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mic commented on mic's Feature Request, “Add inclination to barcode reader

Hi, thanks for the update. Yes, I'm, still looking for a 3d AR system, now I see "Find barcode in image" can't be the solution. Actually I'm using a patch in QC based on an old version of ARToolkit. A port of a more recent version, or of a fork like ARToolkitX, could allow better performances.

regards michele

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Fantastic. This will make coding so much better, especially sharing code between Vuo users and for training comps. Vuo in my view is much harder to start using "in anger" than QC because there are 'invisible concepts' about code execution and notes will help enormously I think. Especially occasional users like me who tend to forget the little details.

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Jaymie commented on mic's Feature Request, “Add inclination to barcode reader

With the barcode library we're using (zxing), we could provide an angle in 2D space, similar to the Rotation port on Make Layer nodes.

But are you looking for rotation angles in 3D space? That would be more effectively done with an AR library: Detect markers/features in images for augmented reality (which I see you've already commented on; thanks for the suggestion).

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Chris commented on Chris's Discussion, “Area selection tool and cables

Yes the "Don't select cables on drag" was what I was think of. Glad to hear it's coming.

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Jaymie commented on Chris's Discussion, “Area selection tool and cables

Not yet. Node-only selection is on its way: Don't select cables on drag. If you select the nodes and then delete them, the cables attached to them will also be deleted.

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Jaymie commented on Magneson's Feature Request, “Don't select cables on drag

We're working on this feature, as sort of a side effect of something else. We'll definitely have key combinations for the first two options: selecting nodes and cables and selecting nodes only. We're planning to make it easier to hide a group of cables by showing a Hide Cables context menu even if the selection also contains nodes.

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ArtoolkitX seems an improved and easier library to port.



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