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How to use Image Generator Protocol with Render Layers/Scene to Window node?

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I'm new to VUO and want to use it to make compositions that I could load into VDMX. However, in the tutorial on VUO + VDMX, nothing is mentioned about such cases when we want to use "Render Layers/Scene to Window" node. The same issue concerns Syphon too. I'm wondering if there is a special way to use this node when we want to generate a composition that would conform the Image Generator Protocol. Or this is simply a limitation of the protocol that could not be bypassed? Thank you for your reply.

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Thanks Jaymie (@jstrecker). I really want the ability to at least give 2D points and have Vuo fill and stroke the polygon. If it could construct the polygon using mathematically defined curves even better.

I'm suspecting the work around if my FR doesn't get up will be to do it in GLSL patch (which is a bit scary for me as it's a long time since I even dabbled in it, and the learning curve isn't "a few hours and you're good to plot a polygon from 100 data-points and use it as a mask").

I'd pay someone to write that code for me actually :-)

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Powerful. Load and Save file/presets too.

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Indeed !!! Good move ! So now discussions will be called "Discussions & Questions" or only "discussions" ? ;)

EDIT : What I actually wanted to mean with my comment/question was that with my given english skills, when coming upon the website as a new user I would not immediately click "Discussions" if I wanted help. Maybe "Forum" would be better ? Even if it's not a forum with sub-domains. Or forum & discussions ?
Anyway, being a nitpicky here, but that is just my 2 cents ;)

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Indeed! We hope this makes it easier to post on vuo.org and easier to read the replies.



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