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Yes, the brute force method of repeated Take From List and joining in Append Texts does work! And possibly a process loop could work for that too making it unlimited in size.

The reason for wanting to remove return chars from the text was simply that Summerize List outputs a return delimited string and I don't want the returns in the string.

It then struck me as limiting that Replace Text doesn't search for control chars like return, newline, tab and so on which are commonly required for parsing text rom machine and human sources to use in graphics.

A GREP node would be neat. I'll put that on my todo list!

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Alastair commented on Alastair's Bug Report, “Interleave Lists

In my use case I would want every text in the longer list (from splitting the text expression input) to still be used in the Interleave node (even if the value list is empty or shorter). This would be resolved by just inserting empty strings where required i.e. "" in the case of a short list of values to insert.

My problem is I can't predict if the text expression that is split will have same number of text items as the inserting value list or one more or two more, or even fewer due to user error.


Text Epression Split Texts Values to insert
"%@ foo %@" 1 2
"foo: %@ bar" 2 1
"foo: %@ bar %@" 2 2

I look forward to the day I can compile my own C code and do this kind of trivial logical operation in way less time that figuring out complicated ways to make the existing stock of nodes work to do it! A Lua or JS or Python node wouldn't go astray ;-)

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Bodysoulspirit commented on Alastair's Bug Report, “Interleave Lists

While an extra menu on the interleave list to rather "Cut to shorter List" as a yes/no boolean sounds great, in the meanwhile below some possible workarounds.

If I'm right, if the shorter list has no empty values, it should be pretty straightforward with 1 node (your first screenshot in the bug report) :

If however the list has empty values, and you need to remove them, Vuo cannot do that easily if I'm right, I've posted a node in the node gallery that removes empty values from a list (your second screenshot from the bug report) :

As for your specific example, if you're able to change the text expression to have the same number of spaces between each parameter, you could use a Process List node.
If I'm right I'm able to output the same text output with 4 nodes instead of your 2 subcompositions (joining the composition).

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the input Alastair, for now I think I am going to have a button launch the Font and have a text field in the GUI beside it that I can write my font choice in. Most certainly not an elegant solution, but for now I think it might work. I think this is something worth exploring getting a GUI node for. I will look into your suggestion on using a shell script though.

But you're right not having a native UI tool for fonts or one that can build a drop down menu for selecting form that list is problematic. I really hope this gets added soon.

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What are you trying to achieve here ?
I'm getting the same output list in Append Texts wether I chain-use Take from List nodes or directly connect the output list into Append Texts.

A - With a space as a separator

B - With a return as separator

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Hi @Alastair.

One method to remove return is to hold "alt" key when you hit return in "text to find" field of Replace Text node.

To remove tabulation, and in general to remove every charachter, you can look for the output of a Make Text from ASCII node.

The image should be explicative.

ciao! michele

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Recognise escaped characters in strings in the Replace Text and similar text processing nodes

I wanted remove all the return and newline chars (\r & `\n') from text using the Replace Text node but I can't.

When I condensed a list of texts items using the Summerize List node it puts a return between each item in the list, which is fine but it would be desirable to take the returns out on some context. Many other uses for being able to process and add/remove \r, \n & \t from text strings too.


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Alastair commented on jvolker's Feature Request, “Option to temporarily disable/turn off nodes

I would like to (dynamically) enable and disable the Display Console Window node as a debugging tool for sub-compositions I will use over and over (and so don't want dozens of Console windows).

Being able to disable certain nodes dynamically (rather than in the Vuo Editor canvas) with an Enable boolean port would be the simplest way of enabling this from a UI/UX perspective I think.

Maybe we can start seeing this input on a few important nodes rather than every node in Vuo if that reduces the complexity and time estimates for this FR?

So long as certain key nodes could be disabled, other nodes in the chain wouldn't have any impact on the composition state. Although The OP is the ideal option.

I'm looking for a dynamic option, the OP may have been just for some command in the Editor to do this non-dynamically?! For example you right click on the node and there is a Disable/Enable menu contextual item? If that is the case jvolker, I'll post my desired functionality as a seperate FR.

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Alastair commented on Alastair's Bug Report, “Interleave Lists

Perhaps the Interleave Lists node needs a third input as a boolean option to repeat last item in lists or not? I can see where it would be useful to repeat the last item, or cycle through the list again to interleave with a longer list, but in my use case it's a big problem that I can't easily work around. Truncating dynamic lists to be the same length isn't always an obvious function.



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