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Where can we see the 5hours workshop?

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Thank you ! Thats brilliant. I'd come up with something similar using a slider and 'add' and 'subtract' around a median point using loudness. This is better though....smoother.

I'm sure pan law is actually a log equation, but this is perfect for my needs. Thanks

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Hi there.

Joined is a sample composition that changes the loudness of each channel with a slider.
I'm no audio expert, so I don't know what is really going on when panning audio channels, if it's not the loudness that should be changed.

But maybe this could put you in some direction.

Joined music is some CC music.

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If it can be of any help, I just realized I ported a LUT filter some years ago but never released any of it. Check it out here, and a generator to go along with it here.

Make sure to stress and test extensively before putting it into production.

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Magneson posted a new Node Set, “MM.Filters
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Magneson posted a new Composition, “LUT generator

LUT generator

Generates a lookup-table to be used with "Apply LUT" node from MM.Filters, or to be exported for use with any LUT application based on GPUImage by Brad Larson.

You might have to connect a "Fire on Display Refresh" node to each of the inputs. As it generates the final LUT by creating loads of gradients up to 4096px x 4096px in size, this can be quite resource intensive if removing the event blocks from the inputs.

Put it in your User Modules folder and LUT LUT and away!

Composition and supporting files: 

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Thanks for the clarification Jaymie! :)

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alexmitchellmus posted a new Feature Request, “Linear RGB data type

Linear RGB data type

Currently Vuo does not understand the difference between RGB that is in linear - or has an OETF (gamma) applied.

Attached is an example composition that shows the difference between the two- when using a blur.

I suggest that there be a linear data cable type, which can be converted easily. No image processing (compositing, blur, etc) should happen to the data when their is an OETF on the data.

This would mean that Vuo would need to read the ICC profile of the image, and remove the EOTF based on the tags. (And also allow the user to convert from known colour spaces - sRGB, P3, rec.2020 etc) https://nick-shaw.github.io/cinematiccolor/common-rgb-color-spaces.html

This is clearly shown in a blur effect, with an image with saturated colours.

Simply because x^2 + x^2 != (x+x)^2

Here are two screenshots from the attached Vuo composition, note that in both the blur effect is identical, the only difference is the top one has: OETF removed -> Blur -> OETF applied.

NOTE: for the attached example composition- I am using the approximation of pow(src, 2.2) for sRGB OETF

Notes from Team Vuo


●●○○ — A few weeks of work


●○○ — Appeals to current community

Currently, Vuo's colors and textures use the sRGB colorspace. Our overall goal for Vuo is to make it easy for people to get professional results, without having to master underlying technical details. So, we'd like to approach this a bit differently.

Our plan would be to audit Vuo's image filter nodes and figure out which ones handle colorspace properly as-is, and which ones don't (presumably blur is one that doesn't), and fix the ones that don't (i.e., make them convert input textures from sRGB to linear (when necessary), perform the filter, then convert linear back to sRGB (when necessary)). We think ideally this should all happen automatically so composition authors don't need to worry about it. Part of the fix would be to add an "Apply ICC Profile" node, to facilitate advanced color management.



Vuo is more than nodes and cables, it's a community! Feel free to browse or add your voice.

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