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Magneson, how does this composition compare to your test?

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The numbers generated by Make Random List are meant to be amplitudes, not frequencies.

The amplitudes in noise.vuo range from -0.1 to 0.1. Since the amplitudes in GenerateWhiteNoise.vuo range from 0 to 20000, it's going to be a lot louder (and the waveform won't be centered at 0).

Since this is an uncorrelated random number generator, it should already be generating all frequencies up to the nyquist (48000/2 = 24000 in Vuo's case) at roughly equal amplitudes.

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We've noticed some problems with graphics drivers that are fixed in Vuo 1.2.6 apha2 (https://vuo.org/releases). Please try that and tell us if you notice improvement.

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Vuo 1.25 OSX 10.2.2 (16c67) Late 2016 Mac book pro Radeon Pro 460 4GB Intel HD 530 1536

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Okay. Got it - ( ... I was about to fiddle with Vezer XMl output to see what I could possibly do with it, but realized that streaming data is a better option to get hold of it within Vuo, then push it back to persist it however wherever...) Thank you !

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grahamis, can you please share the version of Vuo you are using, your macOS version, and your HW graphics card? Thanks.

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Vuo handles tree elements at text. The node Convert Tree to Value can convert the data contained in the tree to a given data type. Hope that's helpful.

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Simple text scrolling is not consistent or smooth

Hi I am trying to make a simple text element scroll across the screen, however, quite often it looses the smoothness to the animation and looks a bit jerky, the attached video the effect is not as bad as I have observed, however, even this lack of smoothness is a big problem for me, is there a fix for this?

the attached comp does have a test and only scrolls if the string is longer than a certain length, however the cpu load is around 20% so I can't understand why its glitching like this...

thanks for your help!



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