360° image/movie viewer

View a 360° image or movie by dragging the file into this composition's window. Drag the mouse to look around. Scroll to change the field of view.

For best results, images and movies should be equirectangular panoramas (360° on the X axis, 180° on the Y axis).

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Crossfade RSS Images

Uploading 2 methods I came up with to crossfade images from a list (here from an RSS feed).

There is also that topic by bLackburst with some other methods (Link).

Other new techniques welcome !

Gallery Image preview is a free image from www.pexels.com

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Add Anchor port to the Resize Image node

Don't know if it's possible, surely more helpful for Fill image then Fit Image (useless for stretch).

But for example if I have a portrait image of a person and I want to crop-resize it, it's more useful to have the top part because that's where the head is.

Could perhaps also be added to Crop Image (or only to Crop Image). I think this could already be done by calculating the image height and divide the height and crop it, but a simple Anchor could be so simple.

So for example if I would resize a portait image to square and use "Fill Image" I could set the anchor to middle top and get the head of the portrait centered rather then the body ?



Notes from Team Vuo

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