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@kingluma commented on @root's Feature Request, “Deploy compositions as FxPlug plugins yes, FxPlug integration (when necessary) and distribution through Noise Industries FxFactory - previously I was @ BorisFX for many years

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@useful design commented on @root's Feature Request, “Deploy compositions as FxPlug plugins

Hi Kingluma, I'd love to see what kinds of plugins you make, do you have them online?

Do you use the Noise Industry ProEffects to finish your plugins? I've been thinking to get, but possibly seeing as Vuo wont work with that i just need to rebuild effects in Vuo where possible.

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@kingluma commented on @root's Feature Request, “Deploy compositions as FxPlug plugins

Is there any further update on the status of this feature (FxPlug plugin generation) beyond "Chosen to be implemented" ? I have a lot of experience creating visual effects plugins for video editors and compositors (most recently using Quartz Composer and Motion to create effects for Final Cut Pro) and I would be eager to give feedback on the Vuo implementation as soon as a usable build was available. I'm also eager to replace Quartz Composer with Vuo wherever possible so I expect I'll be making use of this feature. Thanks.

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@seanradio posted a new Discussion, “quick GPU update

quick GPU update

I'll do some more in-depth testing, but finally checking out 1.2.6 on my desktop and I'm seeing vuo is seeing and rendering on my discrete GPUs!!

My only initial question is the highlighted line from 1st image: VuoGlContext_renderers() Driver: AppleIntelHD5000Graphics

as I'm not seeing a similar for Driver: NVIDIA etc

just curious.

BTW, is there a CUDA feature request yet? ;)

good work and thanks

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Here's a composition. The idea is to make straight stripes with Make Stripe Image, wrap the stripes around into a circle with Pixellate Image Radially, and mess with the stripes' width using Ripple Image Radially.

Haha great idea to use Pixellate Image Radially with a pixel size set to zero.
I added a ripple image directionally ad the end of the queue, an audio reactive line width and a fake shadow to try to match the video even better.

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@bLackburst posted a new Discussion, “Get web URL into a composition ui?
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For instance changing colour over the duration of the animation, or being able to access each item's properties individually. When they're in a queue it's not like a qc iterator. To see the file I'm talking about right-click QC and Show Package Contents > Contents > Resources > Examples. There you'll find the old "iterator back to front" example.

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I was going to suggest Tile 3D Object (like in File > Open Example > Scene > Tile Starfield), but that repeats one object (or set of objects) and it sounds like you want some kind of continually changing objects. Could you explain what you mean by things being changed per iteration over time? Or post a video of the "Iterator front to back" example if convenient.

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Rolfe Kent = score for the movie Sideways.

My music (and my Vuo) =



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