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@jmcc commented on @hOz's Bug Report, “Activation issue

oz432, we believe this problem has been resolved.

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@jmcc commented on @hOz's Bug Report, “Activation issue

oz432, we are investigating.

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@unicode posted a new Feature Request, “Ability to pass arbitrary data into ShaderToys

Ability to pass arbitrary data into ShaderToys

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Often, in order to get a ShaderToy to respond to external control parameters as desired, I find myself coming up with encoding schemes in order to pass data into the shader using the "Time" and "Mouse Position" inputs to carry information which have nothing to do with the time or the mouse position.

I suppose I could also come up with ways to encode this data into the input images. :)

But it would be great if the Make Image With Shadertoy node had another input, which takes some kind of arbitrary data, which can be accessed by the shader code.

A Tree object would seem to be perfect and versatile, but tree values are all text and as far as I know GLSL doesn't provide facilities for strings. :( So if providing structured data to shaders is unfeasible, a list of ints or floats or vec3's would be the next greatest thing.

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@unicode commented on @mastsk07's Discussion, “Vuo and Mix Emergency

Hi and welcome!

Bad news: as far as I know, there's no way to mechanically export or translate your Vuo projects to Qtz files.

Custom Vuo -> Qtz porting might be offered as a paid development service, though. You could contact support to ask if interested.

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@hOz posted a new Bug Report, “Activation issue

Activation issue


Vuo version: 

OS version: 

  • macOS 10.12

How severely does this bug affect you?: 

●●●○ — It prevents me from completing a specific task with Vuo.

Steps causing the bug to occur: 

  1. Buy and download Vuo
  2. Move it in the Applications folder (replace existing and paid 2015 version)
  3. Click Activate Vuo button -> open a webpage (activate?...)
  4. Copy+paste or open the link into Vuo
  5. Get a License validation failed
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@mastsk07 posted a new Discussion, “Vuo and Mix Emergency

Vuo and Mix Emergency


I am a Video DJ, I use Coge and QC.

I mainly use QC for making quartz files for use directly in Mix Emergency.

Mix emergency allows me to use Qtz transitions and or effects within the app, however Mix Emergency only allows quartz files.

Am I able to build the app in Vuo, say a transition app then export it as an app and then drop it into QC and use it by exporting it out of QC as a quartz?

I am new to this, thankyou for your time.

Kind regards, Karl

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@bLackburst posted a new Question, “Multiple Network adapters?

Hi Will Vuo be able to receive OSC on one network adapter and output Artnet on another? How is this managed? Will the OS just route it to/from the appropriate addresses? eg. OSC is being sent to adapter and artnet is sent from vuo on adapter 2.0.0.x?

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@Luiz Andre commented on @Luiz Andre's Composition, “Basic Recursive Tree

Me too. at first I was trying different complex ways to make the tree, nothing works. Then I discovered the fractal tutorial by Magneson, I change some nodes and the tree apear. I could not believe it could be done with so few nodes. Vuo is great, you are doing a fantastic work!

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@jstrecker commented on @alexmitchellmus's Feature Request, “.dds Compressed Image Format

You can actually read DDS files in Vuo now:

Steps 3 and 5 from above aren't necessary in Vuo. Still, there's room for improvement. Currently, the images are decompressed into CPU RAM, which means you don't get the GPU RAM storage reduction benefit.

So this feature request would be to implement a fast path for DDS texture loading, one that stores them compressed in GPU RAM. This would make it possible to load more/larger textures than before.

Also this FR would allow dragging a DDS file onto the canvas to create a Fetch Image node.

Opened for voting.

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@jstrecker commented on @Luiz Andre's Composition, “Basic Recursive Tree

Elegant composition — simpler than I had expected from looking at the output :)



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