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With two 'Process List' nodes, where to place 'Hold Value' nodes?

On the issue of "node hold", I work on the idea of injecting 2 "process list" into an "Is within Box". Following the recommendations I placed the hold nodes to avoid the flicker. After several attempts, the problem does not seem to be solved in this configuration. Maybe I omitted a parameter or that the problem comes from elsewhere. Could you guard me on this subject, thank you.

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im trying to put an image of a face on a 3D objects in order to stretch, pull, and distort a face. The weirder the better.

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mandrewsdraws posted a new Discussion, “changing Quantized Object
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I think iterating stateful nodes is the most important feature i'm waiting. I have already put 25 votes for this and now again my last 6 votes.



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