Transient Text Display

I am happy to present you with my first composition: Transient Text Display.

This is composed as an 'Image Generator' in order to make it available to external programs. It builds on Wake up, Neo by Bodysoulspirit, but instead of periodically advancing the text based on time intervals it prints the next character based on incoming transients on the audio stream.


Composition and supporting files: 

Making music visuals — Part 3

Making music visuals with Vuo — Part 3: Building an Audio Analyzer

Building an audio analyzer


For the video mixer, we used videos to put motion into the visuals — remember, motion is very important for music visuals. Now we're going to get motion in a different way, from the music audio. We'll feed the same audio signal that goes to the speakers into Vuo and use properties of the audio to control the visuals.

I like this approach because it directly ties the visuals to the music. When you show a visualization of the audio, it matches what your ears are hearing (like now) and, I think, helps you notice things in the music that you might not have otherwise.


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