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@jersmi commented on @jersmi's Discussion, “VDMX Image Filter question

Thank you, I'll test. Yes, it was working in Vuo and not VDMX.

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@jersmi commented on @jersmi's Discussion, “Layer Masking

For example, this is Final Cut Pro's list of blend modes, similar to After Effects. I'm mostly referring to stencil/silhouette alpha -- I use them a lot. Alpha add is good, too.

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Perhaps this is a FR: Apply Layer Mask.

Created — Apply Mask node for layers

Maybe another FR -- if the Change Layer Blending could have some alpha blend modes, or make another node, Alpha Blend, then this could work for masking.

Could you explain? I guess you mean something other than "Normal — Alpha" blend mode?

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@root posted a new Feature Request, “Apply Mask node for layers
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@jstrecker commented on @jersmi's Discussion, “VDMX Image Filter question

Have you tested running the composition in Vuo? Does it behave the same as in VDMX? I tried the attached composition in Vuo and it applied the mask as expected, no black screen. This composition might have different published input values than yours — which leads back to Magneson (@MartinusMagneson)'s suggestion that the layer width might be wrong.

With VDMX on Vuo 1.2.6, it's still fine to use Vuo 1.2.7. VDMX just won't be able to recognize new nodes added in 1.2.7 such as Supershape.

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I would suspect layer width to be the problem in the not-working one

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Yup, something is off with that model (literally!). No problem!

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@jersmi posted a new Discussion, “Layer Masking

Layer Masking

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I'm trying to apply a circle mask to a list of images inside Build List. I have an image layer + Make Oval Layer. Closest thing I can find is Change Layer Blending, can't see a way to make it work. Closest I get uses multiply blend mode.

EDIT: solved this for my needs for now -- I was already using a list of images earlier in the chain, then converting to layers to make a grid. So I sent the images to a separate Build List to apply image masks, then sent them to be converted to layers.


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@kokot commented on @kokot's Discussion, “3D object rotation around centre?

Ok, thanks. I think the solution would be probably adding the anchor point to 3d object in vuo somehow to be able to choose how I want the object to rotate, because the reseting the origin in blender doesn't influence the rotation afterwards. I could probably do the whole animation in Blender , but than I wouldnt be able to work with it in Vuo as it doesn't play animated collada yet. Thanks for all your help!



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