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Adelaide, Australia
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Alex Mitchell conducted a free 5-hour workshop on Vuo in his local university's computer lab. He said, "We had a great turnout of passionate creators ranging from graphic designers - video editors - lighting designers and musicians. Even a few Max and Isadora experts. They were really excited at the speed of Vuo, and especially the new projection mapping feature!"

The workshop was divided into two parts:

  • First half: Introduction, getting used to Vuo logic
  • Second half: Requests, participant questions

It covered a wide range of Vuo's functionality, including:

  • How Vuo uses a "push" (event-driven) paradigm, as opposed to a "pull" paradigm like some other software
  • How to "push" data into nodes to get them to work — with some "designed to fail" examples so that participants could see why pushing was needed
  • The three window output modes — Image, Layer, and Scene — and when to use each one
  • 3D scenes with lighting and point clouds
  • Fractals made with the Shadertoy node
  • Experiments with intentionally glitchy flickering windows
  • A demonstration of projection mapping onto some boxes

"I also ran the workshop without any pre-existing compositions," noted Alex. "I think this helped people understand, because I was building everything in front of them. I was explaining my logic of using Vuo, and they were following along."

Alex hosted this free workshop "to show people possibilities of live video & interaction on the Mac, not to 'sell' Vuo, more about community engagement and sharing knowledge."


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