Vuo combines a simple platform with an amazing array of features.

  • Start connecting — Vuo is designed to work with sound, video, motion capture, controllers, sensors, stage equipment, data feeds, and more. Check out our detailed list.

  • Maximize the power of your hardware — Vuo is the only visual programming environment that automatically multi-threads your compositions and compiles them to machine code. This means Vuo compositions avoid bottlenecks in execution and use fewer computer resources.

  • Leverage powerful building blocks for graphics — Get creative with 2D and 3D graphics. Vuo includes node sets that let you load 3D models, animate and add lighting and other shader effects to 3D objects, and apply filters to 2D images.

  • Designed for output — We built Vuo to simultaneously work with multiple video devices and produce multiple graphics windows.

  • Run your work on cue — You control the timing of your composition. It can run at a steady framerate, or it can react to events like mouse clicks or MIDI notes. You can design your composition so that some parts run continuously, and others run only when needed.

  • Turn your code into nodes — Since Vuo's standard nodes come with their source code, you can modify them or build your own to do whatever you'd like. Vuo has a open API so you can expand on what we've developed. Developers can use Vuo's API to create Vuo nodes from C source code, and eventually from Javascript. Distribute your code as a Vuo node set and join the Vuo collaboration.

  • Future-proof your work — You can add a composition to our test rig, so we won't inadvertently break your work as we continue to develop Vuo.

  • Springboard your development — If you're developing an application, you can use Vuo inside. With Vuo's framework, your application can run and interact with compositions.

  • Compose for other apps — You can already run Vuo compositions in some VJ apps, and we're working on adding more. Vuo has a "chosen to be implemented" feature request for an FxPlug, allowing you to run Vuo compositions from inside any FxPlug host app, such as Final Cut Pro X and Motion.

  • Cross-platform plans — Vuo will eventually support running compositions on iOS and Android, and creating and running compositions on Windows and Linux.

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A few of Vuo's input nodes

A 3D scene with spotlights

Some nodes created by the Vuo community