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Ahhhhhhh thank you so much. Yes, I tried that but I was too stupid to realize that I have to right-click two times, first to "Revert to Generic Data Type" and then to "Set Data Type".

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Hi, I don't use OSC, so never played with it, but what happens when you use a Get Message Values node ?

You can right-click on the "data 1" output port if needed and set it to your data type, read the node description in the node node library editor for more info.

If it's text, using the Get Message Values node with a test text automatically removes the brackets for me (see joined composition file & screenshot) ...

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I get a nice curve using the difference of 2 squares (see joined MotionDetect_deBug 1), but using video frames I see what you mean about skipping frames when the computer does other things (joined MotionDetect_deBug 2).

I guess resizing the movie down, to reduce hardware load is a way to go, but here I'm testing it with a small macOS movie so it's already small.
You can also right-click on time node's output ports, and choose event throttling "Drop Events" or "Enqueue Events" and check the best results.
But I'm letting the team answer more deeply about this, too technical for me ;)

EDIT : Added MotionDetect_deBug 3 with a Smooth over the resulting value.

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Ah, one rule is everything you want to add inside the "Build List" loop, needs to be in phase with the "loop refresh time", if you add extra external events, like f.e. requested frame, the loops builds a chunky list based on various inputs. You can avoid that by adding "Hold Value" nodes, and phase update those with the "Build List" itself.
See the modified Build List Layers 1.1

You can also create a build list just for the wave time offsets, see Build List Layers 1.2

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Thanks for your reply - thats great to see how how it can be done with one list and i like the sound of more integrated iteration.

I realize now it wasn't so clear what i was asking - i hoped to keep looping the list so the iterations could be animated. But if i plug requested frames into the wave time nothing happens. It appears i need to keep firing at the list - but if you use the fire on display refresh to do this: it fires a time float that replaces the integer for list length. Resulting in continually increased number of iterations.

I guess what i looking for is something that converts the counting time from FODR into some kind of pulsing bang/bool

Thanks Again

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Great job already !

In Vuo there are several ways also to iterate, useful nodes are "Build List" like the one you used, "Process List", "Make Points Along Line" & "Copy 3D Object / Copy Layer".

Joined is your composition tidied up, no need both Process List & Build List, just a Build List is sufficient.
Joined also a way using "Copy 3D Objects" & make points along line (the random colors is still a build list).

A great and top voted already feature request is Iteration: Turn most nodes into iterators by allowing single-value ports to accept lists, basically it will allow you to connect a list to a port and it will automatically "spread" and copy for you that node along your given list, very powerful and easy iteration.

EDIT : saw from your other post about Motion Detection that you've already found out about "Copy Layer" ;)

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howie posted a new Discussion, “Motion Detection
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Receive Text through OSC

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For subtitles to be triggered in QLab, I send an OSC String to Vuo.

The OSC message in QLab is: /text "Hello World".

The Vuo composition is fairly simple: osc.make.input >>> osc.receive2 >>> osc.filter.address >>> layer.make.text >>> layer.render.window

But then it says on the screen: /text [ Hello World ]

I could remove the OSC address with a text.replace, but is there an elegant way to get rid of the square brackets?


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Have you considered ISF support ? Shader nodes with input ports that enabled control of the shader would seam like a powerful addition to vuo.



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