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@MartinusMagneson posted a new Feature Request, “Receive Audio from Application

Receive Audio from Application

Looking at a few loopback apps, capturing the audio stream from a specific application seems to be possible. Would it be a lot of effort to get this feature in Vuo as well? Without an external audio interface, capturing/loopback interfaces are by far the biggest pita when it comes to implementing audio reactiveness in the compositions. I usually hook up an external device when performing with the compositions, but for programming I'm just too lazy to set it up/don't have it at home (it is also difficult enough balancing the laptop on my lap when travelling by boat).

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@MartinusMagneson commented on @krezrock's Composition, “Connected_Shapes_Set

This is the node set: co.parabox.nodes.vuonode. The other ones aren't necessary to put there. If it is made with generic input types (so that the input port of one of the nodes can change) it will crash if the source of the node isn't reachable.

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@stormfield commented on @krezrock's Composition, “Connected_Shapes_Set

Hi, wondering has anyobody else had the following problem?

I copied the co.parabox Node Set to my user modules folder, but it caused Vuo to crash upon startup. Specifically, it crashes whenever any of these are in the folder: khenkel.renderUvImage.vuo khenkel.showObjectNormals.vuo khenkel.showWireframe.vuo

However, Vuo starts up fine if the modules folder contains co.parabox.nodes.vuonode

Am using V 1.2.7 and MacOs 10.11

cheers in advance!

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Where do I find my activation code / license key / serial number?

When you launch Vuo, if you haven't activated your license yet, Vuo will show a dialog. Click the Activate Vuo button. This opens a page in your web browser, telling our server that you want to activate Vuo.

With some web browsers, Vuo is able to activate automatically when the web page opens. Vuo shows a dialog saying that it's activated.

Other web browsers require one extra step. Vuo shows a dialog asking you to enter an activation code. You can find the activation code on the page that was automatically opened. Copy the activation code from that web page and paste it into the dialog.

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@jungbas commented on @jungbas's Bug Report, “Image Filter in Vdmx flickers

Hi, sorry for the delay. Too much work this period, away from vdmx. If it's possible yes, I'd like to have a build. I'm having the same issue again, after reinstalling vdmx and vuo few times too. I don't know if it's a bug, but it's a problem anyway. Thanks !

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Have you tried searching in the GitHub repository — ?

Although you can't call the Render Layers to Image node directly from the SDK, you can call the same functions that it calls in its nodeInstanceEvent function.

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How to use "Render Layers to Image" -node in Vuo SDK?


Sorry if this is stupid question, but is there a easy way to figure out object or function names of every Vuo node in Vuo SDK? Most of them are quite easi to found from SDK documentation, but not all.

Like now, my exact problem is: - I have VuoList_VuoLayer object filled with layers created by VuoLayer_makeColor() -function - I would like to render that list to VuoImage - but I can't find "Render Layers to Image" -node from Vuo SDK documentation



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