• Easy to learn — We've built Vuo from the ground up to be easy to work with. Vuo comes with video tutorials, built-in example compositions, a user manual, and node documentation to help make learning Vuo easy. You can read other users' discussions, or start one yourself.

  • Community driven — The Vuo community votes in community polls, submits feature requests, and discusses ideas — which directly influence Vuo development.

  • Actively supported— We produce new releases with new functionality every few months or so. Team Vuo actively responds to bug reports, reviews new feature requests, and works with the community to answer questions. We're also working with other software teams to integrate Vuo with their applications.

  • Versatile — Whether you're a VJ, digital artist, multimedia producer, or hobbyist, Vuo can help make your projects happen. Mix and manipulate music, images, videos, live cameras, animation, and more.

  • High performance — Vuo is designed to maximize the power of your hardware, connect to the latest technology, and put you in complete control of your compositions. Learn more about Vuo's features.

  • Around for the long haul — Vuo comes with the source code for all standard nodes and the compiler, and has periodic open source releases of those. The Vuo editor is proprietary, but is kept in a code escrow that ensures if Vuo development ever stops, the editor code will be released to the public.

  • A creative collaboration — We want to learn from you and produce the most useful and capable tools for creativity possible. We hope you'll join the collaboration and get creative with Vuo.

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