Tickle Wobble - Layer reaction on mouseover

It's actually a remix of the "Is Mouse Within Rectangle" sample composition ...

Tried to react with it with mouse click, but had no luck ... Can't wait for the custom buttons options. Actually we could just pass a layer or image through the Make Button Patch ...


Oh yeah and bytheway ... Wobble likes to be tickled, so just hover him over :)

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Here's a quick variation on Ryan Berkey's cool Iterate Geo composition.

I started by creating a gradient layer, then I made copies rotating it around in a circle, then made copies scaling it down toward the origin. I added mouse controls to change the number of layer copies, and their size and position.

Composition and supporting files: 

Exported App: 

Getting Started — Part 7

quick start 7

Live coding and Editor tools for examining a composition.

Update: If you're trying to recreate this composition in Vuo 1.2.4 or later, hold down the Shift key (Vuo 1.2.6+) or Option key (Vuo 1.2.4 and 1.2.5) while connecting the cable from the Fire Periodically node's Fired port to the Count node's Increment port. This makes a thin (event-only) cable instead of the default thick (data+event) cable.


  1. OK. We've built this composition. When we press "Run," it creates this window and counts upon it. Now, let's learn some more about Vuo by walking through a little bit of live coding. Live coding means modifying your composition while it's running. This can be handy, for example, if want to see what you're building while you're building it, or if you're creating live visuals at a show and want to mix it up.


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