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MIDI Clock

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is it possible to send MIDI clock from VUO ? I've been looking between the nodes and I've managed to generate it. The notes and the controller work fine for me, but I don't know how to get it out through the USB MIDI interface.

Many Thanks

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video piglet posted a new Discussion, “how do I make shape layers?
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I am still trying to find a way to fix it. Any help is highly appreciated :(

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Thanks. I would say 'kind of'. Getting access to the keyboard, at all times, requires enabling that in Settings under accessibility. However, I don't believe the mouse falls under the same constraint. Ie, any app can get the mouse position. This may have changed in 10.15.

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Ah well this is embarrassing, I can't recreate the problem just now.... hmm, now it seems like the input number DOES reflect the layer order. I suspect my composition was getting confused because of complicated event triggers. Thanks for the response anyway to a dumb question. :-) If I rediscover the problem I'll post back here.

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Is the option #4 part of this Feature Request the same thing, at least as far as the mouse part of the FR? Sounds like it. Came up with an idea today that I think this would solve.

"Continue receiving mouse and/or keyboard events/status even when the composition is not the active application"

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Could you please provide an example or two to help us understand your problem?

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Jean Marie commented on video piglet's Bug Report, “Vuo crashes on launch


If you can provide any info that would help with troubleshooting (see the comment above), let us know and we'll reopen the bug report.

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how do I set which layers are foreground or background?

It seems intuitive that the order of layers in the "render layers" node should be the sequence from background to foreground. But its not!

How do I specify which layers are in front of which layers? I must be missing something obvious.

I searched through the pdf and found nothing on the subject.

please help!

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Thanks, Bodysoulspirit.

It took me a bit, but my revised composition for window position and size checks if the file exists first, so it will work initially and each time thereafter. (If you've run the composition previously with the old subcomposition, and there is data in .json file, then that's what will be retrieved.)



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