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ecoAV commented on ecoAV's Discussion, “Tie Dye Designs

Interesting, I’ll be sure to give that a try! I’m curious if some kind of noise generator would be a good source to create randomness, maybe add some posterization or other effect to turn all those dots into more solid, random shapes. But then I am unsure how to get random colors… maybe a layers of posterized noise that are each assigned one color, play around with blend modes etc.

Honestly the style of tie dye in this photo seems to resemble clouds, is there a fairly standard way to generate clouds in Vuo? That might just be the ticket

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Bodysoulspirit commented on Bodysoulspirit's Discussion, “Help with stateful nodes

Hehe thanks Alastair 🙏😉 Can't wait to see what you'll make with C ! Love to see nodes made by the different users ;)

My problem I think is that watching some tutorials about C and reading articles, is that you get quite a scholar approach (declare a pointer like this, then link that address with &myVariable ...)
But here the Vuo stateful node code is real code, with probably advanced syntax and methods and possible way of writing stuff, structures, nested inside stuff etc. So I guess quite quickly you're far away from the simple scholar approaches.

I've read the Vuo API and its information, which is great, but I hope a commented code line by line could maybe help (this is a variable, this is a pointer named ...., this line does this and refers to that, the data travels back here ...) :)

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keithlang commented on ecoAV's Discussion, “Tie Dye Designs

if it was me, I would start with some basic shapes, smudgy ovals and so forth, composite a few layers of them, and then run Make Kaleidoscope Image to achieve a sense of symmetry. I'd pattern a bunch of those results at somewhat random distributions.

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Paul commented on Paul's Feature Request, “Popup menu UI node

I was imagining something that could be placed on a window, like the other UI elements.

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Alastair commented on Paul's Feature Request, “Popup menu UI node

Is this FR for exported apps where the menu would appear in the Apple menu bar or some kind of pop-up window in the rendering window of the composition, either using the Editor or an exported app?

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Yes thanks, Jaymie. That's all I was after. I should have liked harder for it, I had a vague recollection it existed somewhere.

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ecoAV posted a new Discussion, “Tie Dye Designs

Tie Dye Designs

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Was curious if anyone had any pointers on making tie dye compositions? I'd imagine the spiral type is not that difficult to do (multicolor gradient or color bars morphed by spiral distortion). So I was more curious about the blotchy variety. Would be fun to animate the parameters to get a huge range in outcomes. Thanks for any ideas!

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ecoAV commented on ecoAV's Discussion, “Simulating a Movie Projector in 3D Space

Hey thanks for your response. It sounds like I was able to make something similar over in Quartz Composer (Thin sprite with video/film effect, with light patch causing shadows on the screen when interrupted). I’ll tinker with it in Vuo and likely vote for that feature in the meantime, thanks!



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