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Jaymie posted a new Newsletter, “$120 off Vuo Pro — now until July 31
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Jaymie commented on Chris's Composition, “NDICast v1.0

That bug is fixed. I re-exported your composition with Vuo 2.1.2 and uploaded it as NDICast 1.0.1.

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Bodysoulspirit commented on Raul's Discussion, “Need help learning Vuo

You just need to think Vuo as pipes. Events stream down the chain as a push system only (for now).
This means every node that should execute should receive an event, otherwise it won't fire.

The amount of nodes it depends for what.
For some cases maybe, but for some others I don't think.

There is not yet an integrated particle system, it's on the feature request you can vote on : Particle emitter node.
It has quite many votes so I expect it to pop up sonner than later (all opened for voting requests are here : Feature Requests.)
I just uploaded a quite dirty and heavy method using stock nodes for limited particles. Of course here a lot of math is involved, and the upcoming dedicated node will make that way easier. Someone made a particle effect node a while ago, but for Vuo 1.2.8, and he did not update it for Vuo 2. Was very powerful and simple.
Link to my stock nodes particles comps : Stock Node Particles.

If you have other specific questions or need help on a specific part of a composition, ask, all questions usually are answered here.


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Bodysoulspirit posted a new Composition, “Particles with Stock Nodes

Particles with Stock Nodes

Until the Particle Emitter Nodes is implemented, this is a limited method using stock nodes.

It contains multiple compositions, for fixed speed particles or random speed, wall (top-bottom), center-to-sides (XY or XYZ).

Did not have the time to name them properly, but thought I should upload it in cases it helps anybody.

Any improvements or easier methods welcome !

PS : For some particle effects on start a first burst of particles is visible, I need to try to fix that, haven't had time to yet though.

Composition and supporting files: 

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Raul commented on Raul's Discussion, “Need help learning Vuo

Thanks for your reply Bodysoulspirit! I haven't dived in TouchDesigner but, by what I've seen so far seems much more intuitive. I think one of the main things that confuse me about Vou is the whole thing about events...and the second is the number of nodes that you need to implement very simple output.... when I actually try to go through a composition analyzing it the step by step soon, it seems like there are nodes ding nothing... I'm sure it me no getting it but...

My main aim and reason of using Vuo is because I'd like to create my own image filter and image effects to load in VDMX... but what I manage to archive and what I see around made by other people has barely any attractive visually and I feel Quartz does a better job, of course, Quartz is not being developed so it doesnt make sense carry on on that platform. Also, is there a particle system on Vuo? because I haven't been able to find a node for it. As I said, I'm sure it's me no understanding something...but

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Bodysoulspirit commented on Raul's Discussion, “Need help learning Vuo

Hi there.

Mmm, ok, funny you find it hard knowing QC. I guess it’s personal, I’ve tried Touch Designer in the past but forgot about it because the learning curve is so hard. Way harder than Vuo in my opinion. Touch has some nice third party nodes with some fluid stimulations, and support for some things Vuo does not, but Vuo also has features that Touch doesn’t have, like macOS apps and screensavers export etc.

In Vuo the node classes are sorted, not their titles. You can sort the node library by class as an option. You can also filter by data type, for example type “image filter” to see all the image effect nodes, or type just “3D” to only see the scene based nodes.

What is a concrete example you’re trying to achieve with Vuo ? Explain your goal or post a start composition, it might help for people to help you more effectively.


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We added preliminary translations in Vuo 2.0. There are French, German, and Spanish translations for the menu items and widgets in the editor. Community members can collaborate on the translations through POEditor.

Future work includes:

  • Translations of node titles and port names
  • Translations of node and node set documentation
  • Translations of the user manual

Feel free to create a feature request if you'd like us to prioritize any of these items. For now they're on our internal to-do list as things we'd like to do at some point.

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Jaymie commented on Paul's Feature Request, “Actual Size button centers on selected node

Added in Vuo 2.1.0.

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Raul posted a new Discussion, “Need help learning Vuo

Need help learning Vuo

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I don't know if I'm the only one here, but I've been trying to get my head around Vuo for a while now (with the current learning material which I find it very short)... and I always get to the same point...too many nodes for so simple functions...I used to use Quartz, also, I know a bit of C, beginner level (not an expert by any means in any of them) so you would imagine I should be able to get my head around Vuo but I just don't see the logic...



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