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Loading as a Vuo composition won't work until VDMX is updated, but loading as an FFGL plugin should work. The reason the Data Glitch FFGL fails is that the output image is a different size than the input image. On your Resize Image node, just change Sizing Mode from Proportional to any of the other options (StretchFit/Fill).

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Jean Marie commented on serge_gam's Discussion, “MakeTextField


MakeTextFieldonly allows one line of text to be entered. However, you can read data from a .txt file into Make Image with Shadertoy. Alternately, you can copy the entire shader to the clipboard, and use a shell command to get the clipboard contents.

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I sent a video to the Facebook VDMX user group about the problem. Also, I will send a mail to VDMX. Hope it will be solved soon.

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Yes it is this, I'm currently using Vuo 2.0.3 with VDMX so can't use the new nodes sadly.

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Not a VDMX user, but because the analog node was added in the latest Vuo version, it might be this : Vuo x VDMX: Update to latest framework ?

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Bodysoulspirit commented on Motus Lumina's Composition, “Data Glitch

Nice job ;)

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Analog image distortion node doesn't work with VDMX.

Hi everyone!

I just shared a new audio-reactive composition called Data Glitch After making many tests I realized that if I use the Analog image distortion node, the composition does not work with VDMX as a Vuo composition neither as a Vuo FFGL plugin.

I think Analog Image distortion is a great node, it would be great if it works with VDMX. Please check this composition and share your feedback. Thanks for reading this post.

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Motus Lumina posted a new Composition, “Data Glitch
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serge_gam commented on serge_gam's Discussion, “MakeTextField

I want to make a program that allows to paste code from shadertoy and render to syphon server. When I paste multiline code from shadertoy to the TextField it takes only first line.



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