Custom graphics and video effects.

Vuo gives you the power make one-of-a-kind, interactive dome visuals.

  • High-resolution graphics in 2D and 3D
  • Fisheye warping for fulldome projectors (Vuo Pro)
  • Projection-mesh warping for spherical-mirror and other setups (Vuo Pro)
  • Mixing in audio, devices, data feeds, and more
  • Real-time rendering
  • Video export
  • A powerful engine with a simple interface that’s easy to learn — no coding required!

Vuo is available for macOS. (To find out about our plans for other platforms, see our FAQ).


Dynamic live performances.

With Vuo, you can transform your planetarium into…

  • … a concert hall with live audio-visual performances
    • Design audio-reactive graphics
    • Synchronize video, audio, and stage lighting with Art-Net (Vuo Pro), MIDI, and OSC
    • Control the show from your mobile device using TouchOSC
  • … a fun and educational museum exhibit
    • Develop innovative user interfaces with devices such as Leap Motion, Kinect, and Arduino
    • Integrate data feeds including RSS, JSON, and CSV
  • … a magical immersive experience
    • Provide a hub connecting other software/hardware
    • Send video to other software, like Omnidome, Splash, and Blendy Dome VJ, through Syphon

Limitless possibilities.

Vuo is incredibly flexible. Besides working with domes, you can do projection mapping, view 360° video, convert video between different projections, and more.

Vuo community member Paul Bourke used Vuo for an outdoor dome installation in Mandurah, Australia. “Unlike a normal dome the audience is on the outside of the dome and the interior contains the projection equipment,” he explained. Using Vuo, Paul blended the output of two projectors with spherical mirrors, creating a seamless image around the dome.

You can read more about how Paul and others are using Vuo in our community spotlights.


Putting the power in your hands.

Vuo is easy to learn. Whether you prefer to start by reading the user manual, watching video tutorials, or trying some of our over 250 examples, you can be building your first composition in a few minutes.

Behind the simple interface is a powerful engine. As a visual programming environment, Vuo gives you the control, flexibility, and performance of custom programming, without having to write a line of code.

Vuo isn’t just software. It’s a growing community of people around the world who are creating amazing things. Vuo community members are sharing their creations and their knowledge. As a community member, you can even help decide the direction of Vuo by suggesting and voting on new features.


Take it for a spin.

For serious dome users, we recommend our professional tier, Vuo Pro. It includes nodes specially designed for domes, a dark user interface for working in low light, and other advanced features. Pro features aren't enabled in our free trial, but you can try our demos of projection warping, directional fisheye cameras, and targeted fisheye cameras.

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