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kokot commented on kokot's Discussion, “ASUS KINECT in VUo

Yes it does, as soon as you plug it, it comes up with 'Calibrating' message and its ready for use

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Joe commented on kokot's Discussion, “ASUS KINECT in VUo

Yeah, glad to hear you have NImate. I've never tried the Asus Xtion device but it looks like at least the first version did work with NImate. Does NImate see the sensor? Good luck.

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kokot commented on kokot's Discussion, “ASUS KINECT in VUo

Hi Joe, thanks for the answer, Right,so its Kinect only....I still keep Ni Mate 1 and 2 version and use it to mocap into Blender occasionally, its still working. But couldnt get it working in vuo with Asus.

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Unfortunately it's one of those things that sounds simple but would actually require a lot of development work to properly fix — work that is part of feature requests that are not yet scheduled (custom themes or vector paths).

We'll leave this bug report open, since the way the slider handle is drawn has a surprising limitation, but we don't anticipate making any special effort to fix it until one or the other of those feature requests is implemented.

For the particular case of your hue slider, perhaps as a workaround you could calculate the Handle Color based on the slider position.

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Joe commented on kokot's Discussion, “ASUS KINECT in VUo

Only Kinect V1 and V2 to get images in Vuo but no joint positions directly. You will also require NI Mate to get the joint positions via osc, which has sadly been deprecated and is no longer available. There are now quite a few softwares which use a normal camera and AI to interpret the joint positions.

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Jaymie commented on NoodleDesign's Discussion, “How to stop data feedback loop....

Great that you found a solution! For future reference, the Allow Changes node might simplify things a bit. The general idea of interrupting the feedback when you see repeated values sounds like a good approach.

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kokot posted a new Discussion, “ASUS KINECT in VUo
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Dust commented on seanradio's Discussion, “Xcode example for non-VuoPluginApp

The Vuo plug-in app requires a time input. The example has the time tied to the ui slider. So when you move the slider you should see the action of the filter. That’s why it is only updating when you use the ui slider. Try making a timer and feed that to the image filter in the update image function and it should refresh your video.

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seanradio commented on seanradio's Discussion, “Xcode example for non-VuoPluginApp

well, hmm.

I want to expose selecting a video input selection in the UI, like choosing btwn built in FaceTime camera, or a usb capture device. ..

at the moment/in the mean time, I've been trying to get the VuoPluginApp (modified with a receive video node) to refresh/display live video but I haven't been able to figure out how to get it to auto refresh, right now it only updates the camera feed when I click one of the UI elements.

Also when running the vanilla example, the generic app icon appears in the dock but it disappears from the dock once fully loaded and the main menu never appears. It almost runs like a background process.

So I thought I'd try working with the full framework but could never get anything to compile. So thought a working example would help me figure out what I was doing wrong.



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