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I ended up using the 8-input Select Latest 2-input Select Latest nodes as well... but came up with a ridiculously convoluted way of using a bazillion more nodes to get the exact same result... your way is SO much more elegant!

I thank-you for pointing out how much I was overthinking this... I keep forgetting you can hold down Option and strip out data to just leave it an event and use it to trigger just about anything.

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Related feature request: Select and OSC nodes with variable number of ports.

Ah ok never even understood that FR was about that because somehow I had misread it and thought it was OSC only related.
Perhaps it could be something like "Allow more inputs (user defined) for the 2 or 8 inputs nodes (Select Nodes, OSC ...)"

Don't know.

I always wondered why those had been limited to 2 or 8 instead from start and now requires a FR for that ;)

Perhaps somehow related to that is also your FR Add drawers to output ports. Guess if we want user defined output numbers for select nodes, drawers have to be enabled for outputs.

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Jaymie commented on Alastair's Feature Request, “Improve website email notification system

This is now implemented, including the delay for edits — Improved email notifications for posts.

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Jérôme Lanon posted a new Discussion, “Make CMYK Color
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If the button presses are coming from outside of Vuo, such as TouchOSC, and each is identified with an index (1-16), you can use Get Item from List in place of Select Input, as shown below and in "Get Item From List as Select.vuo". Get Item from List allows for 16 or even more choices.

If the button presses are coming from Vuo's Make Button node, you can use a combination of two 8-input Select Latest nodes and a 2-input Select Latest node, as shown below and in "Select Latest with names.vuo".

"Select Latest with indices.vuo" additionally shows how to convert a Make Button press to a numerical index (1-16), use the index to check if you should show an image or a movie frame (Select Output), and use the index again to choose the image or movie file (Get Item from List).

Related feature request: Select and OSC nodes with variable number of ports.

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Hey followers of this post, none of you wishing to contribute to program this?

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Hi; I succeeded in importing ARToolkit libraries in a Vuo node skeleton, following your suggestion. But, my skills are not enough to get the goal. Shouldn't be impossibile; on ARToolkit website there's a well documented example that could be used as a reference:

So, what I did is creating a github project, uploading my humble start, open to all contributors here from Vuo community wishing to give some help. It's online at I'll keep it updated of any eventual step forward I'd get.

regards Michele

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Select Input Node... How do I do 16 inputs properly???

OK, I'm running into an issue I can't quite seem to figure out, it may just be that I'm stuck on the way I used to do it in QC with the Multiplexer node where I could pick as many inputs as I needed. Here's the situation, I have 16 buttons on a touch screen, the plan is for each button to trigger an image (composite image) or video to display on another screen. In QC I would have just made each button trigger the corresponding Source Index value of a 16 channel multiplexer and just send the output to the proper billboard.



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