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Thank you for the update!

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Working with .fbx animation data retrieved from ARKits Motion Capture Skeleton

Hi there !

I took a closer look at the .fbx data export of "MobileCap" - an IOS App to record and export ARKit Skeleton Tracking Data; my Vuo 3d knowledge so far is quite limited - as is my knowledge of the .fbx file format... never got to anything useful beyond examples provided... well-

as far as I can see in the file attached, data is loaded and framed as "id 0" for all objects retrieved.

my questions: be it so, is there a way to retrieve all frames - something like ID"0" to ID"n" ? - and make this data flow into an appropriate 3d view ?

Curious ...

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Native ARM support is our primary development focus at the moment, and Metal is coming next after that. These are both large undertakings with a lot of unknowns, so we haven't scheduled release dates yet.

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keithlang commented on Chris's Feature Request, “Render to Virtual UVC Camera node

Update: I got this code to run with no modifications

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Paul commented on Paul's Discussion, “Make image with Shadertoy

I'll take your word for it. I woud have thought that a single pixel sampling woutl lead to aliasing effects.

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Thanks Jean Marie. Ouch, what a bummer! I know the answer is probably 'not at this time', but is there any timeline for native ARM support or Metal?

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Your "favourited data types" could build on top of this with a later separate feature request once this one is implemented.

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We've renamed this to clarify our planned implementation and opened it for voting.

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We've accepted a bug report, 4 second lag on video processing on M1 Macs. Thanks to keithlang for reporting it.



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