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When you Forced Quit, is there a hang report created in your Console app under System Reports? That would be very helpful.

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Magneson commented on keithlang's Discussion, “How to turn off clipping?

Have you tried the Change 3D Object Blending node (or something similar)?

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keithlang commented on keithlang's Discussion, “How to turn off clipping?

Thanks Jean Marie To clarify, I was thinking per-object. Ie, how to turn off clipping(collisions?) for all shapes. So if a shape interacted in the same physical space, then it wouldn't clip. My workaround is to make multiple scenes and then composite the resulting bitmaps together, but was trying to save some cycles.

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Hi Jean Marie, it's running as an exported app. I've learned a little more: the only symptom that something is wrong is the app stops working, and refuses to Quit. I didn't see anything noteworthy on the console until I Forced Quit when there were numerous mDNSResponder messages. I'm attaching those messages in case it's useful. The app has no network features (other than using OSC locally) but it does seem as though the problem has started since we enabled WiFi to support entirely unrelated network functionality. Does this info help at all?

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Is this a Vuo composition or an exported app? Can you please send us any hang reports or crash reports? You might see crash reports under User Reports and hang reports under System Reports. If not, when it happens again, please follow the instructions on and send us your output. Thanks for letting us know!

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Jean Marie commented on keithlang's Discussion, “How to turn off clipping?

Check the node documentation for the Vuo camera nodes. "Distance Min, Distance Max — The minimum and maximum distance in front of the camera at which an object is visible (clipping planes), in Vuo Coordinates. These should be greater than 0." The defaults are .1 and 10.

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Azy commented on VJ SATOSHI's Composition, “vuoVjMods

Looking great VJ SATOSHI Looks like you have put alot of work into this patch.

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Magneson commented on bLackburst's Feature Request, “Send and receive data via TCP and UDP

This is a pro feature 😉 To be frank, when you are in the position of needing this, you are also in a place where you have multiple computers/macs. If you then can't afford the very cheap for its abilities* licensing that Vuo Pro provides - I don't understand in what context you are using it or how you would use it without other far larger investments in other things. I've had Pro (or what became pro?) since I had a very low-wage part time job, and it was still affordable at that time.

*I just looked up a NDI to SDI bridge server where the SW costs $1800 for 8 channels of I/O. HW comes in extra. A composition to do the same thing takes about an hour to make if you need a GUI. 5 minutes if not.

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jersmi posted a new Discussion, “Audio Filters?

Audio Filters?

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Finishing a couple thoughts exploring audio tools. Wondering if it would be possible to build an audio filter inside Vuo. Tinkering with the audio tools, having a couple audio filters is a missing link. Be nice to have a 2-pole "state variable" type filter, biquad or otherwise. Low pass/high pass/band pass/notch with frequency/cutoff and Q/resonance. (Shelves would be nice, too). This is a legit feature request, of course, but wondering if possible to put something together with built-in modules?



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