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Azy commented on Azy's Bug Report, “3D Object Transparency / VDMX

I believe the issue lies with VDMX. I was able to get transparent shaders by using an older build of VDMX. Which tells me it's not an issue on Vuo's side.

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Azy posted a new Bug Report, “3D Object Transparency / VDMX

3D Object Transparency / VDMX


Vuo version: 

Fixed in Vuo version: 

OS version: 

  • Mac OS 10.10

How severely does this bug affect you?: 

●●●○ — It prevents me from completing a specific task with Vuo.

Steps causing the bug to occur: 

  1. build image generator scene using multiple 3d Objects. Add a shader with some transparency. Combine those objects and render to image for use in other applications
  2. transparency of all shaders is missing.

Have you found a workaround?: 

Need to render each object to an image then use blend images to composite scene.

Other notes: 

In previous versions of Vuo. I've always combined the scenes using the Combine 3D Objects node. Something about this node feels like it's been changed.



Binary Data Blight3.vuo12.15 KB
Binary Data Blight4.vuo14.85 KB
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nosemiguel commented on nosemiguel's Discussion, “Google maps Simulation. How to?

Hey Jaymie,

Thank you so much for that!

Just looking at the nodes there is a huge help with learning. There's a couple of more things I would like to ask you if thats ok?:

  1. Would it be possible to draw the path with the mouse?
  2. how could I then 'present' the line with a click or a command? By this I mean, you know when go enter a location in Google maps then hit go, the route is drawn out quickly before you actually start walking. I'd like to simulate this if possible.
  3. And finally, how could I control the speed in which the line is erased (the GPS dot moving along the line) with a slider or something like that?

The way Im using this in rehearsals is through VDMX. I actually have a fake gps dot that im overlaying on a map thats on a different layer, and controlling the movement of the dots via OSC. In an ideal world I would draw the line with the mouse, click to 'present the line', then move the fake GPS dot via OSC (this could be in layer 1 say), and that at the same time the route line (which could be on layer 2) is erased as the dot moves along it. Sounds complicated I suppose but at the same time, in my mind, it must be possible to achieve, right?

Anyway, I imagine this might be too much to ask bit if you have any thoughts I would very much appreciate your help

Thanks a million man

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mle commented on mle's Discussion, “Building and processing lists?

This is great, exactly what I was after. Looks like I was going wrong trying to build both the rotations and textures in the same build list. Thanks, I definitely wouldn't have got there on my own.

One thing I found interesting was that you replaced my 'Fire on start' with 'Allow first Event'. Reading the blurb about it I guess it's something I should get into the habit of using for protocol compositions ;)

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Jaymie commented on mle's Discussion, “Building and processing lists?

Oh OK. Like this? The key to making each image stick to its original tube is to form the list of images on the first event and keep reusing it after that.

(Sorry for the green flash. That's my GIF grabber, not the composition.)

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mle commented on mle's Discussion, “Building and processing lists?

Hey Jaymie, Adding the hold value after the time node makes sense to me now, thanks for that. When I render though my texture are still constantly changing.

Maybe I'm going about this the wrong way I'm not sure? I'd love the textures to be randomly assigned to each tube/circle and then hold (no change/flickering). I'm assuming it's because I've got an event coming from the time node into the build list. If I remove this, then the textures don't flicker but I lose the rotations which create these patterns. If you could suggest a way to get around this I'd love to know. Thanks for your help.

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nosemiguel posted a new Discussion, “Google maps Simulation. How to?

Google maps Simulation. How to?

Hi all,

I'm new to Vuo and I'm wondering if you could help me with this:

I'm working on visuals for a theatre show, where the main idea is a sort of GPS/ Google maps simulation: the back wall is a map of the stage where you can see the actors positions as GPS blue dots at all times. The idea is that at some point their routes are presented on the screen, so before the go, say, from point A to point B you can see in the screen that they will go from A to B. Just like in Google maps when it offers you a route.

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mle posted a new Discussion, “Building and processing lists?
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mle commented on Joe's Composition, “Spikey noisey kinect play audio by position

Thanks for this, haven't managed to check it out yet as I'm still in the process of hacking the xbox windows cable ;(



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