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Jaymie commented on ecoAV's Discussion, “Simulating a Movie Projector in 3D Space

I don't know of any way to do this currently.

For the cube to cast a shadow, we (Team Vuo) would first need to implement shadows.

For a simulated movie projector that projects the video as a light, you would need another feature that doesn't yet exist: the ability to mask a spotlight with an image. You're welcome to put in a feature request.

You can display a video on the surface of a 3D object already (see File > Open Example > Video > Play Movie and Camera on Cube), and you can project a solid-color spotlight onto a surface (File > Open Example > Scene > Compare Lights), but you can't yet project the video with a spotlight.

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Pretty much what you describe already exists under Edit > Composition Information. Maybe take a look at that and see if you want to create any specific feature requests for additions? I'll go ahead and close this one.

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There's a shell command if you want to get a list of all available font family names into Vuo — fonts.vuo

not having a native UI tool for fonts or one that can build a drop down menu for selecting form that list is problematic

That list could potentially be fed into the proposed popup menu UI node. I don't think anyone has created a feature request yet for a full-fledged font UI widget.

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Alastair posted a new Discussion, “Roadmap link on website.
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Alastair commented on Bodysoulspirit's Discussion, “Help with stateful nodes

I'll try and come back to this and help. I started learning C to write nodes for Vuo but have been distracted. I would definitely start with stateless nodes to get your confidence up first, queue/hold the output if need be.

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Alastair commented on Team Vuo's Feature Request, “Deploy compositions as FxPlug plugins

I think this is included in the main release now. If so, please update the marketing on this Vuo webpage!

Speaking of which the feature comparison with other graph composing softwares doesn't mention Metal, which Vuo is native on since the latest release. It's probably worth having a tab in this table of comparisons on graphics frameworks to highlight that Vuo is native to Metal now.

Somebody actively developing a QC-like technology told me the other day they need Metal rendering when I suggested Vuo and he didn't realise Vuo is now native to Metal.

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Thx a lot... that was it.... 🙏🙏🙏🙏

how one little cable can make all the difference... ;)

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Bodysoulspirit commented on Joe's Composition, “Motion Detection Video Recorder

Paul - "Average list items" is missing.

Paul, that node from Martinus can be found and installed from here : https://vuo.org/node/2709

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Well spotted from mic to send to port 7000 !

And if you're not receiving from Resolume to Vuo, maybe try adding a Specify OSC Input (input this time) like in the screenshot above, and set it to port 55139 to receive.

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mic commented on NoodleDesign's Discussion, “OSC Devices In & output mix-up

I may be wrong as I'm not in front of a Mac able to test it. But from your screenshot "specify osc IP output" node never executes as no event cable is connected to it. Try sending it an event at start, this could solve.



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