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I may have cracked it. Perhaps the duplicates were caused by the App running at a super high frame-rate, or Syphon couldn't provide new fames fast enough. Anyway, the attached simple composition works as expected. I'd still welcome any insights, though. I'm definitely a beginner at this.

(I tried throttling a plugin with 'Fire Periodically' but only the simplest Compositions didn't impact VDMX frame rate.)

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This actually started out as a plugin for VDMX but I ran into performance issues there too (VDMX frame rate dropped) and the App route looked to fix that . However, I never tried throttling the plugin with 'Fire Periodically'. The other issue is I believe I need 'Improve Downscaling Quality' which is Vuo 2 only, and VDMX doesn't support those plugins yet. I'm curious, so will definitely give it a try.

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As a workaround, you could build an image filter vuo composition, outputting the values you need. Loaded in VDMX as a filter, you can feed it with a Syphon source from VDMX itself and have the data you need directly as output parameters, without OSC. Stripping all that OSC and Syphon handling that could even give better performances.

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i tested and got into the same trouble. I simplified the composition, stripping out Syphon nodes. This shows that probably the issue is tied to OSC input or output nodes. Let's wait for Vuo team for ideas, possibly that's a bug.



(edit: I try to upload a video here, but it doesn't show neither in preview nor when the post is online)

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I had some success chopping down repeats by using 'Hold Values' on a 'Fire Periodically' timer but I'm still seeing each OSC message twice. I was hoping 'Allow Changes' would trap these but strangely it does not.

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Duplicate OSC messages being sent. How to fix?

Hi, I'm brand new to Vuo and hope to use it to process some incoming video from Syphon sources and send results over OSC. A simple demo patch (that determines the overall brightness) sort of works, but I'm struggling to get the OSC side to work properly. It currently sends duplicate messages (three typically) and doesn't send them exactly when a new frame comes in from Syphon. So I suppose the problem is 'Send OSC Messages' is receiving multiple triggers as the new frame is being processed?

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Reworked this "test version" seeking to optimize and explore Vuo 2.0 features. Simply connecting the Image Generator "time" output to Build List started up the comp/animation, that was easy. Still wrapping my head around 2.0 event flow.

Regarding substantial performance issues, Build List (obviously) performs poorly constantly pumping out torus objects. (Why use a 3D torus to make a 2D polygon? Best way I found in Vuo to have nice corners on polygons, that's it).

This reworked version drastically improves performance (no surprise) by converting the torus/polygon into an image shader for Make Points Object, then only using Build List to generate the list of positions for Make Points Object. Still working out how to have a couple features I enjoyed from the original (manipulating size of points, etc.)

Any other tips/new Vuo 2.0 methods to optimize this comp? Is there a way to dump or optimize Build List (the bottleneck, currently set to Drop Events)? Is there another way to generate/animate in real time a point list (i.e., list of positions)?

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Couple things --

  1. The "lissajous" comp I am running that consistently crashes using Show Events does not include a subcomp.

  2. Seems to crash more if I turn on Show Events then do something in the editor. Seems to avoid crashes more if I engage Show Events, do nothing in the editor, then turn off Show Events and carry on with editing. (Though with this "let's have a look at event flow then get back to work" approach, I might be avoiding the ~30 sec window where it would crash no matter what).

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So far with this comp, having the Vuo 2 Comp Loader open with Show Events selected is crashing the 2beta4 editor after 20-30 secs....

Created a bug report: https://vuo.org/node/2571

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Crash after running for ~30 seconds with Show Events enabled


Vuo version: 

Steps causing the bug to occur: 

  1. Open the attached composition.
  2. Within it, open the subcomposition.
  3. Run the composition.
  4. Enable Show Events in both the composition and subcomposition.
  5. Wait ~30 seconds.

Other notes: 

Originally reported by jersmi on https://vuo.org/node/2552 . I too got a crash on my first (and only so far) attempt.


Package icon LissajousTest.zip6.95 KB

Crash reports: 

Binary Data Vuo_2020-01-29-114302_Serios-Jobb.crash122.61 KB



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