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Good to hear, I don't use eGPU but I do have a TB Sonnet expansion chassis for my BM cards. As I said Apple have always done their own thing so who knows how the GPU thing will play out. As I write I'm on a OpenCore OSX86 machine with Radeon RX 580 8 GB which works well for a non-production machine, its my next MBP I would be more worried about. Also the wish for a mid range affordable rack mountable machine has never come to pass, instead of 4U practicality Apple have always designed themselves into a corner with odd shaped boxes which either weigh a ton or are difficult if not impossible to upgrade. Saying that generally my Apple laptops / desktops last 8-10 years so amazing value over time.

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2bitpunk The TB implementation is full, and you can use Blackmagic I/O cards with it. What's missing is ARM driver support for AMD GPUs. This is a red flag for future support of 3rd party drivers. If AMD had any vested interest in future Apple products, they would benefit from test-driving their drivers on the early adopters and eGPUs before releasing embedded products together with Apple. Combined with Apple developing their own GPUs this strongly speaks in favor of AMD support going the same way as Nvidia. All of this is speculation, but I'd wager that if there ever is a new eGPU for Macs, it will have an Apple-logo (unless they go cloud acceleration instead).

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@Joëlle Do you want it to sound "nice" or are you more into the noise/random frequencies with this one?

At a base level, you can extract the color values with the Sample Colors from Image node and feed it to a Get RGB/HSL Values. Then you should have numbers in the range of 0-1 to further manipulate.

For the "nice" approach, and following 2bitpunk's suggestion take the floor of each of the values * 127 to get a MIDI note. For the luma value, I'd use a Calculate node with a formula of floor((127*(R+G+B))/3) - or just the L value from the HSL node.

Taking it a step further, you can also make a list of numbers and scale the color values to select an item from the list. Then you can use scales and make chords with notes from each component and volume/velocity from the luma to get different expressions (https://feelyoursound.com/scale-chords/c-phrygian/ // https://newt.phys.unsw.edu.au/jw/notes.html). I wouldn't bother with using more than two/three octaves in such a scenario though.

For the probably-not-so-nice-but-noisy approach, taking the RGB values into a Scale node with a source from 0-1 and scale out from 120-12000 fed into a Make Sound Wave (or something similar, can't remember the name now) will probably yield interesting results.

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Another movie player (Vuo primer)


I needed a super simple movie player to preview HAP encoded files using a quick drag and drop method.

Vuo makes this easy with it's default nodes so I thought I would share the composition for new users as a basic composition example. The composition uses drag and drop, movie player feedback and window display properties and is organised in a logical way to help users get started.

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🙂 Yes, it is a little counterintuitive (maybe Vuo should throw a warning if a node isn't actually producing anything) but I think the Vuo team have enough on their plate for now.

Ping this thread if you get stuck!

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Magneson reading up on the Mac mini M1 + eGPU users are reporting that the hardware is detected but there are no drivers. I think it would be a bit odd if Apple didn't support the full TB specification considering the user base who need and already own eGPUs. But Apple have never really listened to the user base when it comes to hardware, the Mac Pro is a good example of not listening. The Mac mini on the other hand is the perfect installation machine, but yes I agree, maybe wait for M1X to see how things progress.

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keithlang gosh I was overthinking the audio output function. I checked your composition and realised all I needed was the 'Send Live Audio' node! Thats a visual person trying to do audio :-)



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