Innovative visitor input methods.

If you’re looking for new ways…

  • to engage your visitors
  • to create unforgettable experiences
  • to transform how visitors think about science, history, or art

… Vuo can help.

Vuo is a tool that empowers people who design exhibits to create the software that drives them. You don’t have to be a programmer — Vuo provides a visual interface for mixing 2D and 3D graphics, video, audio, devices, data feeds, and more.

IMPACT  Theatre used Vuo with a Kinect in a live show performed by people with learning disabilities. In a dance piece, performers painted on a projection screen with their arm movements. Using Vuo, IMPACT  Theatre developed an input method that was flexible enough to allow people with “different levels of ability or mobility to creatively express themselves” and reliable enough to use in a live performance.


Memorable immersive experiences.

With Vuo, you can create content for planetariums, LED walls, projection-mapped architecture, and other immersive environments. Behind Vuo’s simple interface is a powerful engine that supports:

  • High-resolution graphics in 2D and 3D
  • Fisheye and projection-mesh warping
  • Real-time rendering
  • Video and app export

Out of the Box Productions used Vuo for an immersive installation in Toronto. With a mixture of imagery, sound, and live performers, they created an experience of “a gradual slackening of tempo, leaving behind the distractions of contemporary urban life.” Vuo was a key part of their setup, animating the full surround imagery and enabling the performers to interact with it.


Extra mileage for the hardware/software you already own.

Vuo plays well with lots of other technology:

  • Imports 3D models created in Blender, Maya, and 3ds Max
  • Talks to other applications and devices via OSC, MIDI, Art-Net, and serial
  • Reads data from RSS, XML, JSON, and CSV
  • Sends and receives video via Syphon

Circus Family used Vuo in an installation that transformed a forest into a “fairytale-like scene” that was filmed for an advertisement. Vuo acted as a hub between their equipment — rain sensors attached to an Arduino — and their audio, video, and controller software.


Rapid prototyping to reduce project costs.

Designing intuitive interactions for experiential learning is a huge challenge. The earlier in the project you can test your input methods, the less risk of having to make expensive changes later on. With Vuo, you can quickly create prototypes and demos using various input devices, including:

  • Kinect
  • Leap Motion
  • HID devices
  • Tablets and phones via the TouchOSC app

Subject-matter experts can create interactive content.

We believe it’s important for people who are experts in areas other than programming — like science, education, design, and museology — to be able to create interactive exhibits and interactive media.

Even if you don’t have a lot of time or a massive budget, you can create amazing experiences for your visitors using Vuo. Whether you prefer to start by reading the user manual, watching video tutorials, or trying some of our over 250 examples, you can be building your first interactive media in a few minutes.

Learn more about getting started.


Take it for a spin.

Vuo is available for macOS. (To find out about our plans for other platforms, see our FAQ.)

The Vuo team also does custom development for hire. For more information, contact us.