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video piglet commented on Chris's Feature Request, “Change Layer/Scene Opacity node

Can we get a change layer hue/brightness etc as well. Also, not encouraged to see this request is now almost four(!) years old.

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Change layer hue/brightness/saturation/opacity etc

Amazingly there's no apparent way to change layer hue! To change the colour of a layer (ie a copied layer) seems like we have to convert it all to an "image".

I see there's another request for change layer opacity, so I suggest combining all of these functions into one node, or set of nodes.



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yes good idea! I suggest combining this feature with a "recover lost editor file?Y/N". A couple of times now Vuo has crashed and I've lost a bunch of hard work - meanwhile the file is still running in the composition window!!! So it clearly still exists... but I don't know how to get it.

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maybe this is a bit too obvious but are they using windows? vuo only works on mac

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Hi I just jammed for a while with your files - I installed the gridblobs, icosa cell and technodrome plugins to Resolume and then mapped them to midi. I'm using Resolume 6.0.1 and I started a new composition and jumped between the tabs. I mapped the parameters to a regular midi controller. I didn't find any latency. The midi sliders all worked as expected.

However.... the Gridblobs plug crashes my Resolume when you push it around!!!!!!! I haven't seen vuo plugs misbehave like this so far, so I spent a while trying to figure it out. I'm not sure why it's crashing. I deleted half the vuo file and installed another version with minimal paramaters - and then it worked properly. I suspect that the Grid Line Object node is receiving too many simultaneous triggers and this is somehow causing the crash, but I'm not sure. Anyway, this could possibly be related to what you're describing with the latency, but maybe it's something completely different.

It occurs to me your latency problem may be with Resolume and your controller. Have you checked all the extra midi information that appears in the Resolume "shortcuts" tab when you edit midi codes? If you haven't checked already you should examine these extra parameters and compare them to the other Resolume mid controls that you say do work without latency. Possibly the ipad also has similar midi options that need to be correct. I don't think my version of Resolume has a "soft pickup" option but you might want to look out for that as it could plausibly create a latency effect. You also want to check whether the midi is sending "feedback" ie midi information back to the controller, which you probably don't want.

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Tom Ashe posted a new Discussion, “Problems exporting composition as an app

Problems exporting composition as an app

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Dear Vuo community,

I have created a Vuo composition that I want to share with my music teaching team. I exported it as an app, but when they open it, all they get is a lots of lines of code.

Can anybody suggest what might have gone wrong?

I'm on mac OS version 10.14.6 and Vuo version

Thanks in advance,


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Hi! Sorry for my late reply and thank you very much for your feedback. I already tested what you wrote to me, it got better but, still comparing to the native Resolume FFGL plugins the Vuo FFGL plugins have some latency when you trigger them. As I wrote before, once when they are triggered they work perfectly but when you switch between decks and trigger them for the first time the latency problem occurs.

Anyway thanks for the great tips. I am a fresh Vuo user and still trying to learn the system. By the way, can you send me how will you use allow first event node, with one of my compositions that I shared on the post? Would be great to check if I am on the right path or not.

About the triangles, I just saw that Jean Marie replied 3 alternatives. Mine choice will be the Quad layer too.

Have a nice Sunday!



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