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If i understood well, sound like you're looking for "Select latest" existing node.

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Send date from multiple outputs to 1 input.

Hi guys,

And an other question. I'm looking for a node that can route multiple outputs to one input on a first in first out way. The outputs never send data at the same time. So its a bit like "Select input" but where all inputs always send data through to the output. So all inputs are always "open".

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NoodleDesign posted a new Discussion, “SMPTE timecode
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how about import svg to layers and/or objects (where every shape of the svg would be a child object)?

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Jean Marie commented on ecoAV's Discussion, “Tie Dye Designs

There's an image example composition: MakeDriftingClouds.vuo.

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Jaymie commented on eledtech's Discussion, “FFGL Inputs

Great that you're exploring the Vuo SDK!

Unfortunately, none of the examples you mentioned are currently possible. The first two would require changes to Resolume, and the third would require changes within Vuo.

Color input — As you know, for FFGL plugins, Resolume shows a color picker with separate RGBA channels rather than the native color picker used for built-in effects. The Resolume developers would need to make a change to either the FFGL spec or Resolume in order for FFGL plugins to show the native color picker.

Multi-line text — Vuo's text input ports support multiple lines, but Resolume doesn't seem to have a way to enter linebreaks in a text field. The Resolume developers would need to make that change.

Switch/list — This one could be done with a change to Vuo. The FFGL spec already supports inputs with a list of options to choose from. We would need to update Vuo to be able to set up options for a published input port. You're welcome to create a feature request.

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Oops, the site's search engine was inadvertently trimming the quotes off of some words. Should be fixed now.



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