We've completed these feature requests, and they're now available in Vuo. Thanks to the community for the great ideas!

Vuo 2.0.0
Feature Suggested by
Get raw infrared images from the Kinect
Image translate
Publish up-to-date backend on GitHub
Vuo 2.0.0-beta4
Feature Suggested by
Multitouch on Apple Trackpads
Vuo 2.0.0-beta2
Feature Suggested by
Right-Click 3rd party node in Node Library to delete it
Vuo 2.0.0-beta1
Feature Suggested by
Ability to create composition-local subcompositions
Ability to edit GLSL shader code in Vuo Editor
Add support for notes on compositions — group nodes visually and write some info about that group
Allow text layers to optionally scale with the window size
Automatically reload modified nodes
Better cable-highlighting
Change subcomposition event behavior — an event into a published input comes in just through that input, not all inputs
Copyright for exported apps & other features (Versions, About window)
Deploy compositions as FFGL plugins
Deploy compositions as FxPlug plugins
Don't select cables on drag
Edit node class name prefix upon "Save/Move Composition to Node Library"
Export as OSX Screensavers
Face detection
Font - Horizontal/Vertical Scale options
Import shaders in VIDVOX's Interactive Shader Format (ISF)
Improve quality when downscaling images
Load nodes from composition path and other custom folders
Minified/customizeable toolbar
Optional "Points Grid" for the editor canvas
Pinch-zoom in editor
Prioritize math symbols as node shortcuts in the sidebar.
Provide option to automatically wrap text images/layers
Speech synthesis (text-to-speech) node
Vuo SDK with libc++ settings
Vuo 1.2.7
Feature Suggested by
Add support for capturing video from Blackmagic devices
Finished playback output port on "Play Video File"
Vuo 1.2.6
Feature Suggested by
Document which nodes run on CPU or GPU
Duplicate a cable by holding option and dragging from the input port
Embed movies from Vimeo/YouTube onto Vuo forum posts
In "Shade with Wireframe", add support for screen-space lines
Load structured data (XML, JSON, CSV, TXT) from files or network (HTTP, HTTPS)
Merge WXYZ Lists
Node that records data to a text file and plays it back
Nodes for boolean operations on 3d objects
Published Ports - Input reordering
Search compositions for node titles, node classes, and constant values
`Open URL in Browser` node
Vuo 1.2.5
Feature Suggested by
Add support for Duet Display screen names
Allow shortcut ⌘R to relaunch already running compositions
HAP video player
Vuo 1.2.4
Feature Suggested by
"Get Item(s) from List" node needed
"Unsharp mask" node
32bpc Color Accuracy Choice: GL_RGB32F
Ability to split and combine alpha channel