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add a secondary shortcut to hide the node library

We'll do that. Thanks for the suggestion, Bodysoulspirit.

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Jaymie commented on prackvj's Bug Report, “Pop up Windows strange behavior

Confirmed — with certain arrangements of displays, input editors appear on the wrong display. prackvj, thanks for reporting this bug.

Workaround: In System Preferences > Displays > Arrangement, drag the menu bar (the white line at the top of the blue screen) to the leftmost display.

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Jaymie commented on prackvj's Bug Report, “The Quit command behaves like Close

prackvj — If you can provide a more detailed list of steps to help us replicate the problem, please let me know. We tested this…

  • Create 2 new compositions
  • Modify each composition (e.g., move the Fire on Start node)
  • Command-Q

… and didn't see the problem. (Vuo correctly asked to save changes on the first composition, then on the second composition, then quit.)

Our team will keep an eye out for any cases where Command-Q doesn't successfully quit. But if you do figure out how to make it happen on purpose, please post here. We need to know that in order to track down the problem.

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Jaymie commented on Bodysoulspirit's Feature Request, “Code sign and notarize exported apps

Bodysoulspirit — Yes, we'd better include notarization. I'll update the feature request title and complexity rating.

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I'd love to have NDI running natively on VUO 2.0

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Attached is a quick example; I am going to make the Y axis specifically published to Resolume :)

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Hi Jean Marie! Thank you for the advice.

This is close but not quite the result I am looking for - I have found a bit of a solution, by duplicating the picture and rotating both in opposite directions on the Y axis. I can then crop the two layers to create the opposite perspective effect.

I wonder if this will be more CPU/GPU intensive since I am doubling the input - which will be realtime in Resolume. If it were possible to stretch or pinch the 'centre' points on the top and bottom edges, I feel like this would be a lighter composition.

I would be interested to know your thoughts on this. Thank you!



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