We've completed these feature requests, and they're now available in Vuo. Thanks to the community for the great ideas!

Vuo 1.2.6
Feature Suggested by
Duplicate a cable by holding option and dragging from the input port
Embed movies from Vimeo/YouTube onto Vuo forum posts
In "Shade with Wireframe", add support for screen-space lines
Load structured data (XML, JSON, CSV, TXT) from files or network (HTTP, HTTPS)
Merge WXYZ Lists
Node that records data to a text file and plays it back
Nodes for boolean operations on 3d objects
Published Ports - Input reordering
`Open URL in Browser` node
Vuo 1.2.5
Feature Suggested by
Add support for Duet Display screen names
Allow shortcut ⌘R to relaunch already running compositions
HAP video player
Vuo 1.2.4
Feature Suggested by
"Get Item(s) from List" node needed
"Unsharp mask" node
32bpc Color Accuracy Choice: GL_RGB32F
Ability to split and combine alpha channel
Audio Multiply Node Submission
BitCrush Audio Effect
Change item in list - "add if not present" mode
Concatenate Layers
Extend "Make Noise Image" to support multiple noise levels, tiling, spherical mapping, and Voronoi noise
Faster / less-accurate image blurring
Get every Nth item in list
More Blur nodes
Node to stop the composition
Text Letter Case Node
Transform Layer / Object
`Allow Periodic Events` node
`get window dimensions` full screen Boolean
Vuo 1.2.3
Feature Suggested by
Add a Loop input port to 'Decode Movie Image'
Add more color mapping options to "Convert Color List to DMX" node
cycle through list (list number out)
Employ OS X Finder searches in File > Open Composition
Input editors for selecting input/output devices
Node to convert VuoReal -> VuoAudioSamples
Projection Mapping Node
Stripes Generator
Vuo 1.2.1
Feature Suggested by
Change Phase of Vuo.Audio.Wave
Vuo 1.2.0
Feature Suggested by
Audio beat detection
Auto-kill stuck Compositions
Cable connection shortcuts and features
Drag & Drop Item to Composition Window and get Path Node
Extend "Format Number" to support zero-padding
HID node
Load modern Blender meshes
Node to launch an app or a file using OS X services
Node to set off a sequence of animations
Nodes for OSC output
Publish Frames Per Second (FPS) image generator input