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Jean Marie commented on savienojums's Feature Request, “Face detection


The Find Faces in Image node's output port is a list of rectangles where faces were detected, so you could use Is List Populated -> Became True to get an event when a face appears.

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jersmi commented on jersmi's Discussion, “Math question

Oh, duh. I tried a bunch of variations at the time, missed that combination, I guess. Thanks again!

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Jean Marie commented on jersmi's Discussion, “Math question

We found the formula on the page you referenced, right strophoid. It's the third equation, beneath the "The parametric form of the strophoid is" heading.

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Jaymie commented on howie's Discussion, “Plugin Time

Instead of smoothing the sampled color, you could use a Blend Image with Feedback node to smooth the input images and sample the color from there.

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Joe, thanks for reporting. Added to the list of known graphics bugs.

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Chris commented on savienojums's Feature Request, “Face detection

Could this node also have a “faces detected” output? That way it can be used to trigger another event to happen when faces are detected.

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Bodysoulspirit commented on howie's Discussion, “Pubblish ports in exported apps

With Vuo 2.0 around the corner, it will include checkboxes & sliders, so it will be possible to use those as "Input Parameters" for exported apps too.
Right now you can already create your own checkboxes & sliders, but it takes more nodes VS the upcoming stock nodes for them (see joined composition Slider + Checkbox).

For text boxes, they're still marked as "chosen to be implemented", but not for the first Vuo 2.x. version.
You can also somehow make your own ones, but they really take quite a big amount of nodes, and need the custom Paradox nodes to be installed (link) (put the custom downloaded node from Github in your User Module Folder you can access from the Vuo editor Menubar > Tools > Open User Modules Folder & Relaunch Vuo) because the current Vuo version needs layer names for layers to be clickable (Vuo 2.0 will fix that if I'm right so it will already lower the amount of nodes needed).
(See joined composition Text Boxes)

And as said, since we cannot yet hide/close windows, right now you can show/hide the UI or parameters using a keyboard key (command key used in bot joined compositions).

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jersmi commented on jersmi's Discussion, “Math question

Nice to see that work. Much appreciated, Jean Marie. If you have a public source for the formula, I'd love to have a look. Might have some clues for manipulating transformations like this.

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Jaymie commented on lhepner's Bug Report, “OSX Crashing Vuo Composition Loader

Confirmed — same bug.



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