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None of us on Team Vuo have been able to reproduce this using multiple macOS versions, including 10.14. Possibly if one of you could make a screen recording similar to BSS's, but encompassing all the steps from Run, that could help.

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Jean Marie commented on jersmi's Discussion, “Math question

Here's a composition that may get you started.

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Jean Marie commented on Paul's Discussion, “Selecting audio channels


The output from the Decoded Audio port of Play Movie is a list of VuoAudioSample elements, since you are receiving samples from multiple channels. So, you would use a Select Input node that operates on lists, such as Select Input List (8). Eventually (sometime post Vuo 2.0) we hope to make this easier by allowing Select nodes to accept both single elements and lists. Mix Audio Channels combines multiple audio channels into a single channel.

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Joe voted on Azy's Feature Request, “Export 3D Mesh
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Bodysoulspirit commented on Joe's Composition, “Recursive Random Tree 3d lines

Hey Joe, Export Mesh Feature Request already exists : Export 3D Mesh

If I'm right I remember I've been able to save some points / vertices using merge XYZ lists etc as text files, but that won't save textures etc.

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Joe commented on Joe's Composition, “Recursive Random Tree 3d lines

Hello all, just revisiting this comp again. Trying to find a way to save the tree scene/object. I hoped it would work with Save Data but that does not accept the scene as an input. Is there some conversion I need to do to format the data to be saved?

Maybe I need to make feature request to write 3d object data?

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We are closing in on the beta release date. We are finishing up on pre-beta cases and testing. Our revised estimate, though, is 4 to 6 weeks, or sometime in August. Thanks for asking! And yes, despite the heat, it's a good summer!

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kingluma commented on Jean Marie's Newsletter, “New and improved nodes in Vuo 2.0

before we know it July will be gone, is there a beta in sight ? : ) Please take my nagging as good natured, I know how it is to work on a big ambitious project... Hope everybody is well and having a good Summer (for those in the northern hemisphere)

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Paul commented on Paul's Discussion, “Selecting audio channels

Thanks, that fixes it. Also, just choosing a new node rather than duplicating the one I was using for the movies. Didn't know about the option to choose the input type also, so informative all round.

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Bodysoulspirit commented on Paul's Discussion, “Selecting audio channels

If I understand correctly, I think it's a bug I've encountered for certain nodes/data types where the Vuo Editor does not automatically select the right/new data type when connecting to a generic type port sometimes (could also be because one would have selected a different data type before and Vuo doesn't auto change it (there is a request for that), so you have to revert it back to generic data type first).

So manually selecting the data type by right-clicking a port usually works (and revert it back to generic first if needed), joined comp



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