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Thanks Bodysoulspirit A monospaced font was actually my first thought but unfortunately I have to use a specific font. For now I've drawn letters and moved them into the right position but it's time consuming and not really scalable for what I'm after. Thanks anyway...

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Mmm, for a simple text layer I don't know of any way with a quick thought, maybe someone would know.

For short 1 row strings, you could use a monospaced font, split the string into individual layers and retrieve child layer position, quick test composition attached.

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marioepsley posted a new Discussion, “Find the position of a letter
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Thanks Joe, got it working, perfect. I have also used a Datapath, and agree with you, they're really robust... But I do wish they'd make a mac version of the config software. thanks again!

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Joe commented on carlitos's Discussion, “fullscreen window across multiple screens

Make one image/layer then crop the three sections and send to three output windows using Change Fullscreen Status to send the portions to the outputs where they are required.

If you want a better option to have a single spanned output a Datapath x4 is much better than the Matrox boxes.

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fullscreen window across multiple screens

Hi All,

I want to stretch a single vuo.layer.render.window across multiple (3) monitors.

When I set the window size and position all works really good, and can playing multiple things on different positions across all the monitors each on their respective hdmi outputs. But, now I want to go full screen... to hide the menu bar and window title, and the window jumps in to the first of the screens, goes fullscreen in that one, leaving the other screens blank.

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Jaymie commented on Joe's Discussion, “Freeframe effects store hosting?

kingluma — Yes, I suppose you could implement some kind of basic copy protection along those lines.

Joe — As long as you're not worried about someone posting the plugin on some other website for free download.

I guess the next step is, after the Vuo 2.0 beta release, contact Team Vuo if you have plugins you want to sell. Once there are several plugins to sell, we can set up a store page. Nothing fancy, just a list of plugins with product descriptions and Buy buttons. We'd take a cut of the sales just to cover the payment processing fees. (To give you a sense of that: For a $5 international payment, PayPal takes 11%; for $10, PayPal takes 8%; for $20, PayPal takes 6%.) The remainder would go to the seller.



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