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Hi Coming from Quartz Composer i'm trying to understand how to achieve a similar method to the QC iterator node. I found this thread but i'm still struggling a little. Here is the patched i have so far, but i'm unsure how to keep the process list node firing. Any help gratefully received. Howie

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Hi Im using image.sample.color to calculate image brightness. I was wondering about converting the image to grey scale and hacking the sample node code to work with that, reducing the number of calculations by 4. As it happens this isn't such a priority as the plugin i have created is running reasonably efficiently. Thanks for you response.

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Can you tell us more about why you need a true grayscale image? Is it to save memory, or is there some other reason?

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I don't think it's silly. Thanks for taking the time to make things better for everyone in the community!

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Joe commented on Joe's Bug Report, “Windows Minimising/Maximising unexpectedly

Sorry to have found such a silly little thing. It happens in 10.12 also, but I doubt that matters a jot.

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Same case of crash here, but another context: first example in trial.

I am finally thinking of migrating from QuartzComposer or at least complementing it, and considering buying VUO. But as soon as I installed the trial and want to open the first ever example, the whole program crashes. With some humor, I have to admit: " OnDecoderPlaybackReady() On second thought, AVFoundation decided it couldn't play this video." Well, I deleted the LiveVideo node and it worked. As I recall, it never asked for permissions for the FaceTime Cam, but that seems not to be the whole problem, because using the virtual camera input of MimoLive (accepted as video in CoGe) leads to a crash not of the whole program, but of the VuoCompositionLoader. Am on MBPro with OS 10.14.6.

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Thanks for the new video. We were able to figure out that this is an apparent macOS 10.14 bug where, when 'System Preferences > Dock > Double-click on a window's title bar to [minimize/zoom]' is enabled and 'System Preferences > Mission Control > Displays have separate Spaces' is disabled, un-fullscreening a window then double-clicking on it causes it to minimize/zoom.

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howie posted a new Discussion, “True Grey Scale
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Plugin Time

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I'm creating a plugin for VDMX, it has an image input then generates a published value using 'sample color from image' node.

I want to smooth the output, but i'm not sure how to generate the time for the smooth node. Ideally i would like this to be in sync with the video input from VDMX. The example patch uses the rendered frames to drive the smooth but as i dont have any video output i cant do this.

Just getting started with Vuo - and enjoying greatly. Thanks Howie



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