tips on how I can improve my performance ?


-Piotr Pajchel

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This should probably be a new topic, but whenever I visit this site I have to clear cookies in order to log in.

When I try to log in without that, it tells me that I need to try "logging in again in 4 seconds", or something along those lines.

But if I clear cookies and then try to login, it's fine. Using Safari/Sierra.

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For some reason that was eluding me when I was looking at example comps! I was trying to just hover QC style.

I was using the shader toy node last night, and was noticing that when I click the input port to edit shader text, that the tooltip also seems to get activated. So, I will wind up with the code window there, as well as a giant popover/tooltip that has the entire shader written out.

Is there a way to get that to not happen? Is it a certain way that I'm clicking it, or a behavior that can be altered?

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If you click on a port you open a Port Popover, which shows information when the composition is running. Is that what you are looking for?

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Sounds like that's exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks! :)

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@unicode, yeah, it would be useful to be able to pass additional parameters to the shader. Although not ShaderToy exactly, this will be made possible with Ability to edit GLSL shader code in Vuo Editor.

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Receive OSC Messages listens to the specified UDP port on all network adapters.

Send Art-Net Messages can either broadcast using all network adapters (the default), or unicast to a specific IP routed through a single network adapter (using Make Art-Net IP Output).

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I've been using VUO after awhile of not using it frequently, and have noticed that there being no tool tips when hovering over ports is probably one of my biggest impediments (along with no macros, and no shader editor).

I find it difficult to figure out what example compositions are doing, when they are more complex and you can't monitor what the output values actually look like.

Is there already a feature request for this? I looked a bit and didn't see one, but I think the search term itself is rough for returning a result.



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