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@cremaschi posted a new Feature Request, “Shortcut to follow a cable

Shortcut to follow a cable


i find several time follow a cable to check what it is connected to. I think could be a useful upgrade a shortcut that automatically follows the cable showing the connected node in center of the window.

Like: + left arrow show the node where the cable originates inputting in the input pin of the selected node.

And: + right arrow show the first node receiving data form the selected node. Following + right arrow shows eventual other nodes receiving data form the same node.

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@bLackburst commented on @bLackburst's Discussion, “Is Vuo ok?

Any release date for 1.3 yet Jaymie?

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I will point out that a fundamental part of the image filter protocol in QC is that published xy automatically receive mouse events in the editor without even hooking anything up, at least for many major versions, possibly still. That’s one better than even having to load and connect the QC mouse patch. And if you wanted to manually, you could, of course. Mouse, and other forms of hardware interaction that need to get info about the output window coordinates, are pretty fundamental to the concept of an interactive programming environment. IMO. Just making an argument for it and against the hypothesis that it doesn’t fit.

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You all have done such a great job in general, but every so often, the typical useful defaults and use cases that were easily available in QC just are not here. I think maybe I coincidentally stumble on those a lot :)

There are so many different mouse related patches and if one one of them did what the one in QC did, it would eliminate the need for all of the linking together stuff. Or maybe some kind of subcomposition that could work similarly.

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@jstrecker commented on @marioepsley's Discussion, “Recording and colour.

Realtime recording (File > Start Recording) uses the H.264 codec, which provides good efficiency but not 100% perfect color reproduction.

More movie recording settings for Composition Viewer would give the option for other codecs and compression settings.

File > Export > Movie and the Save Images/Frames to Movie nodes do provide these options.

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Oh sorry, I thought you meant when the Shadertoy node was filtering an image.

There's not really a good way to use mouse interaction in an image filter composition. See "Pointer Interaction" protocol.

Unless by chance you're planning to use the image filter as a subcomposition, in which case the mouse and window nodes could be outside of the subcomposition, inputting to and outputting from it.

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@alefro commented on @vjsatoshi's Composition, “Distortion Sphere For Line

Very nice composition, thank you

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I'm also very curious about the black magic egpu. Anyone?

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@marioepsley posted a new Discussion, “Recording and colour.

Recording and colour.

Hi guys, Not sure if this is a bug or some setting I need to change but whenever I run a project and [start recording] the colours always render out slightly desaturated. Does anyone else have this problem?

If you look at this image attached, on the left is the running comp, on the right is the saved render. sorry its not like for like, but you should be able to spot the difference in magentas and blues.

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Oh, I wasn't clear I guess!

I understand how to set something like this up.

What I can't figure out is how to get the mouse coordinates normalized to the render window, WHEN the composition is setup as an image filter protocol. As far as I can tell, when it's in that format, there is no way to get info from the output window, which apparently is required in order to setup something like the QC mouse patch.



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