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@grahamis you can still use image width in Image Generator mode.

I tried to adapt Jaymie's composition to adapt the amount of words per line depending on the image width (within a range) + make font size depending on it too.

Try perhaps to play with it to achieve your goal, sorry I did not really understand your last comment. Hope that helps though.

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hi @Bodysoulspirit thanks, but I'm using this as an image generator and so I can't do anything with the window and I can't predict if it will get short, or long text or correctly written... So I want to be able to adjust the characters to split on dynamically so that I re-size shorter text to be bigger. However whenever I try to use a "share value" as an input to the "Is Greater than" that controls the character split it cuts off some of the text, even if I don't do anything else, is there something about the flow of execution in this I need to manage? I also need that test so that if any of the sections of text in the list are as a single entry longer than my character limit they get broken up into two items in the list... can you help with that?

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This has been very helpful Jaymie, thank you. But how have you managed to take an event only cable from the play movie node and plug it into the fire port of the process list? I'm trying to replicate it from scratch and can't manage it, can't find anything in the manual about event only cables. EDIT: Ok, I found it. Hold option when dragging. I think I might have had a dodgey keyboard when I tried every modifier under the sun.

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@bLackburst posted a new Feature Request, “Carry over channels across artnet universes

Carry over channels across artnet universes

Do the artnet outputs from Vuo carry on to subsequent subnets/universes to match the size of the DMX list given? they seem to just be ignored For example, I have a node addressed as Net 0-Subnet-1 Universe 12. If I broadcast 3000 channels to universe 11(which should breach into universe 12) it doesn't pick up the channels from universe 12. Is this expected behaviour? When i do the same thing with the same setup from madmapper it will just carry over.


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Vuo Pro: 

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Thank-you!!!! I don't know if I ever would have noticed that! It's working now!

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Amazing Jaymie ! Hey @grahamis if you want the text size to be adjusted automatically when the window gets resized use something like this ;) (joined composition).

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Hi Jaymie, Thank you so much for this, I have watched some tutorials and read the manual, slowly getting it.. One question about your patch is there a way to add test for the max characters for each individual element and trim and split if necessary? e.g. right now if someone were to accidentally enter a string with 57 characters (when limit set to 50) and no space it will not be trimmed and so expand beyond the width I'm trying to restrict the content to... does that make sense? image and patch attached.

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@Kewl commented on @Kewl's Discussion, “CPU efficiency in Calculate node

Ah, OK. I've seen in other dataflow programming software (like SonicBirth) that divisions are really not ideal and turning divisions into multiplications (1/180 becoming a constant by being calculated only once) is a better approach. If Vuo is not sensitive to this, so much the better.

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@bLackburst commented on @bLackburst's Discussion, “Push rendering optimisation

We need something like a get item from list with expanding input drawer that blocks unselected upstream nodes.

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@jstrecker commented on @bLackburst's Discussion, “Push rendering optimisation

@Bodysoulspirit, I changed your comment to an answer.



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