This composition shows a slowly rotating and deforming 3D-object with a changing halo of gas and particles. The camera view can be changed by mouse. It was created to test out some Vuo-features. (Blend Image with Feedback, Make Random Points Object, Add Noise to 3D Object,...)

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Allow more data types in Calculate node

Can the Calculate node be changed to allow for integer arithmetic? I know the automatic type converters kick in when it's hooked up to nodes that take Integers, but being able to set the type of the Calculate to Integer node would cause less clutter, less time selecting how to round the result, and less processing time in a loop.

Additionally, can it be changed to also allow 2/3/4D Points? In the event that a 3D Point is being used in a calculation, and the result is another 3D Point, right now three Calculate nodes need to be used, one per dimension. A point could be constructed within an expression using [these] brackets. A number could be used in an expression without any change, but perhaps a 2D Point could be written with _XY as a suffix, a 3D Point with _XYZ, etc. A dimension could be used from a point with just that dimension (instead of all dimensions) specified in the suffix.

The node could either take a single expression to calculate all dimensions in the point, or it could take an expression per dimension. Allowing for a bit of vector-style arithmetic could further open up some flexibility too, for example, by allowing adding two points, multiplying a point by a constant, multiplying dimensions (as in X1*X2, Y1*Y2, etc.), dot/cross products, a magnitude function (perhaps with |this| syntax...

Expressions might look like this:

radius * [cos(theta), sin(theta)] //Point on a circle at angle theta
deltaTime * velocity_XY + location_XY //New location after applying velocity
[velocity_X, deltaTime * gravity + velocity_Y] //New velocity after applying gravity

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No — available with both Vuo and Vuo Pro licenses


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