CoreML integration

Machine vision is getting really awesome. And Apple's coreML offers some pretty accessible Machine vision.

Tools like make it easier to train custom coreML models.

Request: A coreML node that uses the coreML framework, and outputs results so that they can be used in the composition.

Could be a Pro feature?


Node to Make a QR code

Per this discussion:

The desire is to be able to make a custom QR code image.

This current workaround (which requires a network ping, and assumes Google keeps this service up) is great, many thanks to Jean Marie

Would be lovely to be able to make a QR code natively.


Notes from Team Vuo

Vuo Pro: 

No — available with both Vuo CE and Vuo Pro


●○○○ — Up to a few days of work


●○○ — Appeals to current community

What to do O'Clock

What To Do O’Clock - A Timepiece Screen Saver

Everyday was Groundhog Day working from home in the lockdown. “I can’t remember, do I work at home or do I live at work??” Then I saw this from Austin Kleon and got thinking about how we measure time, and to how sometimes you need a little direction as to what it is you are suppose to be doing.

Hey Presto! the ‘What To Do O’Clock’ is a Mac screensaver or stand alone application for MacOS that tells you what it is you are supposed to be doing at any given time.

Composition and supporting files: 

Exported App: 


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