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cool! Woul be awesome ! Thx !

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@jstrecker commented on @jvolker's Feature Request, “Automatically reload modified nodes

It turns out that to implement some other features (GLSL editing, improvements to subcompositions) we get this one as a side effect. Marking it chosen!

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@jstrecker commented on @IP Identity Problem's Feature Request, “Push2 display drawing

You can set the LEDs using Vuo's existing MIDI nodes, but the LCD (shown in the video) uses a custom USB interface.

I've converted your question to a feature request, now open for voting.

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Yeah, looks like it provides nice human feature detection.

The commercial license is $25,000/year, which is a wee bit over Team Vuo's budget ;) However, if someone else were to implement some OpenPose nodes for Vuo non-commerically, they could use the OpenPose library for free.

The documentation for the OpenPose Demo says that it can output JSON. So if you were to record a video and write a JSON file from it, you could then play back the video and the JSON data in Vuo.

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ahha I worked it out. Had to add the Hold values on the quaternions but had forgotten that I had to revert the Hold to generic to take in the quaternion translations. All smooth now. Time to add some sound effects :)

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I have spent a few days getting orientations from NI mate working.

Please have a look and test of the attached if you can, thanks. I'm getting random slowdowns again with this one, not sure where I should put the Hold Value.

Also seems that the Y coordinate of the Quaternions from Nimate needed reversing unless that's something wrong in Vuo?

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I'm using Vuo under High Sierra since last summer's betas: nothing negative to report. Though, the Spectra and Meltdown patches have the potential of slowing down computers: https://reverse.put.as/2018/01/07/measuring-osx-meltdown-patches-perform...

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Hey, I hadn't upgraded my main VUO system to High Sierra since it was running fine under Sierra. However due to the recent hype about the Spectra and Meltdown security issues and potential slow downs I thought I would ask how well VUO performs under OSX 10.13.2, are there are any known performance issues over OSX 10.12.x?

My main VUO system doesn't HAVE to stay online, it just makes some things easier.

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Yessss...Thanks a lot!! Now it works.

Its great that there is possibility to code with Vuo Framework. Sometimes its much easier and more efficient to write some code than draw thousands of virtual wires.

(rebooting Vuo editor and reloading project after every code change is anoying, but I hope it will be fixed someday)



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