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This seems to have been fixed already in our code under development for Vuo 2.0. But I'll leave the bug report open until you've had a chance to test the 2.0 beta release.

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jersmi posted a new Discussion, “Drawing Interesting Meshes with the Mouse
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Chris posted a new Bug Report, “Create Folder Node Bug

Create Folder Node Bug


Vuo version: 

OS version: 

  • macOS 10.14

Steps causing the bug to occur: 

I have another odd things happening with the make folder node. My composition is designed to create a new folder to save some CSV files in and depending on the Convocation Ceremony we are doing, a custom named folder is created. What’s weird is that when the composition starts a properly named folder is created along with a text file called MyDtata.txt that it shouldn't create containing the string (,””,””,,,),. Sometimes when I advance the composition to the next Ceremony it creates the proper folder (along with that same strange text file) but other times it instead creates a single text file with the proper name of what the folder should have been called and contains the string (,"","","Ceremony - Friday PM",,) if Ceremony – Friday PM is the Ceremony I switch to. Once the composition starts creating text files it no longer creates folders any more.

If you look at the attached screen shots of the composition "1) Ceremony Selector" feeds into "2) CSV File and Folder Creation" the text output of the first screenshot feeds the text input of the second screenshot to create and name a new folder depending on the Ceremony we are running.

Have you found a workaround?: 

Not sure yet, I can't figure out what's happening yet. Manually create the folders I need maybe instead of having the composition create them???


Package icon Archive.zip1.23 KB
Package icon CSV File and Folder Creation.zip348.89 KB
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Thanks very much guys - appreciate the help.

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Jaymie aaah, I had the images, but from your composition I realized I was missing the repeat wrap mode for "After Rain" to look exactly the same.
Thank you.

eseftel until the syntax update, if you don't want to check for every word to replace, use joined compositions as work bases, it's a cascade of Replace Text nodes that does the job for you (blue nodes). With the composition launched, you can remove the blue nodes & the updated code is saved to the Shadertoy node (it does not always work though, missing some ray marching syntax updates maybe).

PS : you still need to drag and drop your image onto the "Fetch Image" node to update the URL path (if images).

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eseftel — For After Rain, you do need to change texture to texture2D. (You can post the crash report if you want, but I doubt we'll fix this since the issue will be moot soon.) For Magic Whale, change gl_FragCoord/iResolution.xy to gl_FragCoord.xy/iResolution.xy.

Bodysoulspirit — Whatever the Shadertoy site shows in the iChannel slots, you have to put those images/videos/etc. into your Vuo composition for it to behave the same as on the site. You can download a package of Shadertoy input files here.



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