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Thanks for pointing out the icon — fixed now.

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That's because you have a published input port with the same name. The names are restricted to be unique across all published ports, input and output.

Although not a duplicate of this bug report, the same solution would apply. So I'm merging this bug report with that one.

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@jstrecker commented on @vjsatoshi's Bug Report, “3d transform

Since we haven't been able to reproduce the problem, and a lot has changed about module loading in the Vuo version under development, I'm closing this bug report. We can reopen it if the problem persists after the next release.

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That's correct, there's not a way to hide the window. See Nodes for showing/hiding windows.

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Have you looked at the Became True node?

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OK thanks, it might be better for users if I put a hue rotation into the colours so that there are less sliders to deal with.

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What is the simplest way to conditionally block events from passing?

Struggling to make a simple timer. I've looked at the example compositions for the Measure Time node but I still can't do a simple reset of timer after 3 seconds. Want something to appear given an event, start counting time, and then hide a layer when a certain time has elapse, all doable, then reset the Measure Time node.

When I try to use a Greater Than node, it fires an event every time the node receives one (and a false value) which is every frame. How can I make a "Block Events if Value is False" construct to place after the GT node?

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@useful design commented on @Bodysoulspirit's Feature Request, “Export as OSX Screensavers

Thx @Bodysoulspirit yeah codes signing, sigh.

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More of a question than an answer Jaymie (@jstrecker), but in the past when I've tried to organise sub comps inside the …/Modules folders by putting sub comps in a second layer of folders (organised say by author or project) I've found they don't load. If you have a symbolic link working I'm wondering if you've changed something to allow Vuo to land comps from sub-folders in the …/Modules folders?

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I wonder if it will be possible to include a colour picker which works with the Resolume system?

A published input port of type Color in your Vuo composition gets turned into 4 parameters in the FFGL: red, blue, green, alpha. In Resolume, they show up as RGBA sliders. It's not the full color picker interface provided by some (non-FFGL?) Resolume sources/effects. It's about the same as the RGB mode of that interface.



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