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As a secondary thought, it would be amazing if there was a user settable location where Vuo would also load up nodes from. This way a user could sync their node custom library across multiple machines via Dropbox.

DiGiTaLFX (@DiGiTaLFX) (or anyone else who'd like to customize the location where modules are installed) — would this solve your problem?

  • Place your Vuo Modules in your Dropbox folder.
  • Delete ~/Library/Application Support/Vuo/Modules
  • Open Terminal and create a symbolic link so that ~/Library/Application Support/Vuo/Modules redirects to your Dropbox subfolder.
  • Launch Vuo.

This procedure was quick to get working, and will work in the next release. Since it requires using Terminal it's not the most user-friendly solution. But before spending more time on it (making a Preferences dialog or whatnot), I wanted to check with y'all to see if that was important to you or if there are other things you'd prefer we spend our time on.

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I had similar thoughts about the frustration for myself and those at Vuo when I uploaded my second and third versions of Star Glow. I then remembered I could save my composition to the node library to test it as an image filter within Vuo, not quite the same as when it's within the intended host app for FXplugs/FFGL but good enough to make some tweaks and see the results. I also tried things out in Resolume using a Syphon client/server loop.

For now I want to give something to Vuo to be used in promotion so that we can all benefit from a larger user base and faster development of this tool. I also don't want to give away too much of my work as there is commercial potential for some of my ideas, just need to remember to find the right balance.

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I'm very interested in this feature (specifically being able to export a Vuo comp to FxPlug) and I look forward to giving it a try. And hearing that this feature is coming to Vuo within the foreseeable future I've now started to build some Vuo comps specifically for this purpose.

As many of you probably know, FxPlugs do not appear directly in Final Cut Pro, but rather they appear in Apple Motion and it is possible to create an Apple Motion "template" project which can use the FxPlug(s) and which can appear in Final Cut Pro as an "effect", "transition", "title", or "generator".

I've been doing this now for a few years and my process involves adding quite a bit of functionality at the Apple Motion template level (making a lot of use of Motion "behaviors" and "rigs" and the possibilities of image compositing within Motion), and also involves a lot of tweaking and re-tweaking of any FxPlugs I'm building (and rebuilding) for use in Motion while creating the template. And then of course the process also involves a lot of checking (and re-checking) the template I've created in Final Cut Pro and going back and making adjustments based on what I see there.

Considering this, I've decided to hold off on having the folks at Vuo convert any of my Vuo comps to FxPlug for me, but rather I'll wait till I'm able to do the FxPlug export myself using some kind of Vuo (alpha or beta?) build in which the export to FxPlug feature is available - because trying to do the kind of things I want to do any other way would be inefficient and potentially frustrating. There are too many questions I have about the feature's capabilities and limitations, most of which I could probably answer myself by using the software for half a day and doing a bunch of quick exports and re-exports to FxPlug etc. Having been involved in this process for a few years now (while using a different platform that allows for Quartz Composer based FxPlugs) I think I could probably offer some worthwhile feedback on the feature. Also, I'll be happy to share some Final Cut Pro software I create in Motion using Vuo based FxPlugs as soon as I'm able to get my hands directly on a build of Vuo which has the export to FxPlug feature. I’m looking forward to it.

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Thanks for checking it out. I like the UI you used in yours. It'd be nice to make something similar for this effect in the long run but not really needed for a FFGL as I plan to use it. The x/y controls for the linear gradient can get a bit confusing as it is now.

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I took a look at the comp and it looks good. Your DOF seems less "fake" than a lot of the DOF you see being faked. At least it's real variable blur that's good quality and seems fast and responsive to work with.

I released a Tilt-Shift DOF simulation effect for Final Cut Pro a few months ago. Mine uses a combination of a Quartz Composer based FxPlug and Apple Motion. I was able to repurpose onscreen UI widgets from the stock effects that come with Motion to give it a decent UI. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdk-f1rJLpo, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iL3X0Cs9-s

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can comps exported as FxPlugins from Vuo include embedded graphics for referencing within the comp/plugin (I know that an exported Mac app can) ?

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UPDATE Edit ; after posting I answered my own question by getting a Play Movie node to work correctly in this context (I had been making a careless mistake) - so this works for previewing moving video - sorry for the clutter

regarding working in Vuo within a protocol-compliant composition, in the docs it says ;

When you run an Image Filter composition in the Vuo Editor, you can change the image being filtered by dropping an image file onto the running composition’s window.

I find that only still graphics seem to work (.movs and .mp4s result in a black preview window as if the image has been cleared) - is this currently an expected limitation of previewing when working on FxPlugs or other protocols in Vuo ? Or is there some node configuration that will allow moving video in the preview in this context ? Thanks for any info.

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@Bodysoulspirit posted a new Feature Request, “Layer to 3D Object & 3D Object to Layer

Layer to 3D Object & 3D Object to Layer

Hey guys ;)

Wanted to know if there is a reason why something like Karl Henkel both his "3D Object to Layer" and "Layer to 3D Object" nodes are not included in the stock nodes ?
Using it quite often to bypass some limitations (Use Copy 3D Object with Material with layers), having scene based compositions not having to select different Z-axis to blend nicely etc.

Once "Allow custom node paths" will be implemented it won't be really a problem anymore, but until then, it's sometimes complicated to share compositions with custom nodes.

Thanks ;)



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@Bodysoulspirit commented on @marioepsley's Discussion, “JSON data streams

Yes maybe encoding the values in another way could help.

And if Get Tree Content would export a list of values (or a space separated values block of text) we could use that.

Another method is to use split text (joined composition), maybe that would work as a workaround, test what is faster :



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