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@bLackburst commented on @jmcc's Newsletter, “Take a poll on Vuo's pricing

Thanks Jean Marie. Though I'll vote on the pricing, I personally don't find that the pricing is what's limiting the vuo community. Please take what I say with a grain of salt, i just really want Vuo to succeed. IMO it's its featureset and speed of development. Developing only at the speed which license purchases permit is going to be hard to get off the ground and keep people interested. I have child-like excitement when I hear of an update, but it feels like the highly community-driven development scheme tends to result in slow progress.

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@cymaspace around a circle check my Eclipse EQ in the Composition Gallery. For 3D however around a sphere, either you would have to create a sphere and use Karl Henkel's Get Mesh Node (see the node gallery and his Github but I'm having a bug with it in the last alpha version 1.2.6 a1), or use a parametric node to create a list of points around a sphere.

Then you have to do the math to make them move, I managed that around the circle in the composition I stated above, the math for 3D should be a bit different.

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@Bodysoulspirit commented on @krezrock's Discussion, “Get Mesh Values Node / Scale

Azy (@krezrock) yup same for me, no more Get Mesh Values since Vuo 1.2.6.a1

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I can test it on my old iMac with ATI Radeon HD 5750 1024 MB tommorrow but is there any solution to this yet? does the new VUO beta has eliminated the problem? I am launching exhibition on saturday, so i would like to know if beta will help before i will eventually download it.

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Ah I see. I was able to generate a list of 2D or 3D points from the list of different amplitudes across frequencies but I'm struggling to assign coordinates to each point based on the amplitude or frequency of each point so that they are spaced out in the XYZ axis. The show frequencies example is informative but the placement in the X axis is just a linear curve and not based on a dynamic variable from the sound itself. Is that any clearer?

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@cymaspace posted a new Discussion, “Freelancers for paid Vuo gigs

Freelancers for paid Vuo gigs

Just wanted to put this out there since I was not seeing a resource for this.

Who in the community is willing to take on some paid freelance work in Vuo for others here?

Since the forums doesn't have direct messaging yet perhaps a structured way to do it is to post in this thread with your portfolio links, twitter handles/contact method, a sample Vuo sketch or Vimeo video of your work and preferred payment terms/method.

Thanks for your good work all.

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@lechbialek posted a new Feature Request, “Play MIDI files (

Play MIDI files (

I would like to see a MIDI file player similar to the node so we could play standard MIDI files back. Currently midi input works only in real-time which makes it difficult to export movies based on midi events that are rendered offline.

If we could play back MIDI files, the resulting midi note and controller events could be processed offline while rendering at high resolutions. By connecting the Image Generator protocol time input to the time input of the midi file player, the midi events would be triggered as the frames of the composition are rendered offline.


Notes from Team Vuo

Vuo Pro: 

Yes — requires a Vuo Pro license


●○○○ — Up to a few days of work


●○○ — Appeals to current community
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stack on top of each other

That part I don't understand.



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