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Hi vjdobermann and Happy NY too ;)

Using a Became True node should do the trick, it will only fire when the value became true, here when the value is greater than 0,5.

Hope this helps, cheers

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vj_dobermann posted a new Discussion, “Cycle through list

Cycle through list

Hi everybody and happy new year :)

I'm doing an animation controlled by a game controller (Logitec F310), the goal is when I press a button from the game controller (by ex. RB, named Button 6 on vuo) it goes to the next item from my list of images. When I press the RB button from the game controller, the value is 1 and when I release it the value return to 0.

I use the "The Cycle Through List" node, if I connect directly to the "Go forward" input, it jump to the 2 next image because the value changes from 1 to 0 when I release the RB button from the game controller.

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Hi Jaymie, thanks for all your explainations and vuo files. I'll check them all :)

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Paul voted on Paul's Feature Request, “jpeg quality
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Paul commented on Team Vuo's Feature Request, “Add support for Dataton Watchout

I believe Dataton Watchout is Windows only. So perhaps the intent is take the image/video mapping structure from Dataton Watchout and apply image/video through Vuo? This would seem like a HUGE project and the community it benefits pretty small.

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Paul commented on alexmitchellmus's Feature Request, “PTGui Node (For Panorama Stitching)

An interesting possibility ... but does PTGui actually provide this? I don't remember seeing anything like that. Sure the PtGui project is mostly plain text but I didn't think it was fully documented and it may change at the developers whim. Regarding my warpmesh and the warpimage node, it does have simplistic blending through a multiplicative factor per vertex, but it's not suited to what you are proposing here.

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Video time delay

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Hi, I am a newbie with a single application for Vuo: to delay a live video stream. I have an audio/video system in which the audio is processed on a dedicated computer and sound processors. The sound processing adds time delay to the sound. Thus, to keep the video in sync with the audio, the video also needs to be time delayed an equal amount. I have split the HDMI audio/video stream with the video feed sent to a second dedicated computer for adding video delay via Vuo and a Black Magic Intensity Pro 4K video card, which is capable of duplex HDMI video input/output.

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In our experience, likely causes of a "run out of application memory" error after running an application for a while are:

  • The application is using more and more memory (a memory leak) until it exhausts the available RAM / virtual memory.
  • The system startup disk is full. (macOS stores the swap files for virtual memory there.)

The second cause is easier to check. In Finder, locate the volume for your startup disk (under Go > Computer), click on it, and see how much Finder says is available in the bottom bar of the window. If there's less than about 10 GB, free up some space, then reboot and see if the problem still occurs.

If that doesn't fix it, then you can check if Vuo, the Syphon client, or another application is using more and more memory over time. In Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor, select the Memory tab and View > All Processes, and make sure the table is sorted from highest to lowest memory usage. Since you're diagnosing a fairly slow leak, I'd suggest taking a screenshot of Activity Monitor at the beginning and another after a few hours to see how they compare.

If you find that the problem is caused by Vuo, please let us know. To debug it, we'd need more information (such as providing the composition and the video files) so that we can reproduce the problem. We'd run the composition with Apple's Instruments to locate the code that is leaking memory.

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I suspect this has been fixed at some point ... works for me, see example. I do note that one needs to manually add the textures to the Package Contents, hint hint. :-)



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