We've completed these feature requests, and they're now available in Vuo. Thanks to the community for the great ideas!

Vuo 1.2.5
Feature Suggested by
Add support for Duet Display screen names
Allow shortcut ⌘R to relaunch already running compositions
HAP video player
Vuo 1.2.4
Feature Suggested by
"Get Item(s) from List" node needed
"Unsharp mask" node
32bpc Color Accuracy Choice: GL_RGB32F
Audio Multiply Node Submission
BitCrush Audio Effect
Change item in list - "add if not present" mode
Concatenate Layers
Extend "Make Noise Image" to support multiple noise levels, tiling, spherical mapping, and Voronoi noise
Faster / less-accurate image blurring
Get every Nth item in list
More Blur nodes
Node to stop the composition
Text Letter Case Node
Transform Layer / Object
`Allow Periodic Events` node
`get window dimensions` full screen Boolean
Vuo 1.2.3
Feature Suggested by
Add a Loop input port to 'Decode Movie Image'
Add more color mapping options to "Convert Color List to DMX" node
cycle through list (list number out)
Employ OS X Finder searches in File > Open Composition
Input editors for selecting input/output devices
Node to convert VuoReal -> VuoAudioSamples
Projection Mapping Node
Stripes Generator
Vuo 1.2.1
Feature Suggested by
Change Phase of Vuo.Audio.Wave
Vuo 1.2.0
Feature Suggested by
Audio beat detection
Auto-kill stuck Compositions
Cable connection shortcuts and features
Drag & Drop Item to Composition Window and get Path Node
Extend "Format Number" to support zero-padding
HID node
Load modern Blender meshes
Node to launch an app or a file using OS X services
Node to set off a sequence of animations
Nodes for OSC output
Publish Frames Per Second (FPS) image generator input
System time
Wave node (vuo.motion.wave) needs offset input port like QC LFO patch
When selecting Tools > Open Modules Folder, automatically create the folders (authenticating if necessary)
Vuo 1.1.1
Feature Suggested by
Provide a way to set the baud rate of a serial device
Vuo 1.1.0
Feature Suggested by
A few more color options for Tinting nodes?
Capture other applications' output
Change Editor window background color and opacity
Generate a Mesh from an Image (Rutt/Etra)
Hex Color Code Nodes
Image Pixel
Manually trigger events clicking the Refresh port as well as trigger ports.
Optionally snap to grid in composition canvas
Serial input/output, for using Arduino etc.
Shortcut for "Fire Event"
Text to List Item Seperator
Vuo 1.0.0
Feature Suggested by
Improve style of nodes and cables
Send and Receive nodes for wirelessly sending data inside a composition.
Vuo 0.9.0
Feature Suggested by
Directory scanner
Mirror Node
Quartz style "~/" user abbreviation for file URL
Vuo 0.8.0
Feature Suggested by
App Window title
Barcode reader
Fullscreen on Startup
Maths node
Movie audio
Window dimensions
Vuo 0.7.0
Feature Suggested by
Grab Workspace with Spacebar
Keyboard or Keypress Node
Vuo 0.6.0
Feature Suggested by
Image Flip horizontal/vertical node
Improve design of Interface and Stateful node indications
Lighting a 3D scene
Tab between input editors (was: Inspector Window)
Vuo 0.5.0
Feature Suggested by
Hold Point
Vuo 0.4.2
Feature Suggested by
Read and view image files
Feature Suggested by
Ability to split and combine alpha channel
Additional feature request field after months: Solo Feature
Improve website email notification system
Improved code formatting with syntax highlighting on vuo.org (GeSHi)
Process (and rewards?) for contributing code to Vuo