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beast node! wicked useful.

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NoodleDesign posted a new Discussion, “OSC Devices In & output mix-up

OSC Devices In & output mix-up

Hi people...

I have a question. I'm trying to sent and recieve OSC data from and to Resolume. But something's going wrong. Like you can see in the picture Vuo shows Resolumes input port (7000) in the receiving devices and Resolume's output poort (55139) as a device in vuo.sentoscmessages. And Specify OSC Input can not find the input porrt of resolume. What am I doing wrong/missing? thx in advance for the help!

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2bitpunk commented on 2bitpunk's Discussion, “Vuo app with Syphon

Fixed with Vuo :)

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2bitpunk posted a new Discussion, “Vuo app with Syphon

Vuo app with Syphon


macOS: Big Sur 11.6.5 Vuo:

I have a simple Vuo movie player app which I use to preview HAP and DXV 3 encoded files. I've just updated the app to include a syphon output but the app won't open with the OS complaining about incompatibilities.

The error message is: cannot be opened because of a problem. Check with the developer to make sure works with this version of macOS. You may need to reinstall the application. Be sure to install any available updates for the application and macOS.

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Yes, all the stock CE nodes are either on Github Github Vuo in the "node" folder Node.

Or you can also download them from the Vuo website, under "" from the latest release : Vuo downloads.

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Alastair commented on alexmitchellmus's Feature Request, “Lists within lists

lists of heterogeneous data for generating 3D objects like point clouds, triangle families etc is a pretty approach in QC. eg 3D points along with their RGBA colour per node, real value for size etc etc.

Be good to start thinking how this can eventually be accommodated in lists and lists or lists, rather than mapping it to a JSON tree. I guess that is going to make for problems with general nodes being able to accept lists on value input ports, but maybe Vuo editor just blocks complex type lists (for e.g. of type [(3D point, RGBAcolor, size value as a Real)] ) and only allows lists of the relevant data type(s) for any given input port. An advanced editor might let the user insert a conversion node the same way a 3D point gets converted to a 1D point where appropriate ATM.

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Alastair commented on alexmitchellmus's Feature Request, “Lists within lists

wishing for this today…

not sure how the tool tips /floating data previews are going to cope with lists of lists without a code write to give lists of lists more screen space.

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Thanks Bodysoulspirit! where did you get the original Kosada code from (or maybe it was just the standard stateless patch node?) ? Are they publishing the source code for the stock nodes in the Community Edition?

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Bodysoulspirit commented on Alastair's Bug Report, “Interleave Lists

Uploaded a node in the gallery that may help as I tried to make it output the behaviour of your last comment : Node Set: List : Interleave Lists with Append

The node is as a .c file, so you can look inside if you want to modify it.

But depending on the situation, one would want to block / remove empty list entries. This node outputs a position even if let's say a text entry is empty.
But there maybe Node Set: List : Block Empty List Values may be helpful.

You can still achieve that with stock nodes if I'm right.
Compare the Count List Items of the 2 lists, cut the longer list by the amount of items of the shorter list. Then use an append node to append the extra items from the longer list to the interleaved list.
But this involves some nodes.

A - If you know which list can possibly be shorter :

B - If any list can possibly be shorter :

Joining the compositions ;)



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