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Okay. Got it - ( ... I was about to fiddle with Vezer XMl output to see what I could possibly do with it, but realized that streaming data is a better option to get hold of it within Vuo, then push it back to persist it however wherever...) Thank you !

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grahamis, can you please share the version of Vuo you are using, your macOS version, and your HW graphics card? Thanks.

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Vuo handles tree elements at text. The node Convert Tree to Value can convert the data contained in the tree to a given data type. Hope that's helpful.

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Simple text scrolling is not consistent or smooth

Hi I am trying to make a simple text element scroll across the screen, however, quite often it looses the smoothness to the animation and looks a bit jerky, the attached video the effect is not as bad as I have observed, however, even this lack of smoothness is a big problem for me, is there a fix for this?

the attached comp does have a test and only scrolls if the string is longer than a certain length, however the cpu load is around 20% so I can't understand why its glitching like this...

thanks for your help!

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Benedikt posted a new Discussion, “ListOfVuoTreeElements -> ListElements
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Using Parabox Average List, I was able to obtain a smoothing behaviour. The only caveat is that there seems to be a calculation error within Average List that must be corrected by a Scale List.

  • 10 samples -> 0.01
  • 25 samples -> 0.0016
  • 50 samples -> 0.0004
  • 100 samples -> 0.0001

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Check out Iteration: Turn most nodes into iterators by allowing single-value ports to accept lists there are some questions and answers by @Jaymie regarding this.

Am also really looking forward to this possibility to smooth the audio

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What is it you want to achieve with it? I'm not sure Vuo will handle this kind of thing very well. If you reduce the number of bins the performance will go up, suggesting that Vuo tries to make a substantial amount of calculations based on the input. I also think it smooths all values, not separated by frequency anymore, as the last value into the Smooth node will come from the previous frequency band. There might be another way though, but that depends on what you want it to output.

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