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Jean Marie commented on Charles's Discussion, “Change Vuo Language


We are trying to get more information on this issue, so we can fix it. We'd appreciate your help in following the instructions on this bug report. and sending the file to us. Thanks so much for your help!

Jean Marie

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We've included additional debug code in release 2.1, and later. We would appreciate your help in solving this. Here's what you need to do:

Open a new Terminal window, and paste these commands:

system_profiler SPInternationalDataType  
defaults delete org.vuo.Editor translation.enable  
defaults write  org.vuo.Editor debug -boolean true   
log stream --style compact --predicate 'subsystem == "org.vuo"'  

Then launch Vuo. Vuo should show the incorrect language.

The Terminal window should fill up with a bunch of text. In Terminal, go to the command bar, Shell > Export Text As…, save it to a file, and attach that file to this bug report.

Then, select the Terminal window and press Control-C to stop the log viewer, then paste these commands to restore your previous configuration:

defaults delete org.vuo.Editor debug  
defaults write  org.vuo.Editor translation.enable -boolean false

Thanks for helping make Vuo better for everyone!

Jean Marie

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Bodysoulspirit commented on keithlang's Discussion, “💎 Some UX proposals

Beside The Feature Request page being sorted by request type, with the All Tabs sorting option, you can see all and perform a page search : Fire Event on all Fire on Start nodes when a shortcut key is pressed,

But the main request for this that was already chosen to be implemented but delayed and will remove that trouble completely is : Automatically refire nodes when input changes

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keithlang commented on keithlang's Discussion, “💎 Some UX proposals

Thanks for the warm welcome!

I will do some voting.

Q. Aside from the Shift+Command+R to restart a Composition, or right-click on a value, is there any trick to firing off all the Fire on Start nodes? Often I've made a change, but find it tedious to reload to see the changes.

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Use a Mask Image by Brightness on the depth image from your Kinect, that should help you remove the background by adjusting the threshold, then use a Solid Colour and an Apply Mask.

You cannot track skeleton joint positions without a third party app. I use NImate for that purpose.

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