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Teo posted a new Discussion, “Cannot include <iostream> with vuo-compile

Cannot include <iostream> with vuo-compile

Hi, cannot include iostream while developing a node. Do you, guys, know what may be a problem? I googled around and I see that this "iostream" is a little tricky – for example, there is no such header in newest Xcode.

I'm trying to include iostream in simple stateless node. My goal is to develop a node capturing output from system command. Look what I've found here: https://www.jeremymorgan.com/tutorials/c-programming/how-to-capture-the-...

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I think the reason for it duplicating the last item in the list is that it makes it easier to deal with point-lists and transforms for instance. With it "remembering" the last instance for the rest you can quickly make a translate array providing only the transforms and adjust rotation and/or scale in one line instead of making separate lists containing the same value. Definable behaviour on the out-port would probably be nice though.

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A workaround for the slider range is to publish the port and then right click on it and edit details (also sets default increment size). Also for easier placement, add a layer under the images you want to place and then use that as a guide to place them on the canvas. An additional way to attack it is to snap guides to the center of a selected layer in AI(? I just use Phototshop, but I'd guess you get the same info in AI?) then observe and note down where the center point of the layer is. Then it should just be a matter of typing in the coordinates.

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Joe commented on Joe's Discussion, “How to generate UV/Texture coordinates?

For now instead of calculating Normals, I have found that feeding the object into Facet 3D Object is giving me a decent normals/lighting render.

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OSX 10.14.3? That requires a complete reinstall of OSX right?

I might have a work around for my project using a 2nd Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder so I don't have to use the Receive Video Node but at the moment I'm having a weird conflicting issue were frames from the one Blackmagic device enter and disrupt the image of the other (along with some green flashes and lines). I didn't get this when the other camera was a webcam on the Receive Live Video node. Still testing because when I make a simple composition with both Blackmagic capture devices I haven't seen the issue yet. Both cameras are running at the same frame rate in this test so it's not the exact issue I reported before I don't think.

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Joe commented on Joe's Feature Request, “OpenCV create contours from image/colour

On a similar request potentially, there was also _1024 Image to structure plugin..... I used it for this:

Mr Blobby

Used the depth image with a mask from Kinect as image input, made a few layers of grid structures from varrying areas of the depth gradient.

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Joe commented on Joe's Feature Request, “OpenCV create contours from image/colour

I'd use it for things like this:

Quartz Composer Kinect 3D Triangles Contours Particles

The white contour line was created with Benoit's qtz plugin, it's output was 2d points. I added random z coordinates to the structure to make the blue triangles. The line structure was also fed into _1024 Particle Warfare. The base image was the kinect with a b/w mask.

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Jaymie commented on Joe's Feature Request, “OpenCV create contours from image/colour

Joe, are you looking to create a contour image (in which case would the Outline Image node work for you?), a list of contour lines, or something else?

What would you like to use the proposed contour node for? As we plan nodes, it always helps to have a use case or example.



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