3D Knob GUI

This is 3D Knob GUI element originally used for rotating the waveform on my turntable its a slimmed down version of that rotating a 3D potentiometer. The output to the screen is scaled down from 0 to 360 normalized down to 0 to 1 range. Feel free to use it as a GUI to rotate a 3D object or use it anywhere you would use a slider.

Composition and supporting files: 

'If True, Else' Node?

I found myself struggling a bit to work out the logic for an IF-ELSE kind of statement. Eventually I worked out a solution (See pictured). I'm an OK developer, and extremely QC noodler. However, this one was a bit of a brain twister, for what is rudimentary in code.

What I'd love is an Are Equal patch that has an Else output.



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