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thanks Jaymie, I really think this is the solution :)

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Well I guess this line from the 'license' says what we don't want to read: 'DERIVATIVES: You may create derivatives of or make modifications to the Software, however, You agree that all and any such derivatives and modifications will be owned by Licensor and become a part of the Software licensed to You under this Agreement. You may only use such derivatives and modifications for your own noncommercial internal research purposes, and you may not otherwise use, distribute or copy such derivatives and modifications in violation of this Agreement.'

But I'm contacting one of the dev's to clarify anyhoo:

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OSX Sierra isn't end-of-life yet, so it should be receiving the same patch/mitigation measures against Spectre and Meltdown that High Sierra gets, no?

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Hi Jaymie, I'm just looking into wether any changes to the barcode node, as requested above, might be making it into the next update? While I'm still months away from our next ceremony where I'll being using it again, I just wanted to avoid the same issues I ran into last summer with it misreading the data under certain conditions. Thanks.

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Those are good questions. I'm sure that making it built-in to Vuo would count as commercial since Vuo is a commercial product, but I'm unsure of all the implications of a node developed by a third party. If you happen to find anything in the OpenPose license agreement or other documentation that clears this up, please follow up here.

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if someone else were to implement some OpenPose nodes for Vuo non-commerically, they could use the OpenPose library for free.

What does this mean exactly? Non-commercial implementations could be used for commercial end-user applications, or not? It just can't be Kosada that devs it? Anyone using it to make money has to pay the $25,000? I don't get it.



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