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Confirmed — On macOS 12.3.1 + Apple Silicon, the Make Image from Web Page node is unable to play the videos on that webpage.

We looked into it and there's not a simple solution. The problem is due to limitations in the web browser engine (part of macOS) that Vuo uses to render a webpage to an image. To fix the problem, we'd have to use some other web browser engine to render the image. And then things get interesting because we need to make sure the browser is present on the user's system but not go making unnecessary copies of it or increasing the size of other applications that use Vuo, so maybe Make Image from Web Page needs to check if the right version of the browser exists on the system and, if not, pop up a dialog to have the user download it.

All of that said, if your goal is really to play the videos and you have access to the files, then you can use the Play Movie node.

If you'd still like Make Image from Web Page to be able to play videos on newer Macs, then please create a feature request and mention this bug report. Although the failure to play the videos is arguably a bug rather than a missing feature, since the solution would take significant time, we'd like to see how the community would prioritize it through voting.

For this bug report, we'll add a note to the Make Image from Web Page node documentation that it can't always play videos embedded in webpages.

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Thanks Bodysoulspirit for the Open and Drag Apps, I will definitely play around with those. :)

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Make Slider Theme: Handle Border - Should be outline not solid


Vuo version: 

OS version: 

  • macOS 12

CPU architecture: 

Intel x86_64

How severely does this bug affect you?: 

●○○○ — Not much; I'm just letting you know about it.

Steps causing the bug to occur: 

  1. This is minor but, could the Slider Theme Handle Border be an actual border rather than a solid? I was trying to make the Track and the slider Handle color transparent leaving just have the handle border itself visible.
  2. The intent was to have a TicTac shaped loop slide over a colour gradient; what was visible in the transparent area of the loop was the colour being selected. (See attached image)

Have you been able to reproduce the problem?: 

●●● — Yes, the problem occurs consistently when I follow the steps above

Have you found a workaround?: 

There are other ways to sign the interface it just won't look as slick. :)


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Alastair commented on Alastair's Bug Report, “Interleave Lists

The stock Haskell interleave function truncates the result to the shorter of the two lists.

ghci> interleave  [1..3] [10..]

[10..] is a list comprehension for an infinite length list of integers beginning with 10.

I wrote my own version of interleave to have the behaviour I wanted which is this:

ghci> interleave'  [1..5] [1..5]
ghci> interleave'  [1..2] [1..5]
ghci> interleave'  [1..5] [10,20..30]
ghci> interleave'  [1..3] [10,20..70]

I'd pay for a Haskell node in Vuo! 20 seconds of code to do this and I can use Quicktest on the code in GHCi to be sure it passes any and all unit tests:

interleave' :: [a] -> [a] -> [a]
interleave' (a1:a1s) (a2:a2s) = a1:a2:interleave' a1s a2s
interleave' (a1:a1s) []       = (a1:a1s)
interleave' [] (a2:a2s)       = (a2:a2s)
interleave' _  _              = []
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Yes, color and font UI could be cool ;)

Alastair Yes UI tools for "Open"

There is an "Open" file now in Vuo already ;).

So yes Chris, for now I guess your best bet would be to either paste like you said, or use the "open" window to manually select your font in the font folder, or use the Font Book app, right click the font, view in Finder, and maybe drag the font onto the composition window.

But both these methods require a command to extract the font name. So far it works for most fonts, I don't know why but some don't seem to work, probably a file path thing.

I googled to see if there were some commands to open the Show Fonts panel window, or script the Font Book app.
The Show Fonts panel I didn't find a thing. The Font Book app there is. But then it's still quite tricky. The stock shell command is sandboxed and restricted. Even when you remove some restrictions, you can open the Font Book app, and use a command to retrieve the selected font. But as you select different fonts it doesn't update, so you have to trigger the command again. Etc.

I guess coding a custom node / class for this should be possible. But beyond my skills.

So yeah, a color and font picking UI sounds like a cool feature request. Probably easier and faster also for the team to implement than a UI to access all other Vuo published ports to apps into a preference menu.

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So this works, thanks @mic for pointing this out here. It doesn't find "opt" + return which we use when manually entering text with returns though. not sure if that is even in ASCII codes, probably unicode.

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Yes UI tools for "Open…", "Save…", and "Font…" would be nice to have when making bigger projects or video effects for distribution to 3rd party users.

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Yes, the brute force method of repeated Take From List and joining in Append Texts does work! And possibly a process loop could work for that too making it unlimited in size.

The reason for wanting to remove return chars from the text was simply that Summerize List outputs a return delimited string and I don't want the returns in the string.

It then struck me as limiting that Replace Text doesn't search for control chars like return, newline, tab and so on which are commonly required for parsing text rom machine and human sources to use in graphics.

A GREP node would be neat. I'll put that on my todo list!

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Alastair commented on Alastair's Bug Report, “Interleave Lists

In my use case I would want every text in the longer list (from splitting the text expression input) to still be used in the Interleave node (even if the value list is empty or shorter). This would be resolved by just inserting empty strings where required i.e. "" in the case of a short list of values to insert.

My problem is I can't predict if the text expression that is split will have same number of text items as the inserting value list or one more or two more, or even fewer due to user error.


Text Epression Split Texts Values to insert
"%@ foo %@" 1 2
"foo: %@ bar" 2 1
"foo: %@ bar %@" 2 2

I look forward to the day I can compile my own C code and do this kind of trivial logical operation in way less time that figuring out complicated ways to make the existing stock of nodes work to do it! A Lua or JS or Python node wouldn't go astray ;-)



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