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Azy posted a new Discussion, “Exporting a movie file with audio
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Chris commented on jersmi's Feature Request, “Delay

Oh ya, you're right. I haven't used it in a while, I wasn't using it for images. I'll have to play with it some more to refresh my memory.

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Magneson commented on jersmi's Feature Request, “Delay

That's what the enqueue node effectively does ;) It stores any incoming value as the first item in the list, and copies the previous value to the next position in the list. So at 30 events per second, the 31st item will always be one second behind the original data stream. At 50 events per second, the 51st item will be one second behind and so on.

An easy way to see if it checks out is to connect your webcam (live video input) to an enqueue node and the background input of a blend image node. Then with a get item from list set to item 31 (if you're at 30 fps) pipe it from the enqueue node to the foreground and render to window. Holding up a phone with a running timer on it should now display as one second behind in the foreground image.

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Chris commented on jersmi's Feature Request, “Delay, maybe delay is the wrong word for what I was thinking. Maybe latency is a better word. Delay I think would be waiting a set amount of time and the allowing the data to passthrough in real-time, latency would be caching the real-time data stream for a specified period of time and then beginning to play the cached data back at an offset timeframe from the real-time data stream.

I don't think the enqueue node can be used this way, or maybe I'm about to learn something. ;)

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Magneson commented on jersmi's Feature Request, “Delay

You kind of have it in the enqueue node, but it will be delayed by frames instead of seconds. If you need precise timing, using a Fire Periodically node for the control data could be an option.

To get a 1 second delay using an enqueue node and with a refresh rate of 30 events per second,you just get item 31 from the resulting list from the *Enqueue *node.

If you want a 1 second delay from audio, I don't think this is the correct approach though, as you'd have to get item 48001 for a 1 second delay at the default sample rate. Maybe there are some data nodes that would be better suited, or just recording and playing back from the same file (tape delay) would be the best way to solve it.

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This would single-handedly enable several business ideas I have. It would be great for deploying as kiosks, museum installations, etc, and the ability to address GPIO pins would be insane.

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mic commented on jersmi's Feature Request, “Delay

I think that this and other FQ could be easily solved whenever "Publish Generic Ports" FQ is. So, I'd give priority to this latter.

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I think it would have to be an ON/OFF built into the Nodes themselves to ensure it isn't using up resources rendering something that isn't being displayed. As for the "black hole" node this is still different yet because simply placing one of these nodes by itself in an empty composition and running it will still bring up a window, and it's not even receiving any events at all!

I'm looking for a feature to let a UI button in one window open and close another window.



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