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Signal drift, try adjusting the overscan to wrangle it in place for some time (it will still drift after some time though). Most likely something in the chain thinks you're running everything at 30fps when you run it at 29.97 (or the other mismatches). Over the 10 - 20 seconds that .03 leftover adds onto itself, and the box/driver/something don't know what to do when it gets info from the middle of the frame where it expects the beginning, and probably tries to auto adjust to the signal. You shouldn't run them at different framerates though, and it is far from reccommended. Putting a decent scaler in between can also solve this issue.

Can you check if the 30fps camera has a NTSC mode? Or if the PTZ can be run in PAL mode? Which camera models is it? If they both have 24/25fps modes that might also solve it.

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Thanks Christian, hope you get something good out of it! :)

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OK, I was finally able to get 2 of each camera back for testing. Here are my findings:

Composition Description Camera 1 Camera 2 Results
Both cameras in same composition but separate Windows PTZ 1080i/59.94 1080p/30 Periodic Green Flashes (once ever 10-20sec)
Both cameras in same composition but separate windows PTZ 1080p/29.97 1080p/30 Periodic Green Flashes (once ever 10-20sec)
Both cameras in same composition but separate windows PTZ 1080p/29.97 PTZ 1080p/29.97 No Flashes
Both cameras in same composition but separate windows 1080p/30 1080p/30 No Flashes
Each camera running simultaneously in separate compositions PTZ 1080i/29.97 1080p/30 No Flashes

Any ideas why this is happening? One camera will be used for reading barcodes (intended to replace the webcam I'm currently using, SDI is safer choice over a webcam with USB extender) for generating the overlay graphics and the PTZ will be replacing an old HDMI camera as a live camera. Both must be running in the same composition.

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Very nice Martinus !

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@MartinusMagneson posted a new Node Set, “MM.Points
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innlight75, if you go to Tools > Open User Modules Folder, this is what you should see:

Does it look exactly the same on your computer?

If so, have you already restarted Vuo? You'll need to relaunch Vuo for the subcompositions to be available.

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Had a fault when trying to upload the attached file initially as I'd moved it before uploading and then the website would not allow me to link it a second time.

I think I've seen reports of the original bug previously but upon searching it returns pages and pages of links to the manual. I also find searching through the bug reports to be over laborious as they are split into sections and I'd need to search through every section.

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@Scratchpole posted a new Bug Report, “Subcomposition incorrect input order

Subcomposition incorrect input order


Vuo version: 

How severely does this bug affect you?: 

●●○○ — It's annoying but I can work around it.

Steps causing the bug to occur: 

  1. Create subcomposition with Kinect inside it
  2. Use subcomposition in a new project
  3. The width, height and time inputs are not in the order as they are in the subcomp file.

Other notes: 

This may be unrelated but I made a more complicated subcomp with the kinect creating a mask image and also outputting the rgb and depth images, when I run this into point grid/line grid and displace scene with image it looses sync, the rgb image is way behind the other images. (Edit: this seems to only happen when I increase the number of points in my grid to over 200 x 150 so it's probably just my GPU struggling to keep up).


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When the Vuo 2.0 beta is released, I think you'll be able to download and install it just like a regular Vuo version. We'll make another mailing list / blog post when it's ready. I hope you'll try it since we'd especially like to hear from people like you who have not used similar apps before. During beta testing, we mainly just want folks to use Vuo like they normally would and see if they run into any problems or anything confusing.



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