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My colleague told me that my comment about Random Value with Seed is not necessary. The two node instances will use different seeds. I appreciate the correction! We're all learning.

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Have you tried renaming the Modules folder on the Desktop? If that fixes it, you can send us that folder so we can see what's amiss.

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Jean Marie commented on Benedikt's Discussion, “Take some of Pixar 's ?


Vuo doesn't currently support reading the 3D mesh format, USD. Vuo uses Open Asset Import to read 3D meshes. There's an Open Asset Import Feature Request to support it.

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Jean Marie commented on jfg's Bug Report, “OSC trouble


In order for Specify OSC IP Output to provide the specific device, it needs to receive an event. See the diagram for one way to provide that.

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Hi Jean,

I renamed my user 3rd party nodes (~/Library/Application Support/Vuo/modules_bak) and tried again following the steps in the video. But the same issue occurred, I've attached the crash log.

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Jean Marie commented on keithlang's Feature Request, “CoreML integration

Vuo has built-in support for hand tracking using the Leap Motion, but not with normal RGB (non-depth) cameras.

HandPose OSC uses TensorFlow's handpose model (not CoreML). That model uses the Apache license, so we could potentially integrate it into Vuo (though, as you noted, it currently only tracks a single hand at a time).

Apple provides VNDetectHumanHandPoseRequest (only available in macOS 11.0+). We briefly tested their sample code; it's slower than HandPose OSC, and it also only detects a single hand at a time.

So, for single-hand detection, we have 2 options, at a two-dot complexity (and Pro only).

For multiple-hand detection, we could probably train a model to segment the image into separate per-hand images and run the existing model on each of those sub-images, but that would bump it up into 3-dot complexity.

Let us know if you want single or multiple-hand detection, and we'll modify the FR accordingly and open it for voting.

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Thanks for providing more information. We followed the steps shown in his screen recording (using the same nodes and the same top-level composition name and subcomposition name), but it doesn't crash for us. We think it's related to a third-party node or nodes that you have installed.

Does it help if you uninstall Parabox (and/or any other 3rd-party nodes you have installed)? Does it help if you temporarily rename your Modules folder on the Desktop? If so, can you narrow down which 3rd-party node or modules causes Vuo to crash, and send it to us so we can try to diagnose the problem?

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jfg commented on jfg's Bug Report, “OSC trouble

the first picture I forgot:

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Hi, Vuo crashes if I make any sort of subComposition. Screen recording below:

Screen Recording 2020-12-15 at 17.38.08.mp4

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We've converted this to a bug report and accepted it.



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