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Crashing Subcomposition

Hey all, I have a subcomposition I made that consistently crashes the Composition Loader. It's a pretty simple node that just generates a cube out of four separate planes, so I can manipulate their transforms individually. For some reason though, every time I try to run a composition containing it, the loader crashes. Would others mind trying it and seeing if it runs for them? Also, if anyone has any tips for debugging, that'd be great.

Thanks so much, -M.

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Alastair thank you for the input. Yes, an applescript based app that writes a text file is what I'm using now. It's ok-ish, but you have to have the script or app manually check for changes every second, write a text file etc, so that causes a delay.
Also, for personal use it's ok, but for deployment, people have to give permission for that app to run too (unless you sign it and have it authenticate by Apple if possible).
I guess that's where the Vuo team is right, people with bad intentions could bundle a script in an app, but running that app requires permissions, where a non-sandboxed script node with access could run a script with bad intentions as a Vuo composition inside Vuo, or as a Final Cut Plugin without the need for permissions ?!

Also, not a coder, so may be wrong, but I remember I read iTunification Github the best way is still through the macOS notification system, I guess it automatically sends like a push with info when a track changes or something.

The SQL database node requests may perhaps be useful too, since the notification system is based on a database file, but since recent macOS versions there localisation change a lot.

For now I'll vote for the macOS notification node, to be able to also grab Spotify info, and for your edit nodes in Vuo request, which would allow faster node creation by tweaking node code.

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I'm not sure if it's possible to bundle an Applescript in with a VUO app in a Contents sub-folder and somehow trigger that script to run (inside Vuo or externally)?

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You can get around this to some extent having an AppleScript file run outside of Vuo and pass the info by writing info to a text file, .info file or perhaps using OSC if you can find an Applescript way to write to OSC (I've never googled that option, text file is fine for my needs). Given that Vuo can export screensavers now, a few iTunes peak and poke nodes could be worthwhile, at least to pull track and playlist data.

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mic voted on ou's Feature Request, “Tracking blobs



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