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I had some further correspondence with Ginés: 'So far OpenPose only outputs 2D keypoint locations. With 3-D cameras yes, it would be able to output 3-D keypoints (there is a 3-D demo inside OpenPose), but we still don't provide joint angles (not sure if it's a requirement for you).

About the output, I understand it should be easy to modify the output to write OSC files rather than JSON files if your developers have knowledge on how to write those kind of files in C++ (I am not familiar how hard this OSC format is). If they add that functionality for their own OpenPose version for Vuo, they can definitely contact me again and I can try to officially join it to OpenPose so you would be able to use always the most updated version of OpenPose (not your custom version).

About licensing I am just an engineer (so not an expert at all), so not sure what your idea of its use is, but if it's released for free I think it should be fine (but check the license and previous answer from David to be sure).'

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@kingluma commented on @root's Feature Request, “Deploy compositions as Adobe plugins

as someone who develops (for FxPlug and Adobe) I want my Adobe creations to be deployable on Windows OS as well as Mac OS - obviously FxPlug is fine limited to Mac only : )

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@useful design commented on @root's Feature Request, “Deploy compositions as Adobe plugins

In a way this is more interesting to me than the FXPlugin, as a Adobe CC licence holder to all their creative apps.

I'm wondering if there are synergies in producing both the FX and Adobe CC plugins concurrently as opposed to one plug-in versus the the other. i.e 1.5x the dev time it would take to produce just one of them? If so I think do both, both will really extend the viability of Vuo as a commercial product going forward, I think. It gets us into the mainstream of Video Effects market. Although we won't be able to author sophisticated GUIs for Motion/AE just from inside Vuo I don't imagine, we will be able to bring unique offerings into robust markets.

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@Luiz Andre commented on @root's Feature Request, “Deploy compositions as Adobe plugins

Yes, it would be great!

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@hOz commented on @hOz's Bug Report, “Activation issue

Thank you Jean Marie ! Yes, I can activate Vuo now.



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