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Added a Get Mesh Values node in Vuo 2.4.0.

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Jaymie commented on jersmi's Discussion, “Memory usage in this comp

With Vuo 2.3.2, our team ran into a crash when running this composition. The crash is fixed in Vuo 2.4.0. With Vuo 2.4.0 and an added cable from Fire Periodically to Displace 3D Object with Image, we measured and didn't detect any memory leaks. Possibly the leak was also fixed in Vuo 2.4.0 (since we did fix one that might be related).

jersmi, if you do continue seeing problems with this composition in Vuo 2.4.0, please let us know.

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Bodysoulspirit commented on Marc's Composition, “Bouncing ball - low level style

Hehe, good job, well done 👍

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jersmi commented on Marc's Composition, “Bouncing ball - low level style

Cool. Challenge: place a rectangle "barrier" in the scene. :-)

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Marc commented on mic's Composition, “Background Subtraction

So helpful thank you!

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Marc posted a new Composition, “Bouncing ball - low level style

Bouncing ball - low level style


Here's a bouncing ball without using the Curve node so that the vectors location and velocity can be used and seen in the composition. There is symmetry within my composition which suggests that it could be simplified. Any help or improvements appreciated.


Composition and supporting files: 

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I concur... The HDMI is available, but it's not listed in Vuo. MacBook Air M1, macOS 12.0.1.

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Send Live Audio not showing all devices (on apple m1)


Steps causing the bug to occur: 

Send Live Audio node not showing device: "Apple Inc: HDMI" - which I would expect.

Internal speakers and external interfaces are showing up and work fine, but not the HDMI. Which means we can't send audio out to HDMI on apple m1 machines. bummer.

Any ideas? I am hoping a virtual device driver will help me out of trouble; else revert to intel and run via Rosetta...

I'm on a m1 mac mini running Big Sur...

Cheers, and thanks for any help. - Carlitos

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jersmi commented on jersmi's Composition, “Additive Color Demo

Yep, got it, thanks for checking it out.



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