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The goal is to create a list of 3D points from a list of amplitudes across all the audio frequencies and "map" these 3D points spatially (distributed around a sphere for example). Each 3D point placement and possibly individual shader values would be affected by its own amplitude data.

You could accomplish this by first mapping the frequencies to an image, then projecting that onto a mesh. Here's an example I made up (it uses a custom node Make Image From Pixels, available here).

The interesting bits are tinted in cyan.

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Karl Henkel has repaired Rolling Average List, so no more need for the Scale List. Thanks khenkel!

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Thanks for the clarification!

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What are the main tips/resources we can look at to get programmers started in the right direction; Vuo SDK?

cymaspace, see and the tutorial Making nodes in C.

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Magneson, how does this composition compare to your test?

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The numbers generated by Make Random List are meant to be amplitudes, not frequencies.

The amplitudes in noise.vuo range from -0.1 to 0.1. Since the amplitudes in GenerateWhiteNoise.vuo range from 0 to 20000, it's going to be a lot louder (and the waveform won't be centered at 0).

Since this is an uncorrelated random number generator, it should already be generating all frequencies up to the nyquist (48000/2 = 24000 in Vuo's case) at roughly equal amplitudes.

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We've noticed some problems with graphics drivers that are fixed in Vuo 1.2.6 apha2 ( Please try that and tell us if you notice improvement.

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Vuo 1.25 OSX 10.2.2 (16c67) Late 2016 Mac book pro Radeon Pro 460 4GB Intel HD 530 1536



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