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@cwilmsloyalist and anyone else who'd like to be testers — we just published a Vuo 1.2.6 alpha release that includes XML/JSON nodes. We'd appreciate if you could try them out and let us know if they do what you need them to do.

The final 1.2.6 release will include much more stuff, including CSV nodes, but we wanted to get your feedback on the XML/JSON nodes sooner.

If you find any problems with the alpha release, please post a bug report. If you have questions/suggestions about the scope of this feature request (what the new nodes will/won't be able to do), please comment here. For other questions/suggestions, probably best to a new discussion thread so it's easier to follow the conversation.

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Azy commented on 2bitpunk's Feature Request, “Published Ports - Input reordering

Great news that this request has been chosen. feels bad when I don't plan ahead accordingly and have to republish all the ports if i missed one that I want at the top.

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Fair enough. I'm thinking something like a little corner minimize button that can just disappear when the node is not collapsable.

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bLackburst commented on bLackburst's Feature Request, “Gradient Phase and Period

Thanks. The difference between using list copies and a period parameter would be that the list is integers and period would be float, for smooth animating.

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Thanks for the suggestion, @Bodysoulspirit. Opened for voting.

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Jaymie commented on Bodysoulspirit's Composition, “Crossfade RSS Images

So many different ways to do this! Yet another would be to use the (relatively new) Crossfade node.

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Jaymie commented on mic's Feature Request, “An advanced tutorial on plugin developing

Thanks for the suggestion, @cremaschi. Opened for voting.



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