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Thank you for your help! I used the triangles as text option, that is a good quick workaround. If you would like to see the composition I made using these triangles you can go to the composition gallery - it's called "Jaws".

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video piglet posted a new Composition, “FreezeFotz


Freezes the frames in sequence across the screen. Good to synchronize with BPM in resolume.

This is only the protocol FFGL version. To use it only as a composition you would need to replace the parameter "MapThis" with a "curve" command. You may want to add other curves for the other parameters to get the most of it.

If you're using it in Resolume you can quickly add BPM syncs and envelopes to the parameters to get some cool effects. It also produces some unintentional but interesting glitches if you don't let the main parameter return to zero.

Composition and supporting files: 

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video piglet posted a new Composition, “Jaws


Large teeth that dominate the screen, designed to be used in Resolume. Note that I have only included the composition file here. To convert to FFGL plug you will want to remove the "curve" commands and instead give a direct parameter that can be mapped in Resolume - for example using the BPM and fancy envelopes.

I made the triangles using text layer which worked out well but it would be great if we could get a triangle by points layer somehow. Also I couldn't figure out how to hue shift a layer, so I had to convert to image for that.

Composition and supporting files: 

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Jean Marie commented on Magneson's Feature Request, “Execution time


You can do this with a subcomposition, as long as you use the Spin Off Event node. My colleagues have provided an example.

If you would like to use a built-in node, it would be straightforward for us to build one, using the subcomposition. The same limitation of needing a Spin Off Event node would apply.

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There is some additional infrastructure that has to be implemented to make receiving NDI audio possible. Right now, we think that the changes in FR Audio Objects port type and renderer would make sense to do first, but please create a separate feature request if you'd like to help us determine the community support for this.

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There are a few ways to make a triangular-shaped layer:

Make Quad Layer with a solid color image, affine mapping, and with 2 of the points set to the same position

Make Text Layer with text "▲"

Make Image Layer with an image of a triangle.

The first two are shown in the attached example.

it seems like there should be a way to "draw" a 2d shape by specifying a list of points.

We believe that's covered under the feature request Support for vector paths, or SVG or PDF exporting

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Hi I just opened one of your compositions and I notice that you used both "Fire on Display Refresh" and "Fire on Start".

You don't need to use these in plugins and the documentation implies that it's best not to.

Just draw a line from the "time" parameter if you want steady fire and use "allow first event" if you only want it to fire at the start. Press the shift key if you need to make fire lines instead of value lines.

So try this and you might notice an improvement.

I've made a lot of plugins for Resolume 6 and haven't noticed any latency issues, however I haven't triggered them by midi via an ipad so I can't comment on that. I will say that it does take significantly longer for Resolume to open if you use a lot of vuo plugins, so I recommend only keeping the plugins in the folder that you actually use.

hope that helps

ps: I also have a question for you: how do you make a triangle layer? Must be easy but i'm weirdly stuck on it.

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Jean Marie commented on Alejo's Discussion, “MIDI Clock

We have a feature request for this.



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