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I get the "There was a problem running the composition" error using "Get Mesh Values" in Vuo 1.2.7. @khenkel, does the plugin need to be recompiled for 1.2.7?



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@Bodysoulspirit commented on @jstrecker's Community Spotlight, “VJ MEKANIX 1ups his game with Vuo x VDMX

Amazing work Azy (Azy (@krezrock)) :) Well done, great spotlight!
And thank you for the kind words.
Cheers bro

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You've hit the nail on the head, this is exactly what I'm after, thanks for introducing me to the line strip mesh node. Very interesting.

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Not sure I understand correctly what you're trying to achieve but what about using directly a line and shade it ? Problem with this method however is you have to calculate/scale the line width.
Joining some idea comps.

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Try setting NImate to track multiple users. (Maybe I changed that after my first post). If you look at the Filter Skeleton node you can see it is set to track user number 1.

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Unfortunately I've only got the free version of NI-Mate so I couldn't load your file. NImate is set to an individual track. I have managed to get the filter skeleton node working in another comp so I know the signal works. Whenever I start this particular comp though it crashes after a few seconds. Next time I'm plugged in I'll try and get a video.

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The thing is, the feedback loop doesn't become a deadlocked feedback loop until you add that cable. In your original composition, events are coming into the feedback loop through the SIZE node's Time port. When you attempt to connect the cable, events would be entering the feedback loop from a second point: the left Hold Value node's refresh port. At that moment it changes from an OK feedback loop to a deadlocked feedback loop.

As I mentioned on your other post, I think you can avoid the problem by getting rid of the left Hold Value node.

Regarding the crashes — It looks like at least some of them have to do with custom nodes you're working on. If you'd like help with those, please make a separate bug report to help us keep track, and send the subcomposition or node source code that's causing a problem.

Does Vuo consistently crash when you connect that cable? I tried several times, with and without the composition running, and couldn't get it to crash.

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Have you set NImate to track multiple users? Did you use the NImate file I included?

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Distance and rotation between two 3d points

I want to have a text image stretch between 2 3d points in space. when the points are further away the text will be bigger, when they're closer the text will be smaller.

The only way I could think of and it's probably not the best was to find the mid point to link the image to and introduce some sort of scale factor to make the image bigger or smaller based on the distance between the 2 points.



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