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Alastair commented on keithlang's Feature Request, “Insert Share node

I used that feature in QC (and the Kineme UI extensions for "split" and "publish" on ports) so much.

I think this has been discussed in the past, and majority opinion seemed to be Vuo has less call for it than QC, but I think it would be a valuable addition. For input ports and output ports, and one to add for all the in or out ports like the Kineme extension offered. Great for when you have to send same data to multiple copies of a node, and as OP says, when refactoring our code.

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keithlang posted a new Feature Request, “Insert Share node
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Alastair I totally agree—wouldn't want to lose pan. I'm proposing that functionality still works. Just if you hit space and never actually do some mousing, then it re-evaluates all the nodes/ re-fires. Not dead-set on Spacebar. Maybe Enter (and/or Return) would work? I like Enter because I have an extended keyboard and its next to my Mouse.

You can assign your own keys, but they must include a modifier. Ie, we couldn't assign Enter, or Space, or just 'Q', for example. RE: point 3, it's 'rewinding' so should be pointing to the left, no?

Magneson. Yes — restart in place would be great. Even if this forced reloading of images etc, I assume this is pretty much instant on modern SSDs and so forth.

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After reading the comments, this seems more like a "restart composition (in place)" feature (which would be handy). It can be a bit stop/start heavy sometimes when noodling, which combined with the window not popping up where you want it can be an annoyance.

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luukz commented on 9Oeufs's Discussion, “Ipad for Vuo / Vuo for ipad

Rather old topic, but if you like to use the Apple Pencil and an iPad (pro) to build compositions it is worth mentioning Sidecar ( It effectively extends your desktop to the iPad, so you can use it as a second screen. Pencil input doesn't work with all apps as of yet. My macbook is too old to be supported by this technology, but maybe someone can check it out?

There are more (paid) options like Duet Display, which seem to do the trick as well.



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