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I was trying something similar to the first but I hadn't noticed the Replace Opacity input until I saw iron your screenshot set to False. Now it's working, thanks Joe. I like the second method better, didn't think to use a mask, obvious now you show me!

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Joe posted a new Discussion, “How to generate UV/Texture coordinates?

How to generate UV/Texture coordinates?

I would like to be able to generate UV's from the vertex for my rotating arrow or for any other generated 3d object Is there a good method that you know of? I have been looking at this: generate UV's but not got there yet.

I've started with the basics so that I can work out where I'm heading, see attached. Uses Parabox nodes.

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Are you checking to make sure an event enters the Share Value node after you change the Width value?

That was indeed the problem - thank you.

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Are you checking to make sure an event enters the Share Value node after you change the Width value? Here's a simple composition that shows that. If that's not your problem, can you provide an example that doesn't work for you?

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Fetch 8 white/clear images and apply a colour to each of them…easiest way?

I have a really simple composition in QC that loads 8 images (.ai files which I have to export as .png files to use in Vuo) and have colour wells for all the images and I rotate one of the images according to a simple random generation algorithm. Vuo's Make Image Layer node doesn't have a colour input like the QC Billboard patch. Looking for something equivalent to sprite/billboard with colour tinting of image function.

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Share Value won't correctly set the Width of a Make Color Layer node

I have a bunch of Make Color Layer nodes and I want them to always be the same Width and to not have to adjust them each individually when changing the Width - so I'm trying to use a Share Value node to set the Width but it seems that when Share Value is connected to the Width input port the Width is somehow always 2... ? What am I missing here ? Thanks for any suggestions.

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marioepsley commented on marioepsley's Discussion, “Find the position of a letter

I actually meant that I used a text layer to see the correct placement and then hand positioned each letter over the top so they're in the correct position. Your comps interesting though, I didn't think arranging it in a grid would work quite as well as it does so might be something here, will have a play, thank you.

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Generating and appending to an XML or text file???

My experience with using XML and text files in Vuo up to this point has only been to read them. Now I have a project that requires me to write and append to an XML or text file. I have been looking at Format Table and Make Tree nodes but they don't see how they would allow you to add to an existing file. Basically we have an event that's about 1-2hrs long where I need to create a VUO composition that every 20-30 seconds appended a few strings of generated text to a file (Name, Program and Time-Stamp). Can Vuo do this?



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