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Jean Marie commented on serge_gam's Discussion, “MakeTextField


Can you provide more details on what you are trying to do? Where/how would these several lines of text be used?

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Thanks Jaymie - I'll give it a try next time. I was scrambling at the last minute so ended up not using those compositions and the stream went well in the end. More exasperated with their silence than anything else, but thanks for responding so quickly 😊

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serge_gam posted a new Discussion, “MakeTextField
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That's unfortunate :( Does it help if you export the Vuo compositions to FFGL and load into VDMX?

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No reply :( I'm quite concerned if I'm honest. There's no communication from VDMX at all, and using Vuo with VDMX is a pretty risky option at the moment which is worrying. Some files randomly exhibit strange behaviour like cropping the output , which then breaks other files from then onwards almost like something gets put into memory and even restarting VDMX doesn't help - but it's completely inconsistent as I've use the files for two streams before. Not sure what to do at this stage i I'm honest, it's quite a bummer. When I've got a bit of time I can try capture some of the behaviours but main concern is no reply for months now from them :( pasted the thread below, this is so frustrating :/

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Bodysoulspirit commented on keithlang's Feature Request, “CoreML integration

Cool topic, thank you for opening it Keith !

I see on Tensor's Hand Face Detection Model page they write multiple hand tracking is coming.

Jumping on the train with my limited understanding of all this :) Have some questions, maybe someone can answer me some.

There are some blob tracking feature requests already and this topic is about hand tracking, but are there yet some requests that I could have missed regarding

  1. 🏞 Image segmentation for people / background removal for example ?
    Using non-depth cameras like the Kinect, for example to extract the person only from its background from a webcam (would something like TensorFlow's BodySegmentation be better for this, or TensorFlow's Sementic Segmentation ?)

  2. 💀 Also, some skeletal tracking without Kinect (for example TensorFlow Pose Estimation ?).

  3. 👨 Face Landmark Detection
    Now we have already "Find Faces" with eyes recognition, but what about like a 3D mesh of the face like TensorFlow again their "Face Landmark Detection ?) Would that be useful in Vuo, don't know ;) Would we want to create some AR Masks with Vuo ? ;)

  4. Can I create some feature requests for those ? Or have I missed some that already exist ?

  5. A general question about those from my limited understanding about the topic, does for example those TensorFlow models come like pre-trained algorithms ? Or do you have to train them yourself ? Or is training them yourself a possibility also if you wanted to ? I see on the Apple CoreML page you can load trained models but also create some with CreateML ?

  6. Regarding Apple Models or libraries like Tensor's Models, I guess it's again kinda the question about Vulkan/OpenGL or Metal ? If a Windows version is still in the pipelines, the Vuo Team would have to implement CoreML for Mac users, and add some workload to implement different techniques for other platforms, so open source multi platform tools require less effort ?
    Of course, some Apple tools are really optimised for Apple products, so I guess as Jean Marie seem to say, it's about testing out performances and possibilities and finding the right balance ? How for example does Apple's new Skeletal Tracking performs VS TensorFlow's one ?
    I've stumbled across some what seem to be very efficient technologies, like the Banuba ones which of course come with a paid license, maybe those are the technologies used by Zoom for background removal (thought Snapchat would use it too, but I see they acquired another startup in this domain for their technology).
    I say this because sometimes the open source and free libraries seem less performant, and I guess it's up to the team to find those that work best, but those from Tensor seem to work pretty great !?

Of course I'd love to be able to implement such libraries and models myself into Vuo, but I can barely create some stateless nodes using the given API functions, I can't even create stateful nodes or custom functions ;)
I remember Martinus asked some questions about implementing stuff, can't wait to see what he's coming up with ;)
And also there is a feature request about a tutorial to implement libraries. Can't wait ;)

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Jean Marie commented on jfg's Bug Report, “OSC trouble

No worries! I've marked this "Not a bug."

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jfg commented on jfg's Bug Report, “OSC trouble

thank you

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Jean Marie commented on dee's Discussion, “Streaming Video from You tube

Thanks for your compositions, Bodysoulspirit

I was able to mute or hear audio with a mouse click over the volume icon, but I wasn't able to control the volume. We suspect that YouTube requires mouse hover events in order to show the volume control and other settings. We're using Apple's underlying implementation, and that doesn't allow Vuo to send hover events to the web view.

Vuo captures images of the webpage using the most efficient method Apple provides.

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Hi Jean,

I created a new project using the same steps but this time saving into a new directory. Same crash as before, the files are attached.



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