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Wasn't seeing the butterfly, had to update the Wings URL folder path to ./ to see it,
Nice one :)

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jersmi posted a new Composition, “Butterfly Wings
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Hi and welcome to Vuo funwithstuff ;)

In addition to Martinus answer, here are some other sample compositions I made while he was faster answering you, starting with some basics ;)
Post a picture, or better, a video of exactly what you're trying to achieve, as Martinus said, Vuo has several methods & ways to achieve things, which one to use will depend on your final goal.

One thing to know is there is a popular Feature Request for an even easier & more powerful iteration, which will basically let you connect lists to node ports and create automatically a list / copies / iteration for you from it : Iteration: Turn most nodes into iterators by allowing single-value ports to accept lists

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Vuo is pretty different at its core, using push instead of pull when it comes to the data flow. This might be the most important thing to grasp when switching. Getting out of the subcomp mentality is perhaps a bit challenging at first. Points and lists and the generation of these are also king when it comes to both create and manipulate stuff.

Line Family

Are these pure copies of one main line, or should all the lines have different properties in addition to the basic rotation/translation?

3D Transformation

You can use the combine nodes to create a collection of objects that you then can transform again via the transform nodes. Combining makes all the objects you combine children of the object so that the relation may seem clearer after spending some time with it. This can also be nested and/or copied with new transformations.

Replicate in Space

Here you can use the Copy 3D Object (TRS) in combination with Make Points Along Line (key ingredient) to easily replicate stuff however you'd like. If you right-click on the From/To ports you can reset to generic type, then change it to a 3D point to use less nodes. Make Points along Spline can also be used to create more complex patterns with a curved (or crazy) approach to the "replication" points.

Attaching a demo composition with a few ways to do stuff like this. You'll need my mm.points nodeset which is in the node gallery. Poke around and see if it makes sense!

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I thought I had released a XYZ lerp thingy long time ago, but it seems that I haven't. If it's needed for V2 I'll probably include it then in the updated package (that probably will break old comps).

It won't blend/morph scenes, but it'll do the points at least. Singular nodes attached, but will probably not translate well into the future. Use at your own peril, and make a note of which comps you are using them with so that you can easily update it when/if necessary later.

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funwithstuff posted a new Discussion, “Converting from Quartz Composer

Converting from Quartz Composer

Hi -

I've got several compositions in Quartz Composer, and I'm trying to wrap my head around how I might convert them. Several of my pieces rely on features that don't seem to exist in Vuo, but if anyone could point me in the right direction, I'd be very grateful. How can I find equivalents to:

Line Family. I'd like to make a series of lines, based on a start and end position and rotation, with a customisable attraction force and attraction point.

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That's straightforward, awesome!



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