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Paul commented on Paul's Feature Request, “A colour picker UI item

I meant a UI node ... something I can place on a windows along with buttons, sliders etc for live input.

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Bodysoulspirit commented on Charles's Discussion, “Change Vuo Language

Kewl I usually prefer too. Just google "how set photoshop in English" and you'll see how many want that. Especially when you wanna learn from tutorials or discuss things on forums, you have to translate in your head and search for the terms. And Adobe made it way too complicated IMO.

That's why the team implemented this terminal command. It's great already, but you have to know about it. I think for people who are new to Vuo, an option in the menu would be even easier.

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Kewl commented on Charles's Discussion, “Change Vuo Language

It should be a preference setting. Although my system language is French, I prefer some apps to be in English (Adobe CS, Pro Tools).

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Jean Marie commented on eseftel's Feature Request, “Intel Realsense support


We'd like to know a little more about your needs. Are there specific RealSense features you would like Vuo to support beyond providing color and depth images?

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Paul, William,

Perhaps you could use Display Console Window as a workaround for now. As the node documentation says, "Typed Line — When a linebreak is typed in the window, this port fires an event with the line just completed." So you can enter a line of text in the Console Window and output it.

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Jean Marie commented on Paul's Feature Request, “A colour picker UI item


When I am picking a color in Vuo, I can select from several types of color selections Apple provides using the mini-color menu at the top of color selector with its five choices (see attached). What else do you have in mind?

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visiophone commented on visiophone's Bug Report, “2.0.1 Crashing on starting up

Yes, right. just realise there is more. Also Vuo can't run any compositions after update

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Paul for the node dragging see Move within the whole editor when dragging a node.

regarding scroll speed I agree it's pretty fast and I get the same quite often. Although there is speed increment happening though, going close to the canvas edge scrolls at a certain speed, going further increases the scrolling speed. But could maybe be tuned better.

Or I unzoom with the 2-fingers trackpad zoom and connect and zoom back again.

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I too would like to see a text/number input UI node. This would be very helpful for the 'lighting visualizers' I create in VUO. These would not need to be complex, just a graphic box that accepts either text or numbers when highlighted, and fires when 'enter' is hit.

Not a super high priority, but very helpful for interactive compositions.


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Thanks Chris but I'm a trackpad user.
And the only mouse I have is the Apple mouse.



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