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Yep, the new Shadertoy syntax will be supported in Vuo 2.0.

eseftel, could you post the shader that's not working for you?

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Looking forward to updated syntax support and I agree some more information in the manual on how to adapt ShaderToys to work in Vuo would be great!

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Whats the status of the GLSL changes? Vuo 2.0? Thx Update: [Apparently the Shadertoy node now works with the changes described on the earlier post....kewl]

Another update: Apparently just those changes (modifying fragCoord, fragColor & iTime) dont seem sufficient to make a shadertoy example work in Vuo. Is there a list someplace of all the potentially required changes? Thx

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Sorry didn't reply back... Yes it's a brand new MacBook on 10.14.4... Thanks

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Are you on macOS 10.14.4? If so, this is probably the same bug as Live video crashes/failures in macOS 10.14.4.

I'm going to assume so, but please let us know if it turns out to be a different bug.

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But having programatic changing of input lists and ranges is something I'm really wanting was a constant source of frustration with QC for me, so I ended up making HTML?CSS/JS interface for one client doing livestreams at stadium venues.

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I just spent several hours over a couple of days trying to program something in After Effects using expressions to create a paramedic text quote FX and it was pretty nightmarish just because the UI is not set up for coders. took about 20-40 different expressions, possibly a JS script writing the expressions into the file is the way to go but I haven't gone that far yet. Any how I hated the experience, as I could have made something in QC to do same WAY more easily and wish I had have gone that route and bought the NI wrapper software to make it PremPro/AE compatible. So really interested in a beta of this, and the other FR for the Adobe apps (bigger market than FCPX/motion if you include Windows machines).



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