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Jaymie commented on mle's Discussion, “duplicating processes - iterations


With time*(index-1), it's taking the input time and spreading it out so that the 1st item ends up with time*0; the 2nd item, time*1; the 3rd item, time*2; and so on. Actually, taking off the -1 might be better. With time*(index-1), the 1st item always sits at an x-position of 1.2, offscreen. If you change it to time*index, the 1st item slowly moves to the left over time. (This is easier to see if you temporarily change Curve : Start Position to 0.9 so it's onscreen.)


X+perlin2d(time*speed,X*scale)*amount — OK, let's break it down.

Each image is assigned a different randomly chosen value between -1 and 1 when the composition starts. That's X.

The X+… part of the expression offsets the image vertically. So, rather than being clustered near the middle, the images are spread out vertically.

The perlin2d function takes 2 inputs. We're using the first one to make the image move up and down over time. time makes that happen, and speed is just a parameter that you can change if you want the movement to be faster or slower.

We're using the perlin2d function's second input to make each image follow a different path, instead of all moving up and down in unison. The unique X of each image makes that happen. scale is another parameter that you can change or not. If you make scale closer to 0, the images are closer to being in unison.

The last part of the expression — …*amount — is yet another parameter. It controls the vertical range of movement for the images.

Bodysoulspirit — great answers! :)

One small suggestion (sorry if I messed this up in my original composition) — to keep extra events from going into the Build List loop and possibly messing up its count, there should be a Hold Value between Change Speed and Calculate.

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cymaspace posted a new Discussion, “Improving efficiency of compositions?
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We have been waiting for a long time for a built-in native Vuo Audio -> MIDI node. We have a feature request for it here: https://vuo.org/node/1167 so feel free to throw a few votes in there :)

I love unicode 's out of the box thinking, definitely some ideas to play around with there!

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Azy commented on Azy's Bug Report, “3D Object Transparency / VDMX

acknowledged. Looking forward to that fix. I have found that running in separate processing causes some serious trigger lag/freezing. I've found that preloading the vdmx media bin and triggering them once before a show puts the comps into ram. then you can trigger them without any noticeable lag/freezes.

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Bodysoulspirit commented on mle's Discussion, “duplicating processes - iterations

mle no sorry I can't explain more.
As I said I'm not a math expression guy, so just like you I more or less understand the why and how but I grabbed those from answers from Jaymie and the example you found and some sample composition linked to the Calculate List node if I'm right and just play with the parameters until I get something a little satisfying ;)
From your screenshot I see you opened the first version of the composition, I had then uploaded version 1.3 using simplex noise instead of perlin and some tweaks and think the icons move more independently.

I'd love to know more about those too. If somebody know a link on the web about these or wanna make a tutorial with some examples it would be cool.

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This will be a first step for better integration with Resolume!



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