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Joe commented on Joe's Bug Report, “Windows Minimising/Maximising unexpectedly

OK I sussed it out. It's not when I single click the buttons it's when I double click anywhere in the window. Deselecting 'Double click a windows title bar' in Dock Preferences stops it from happenning. ....but it happens when I click anywhere in the window :/

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Chris commented on Chris's Bug Report, “Changing Syphon Server name from list

Joe - Thanks for taking a look at my comp Joe. I can safely say I haven't run into the maximizing and minimizing issue you were seeing.

Jaymie - Thanks. I always appreciate how quickly and effectively you respond to issues; to let you know that gives a real sense of trust as an end-user so thank-you!

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Joe posted a new Bug Report, “Windows Minimising/Maximising unexpectedly

Windows Minimising/Maximising unexpectedly


Vuo version: 

OS version: 

  • macOS 10.14

Steps causing the bug to occur: 

  1. Run composition from this thread:
  2. Exit fullscreen
  3. Click up and down buttons multiple times.
  4. Output window keeps Minimising/Maximising randomly and unexpectedly.
  5. Same thing for me on two OS's and two different MBP's, 2012 OS 10.12 (GT650) and 2015 OS10.14 (Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB).

Other notes: 

I have not got any 'special window manager installed'.

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Jaymie commented on jersmi's Composition, “Butterfly Wings

jersmi, I just uploaded a version of the composition with the corrected Wing URL. I'm not sure what would have caused the site to keep asking you to log in or to ignore your new upload, but if it happens again, please file a bug report and we'll look into it.

Although you shouldn't need to change the file name when re-uploading to avoid duplicates, since the website does this automatically, adding a version number as Bodysoulspirit suggested is not a bad idea to help keep track of the different versions.

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Jaymie commented on Chris's Bug Report, “Changing Syphon Server name from list

Chris — Confirmed. Thanks for reporting this bug.

Joe — I wasn't able to reproduce the unexpected maximizing/minimizing. You don't by any chance have a special window manager installed, do you? If it continues to be a problem, please create a separate bug report.

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Just tested this on a 2015 MBP with the Intel Iris Pro, 1536 MB GPU, running MacOS 10.14.5, it seems like that GPU has the same issues as the Intel HD 4000 with (Divide, Facet, Quantize, Trim). This composition crashed a few times at first and then showed no output, I removed facetize and it worked as expected.

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Joe commented on Chris's Bug Report, “Changing Syphon Server name from list

Can't help sadly but noticed another weird thing with this comp. When pressing up and down sometimes the output window (not in fullscreen) was maximizing and minimizing unexpectedly



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