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Vuo 0.9

Vuo 0.9 is here! Check out our Vuo 0.9 introduction video on Vimeo or Youtube:

Screenshot of the Vuo 0.9 demo video

Vuo 0.9 comes with 79 new nodes, and over 30 new example compositions to help you learn how the new nodes work. We've added nodes for receiving live video input via QuickTime — including the built-in iSight camera on MacBooks and iMacs. We also have new nodes for filtering images, blending objects and layers, using lists, and controlling the logic flow in your composition.

We added several new features to the editor, like the ability to drag media files directly onto the canvas and have the corresponding node automatically pop up. You can now drag cables backwards and edit published ports with sliders (essential when creating compositions for VJ apps like CoGe), and search for nodes by port names, too.

We've significantly improved stability and live coding performance, and have many more improvements in the works for 1.0.

3-month Subscriptions

If you're still deciding whether to buy Vuo, we have a new option for you: for just $45 USD, you can buy a Vuo Scout subscription! You'll be able to download new versions of Vuo for three months — so if you buy now, you'll get both 0.9 and 1.0. And, as with all our subscriptions, you can keep using your copy of Vuo even after your update period expires.

Wanted: Crash Reports

As we head toward Vuo 1.0, we want you to help us make Vuo as stable as possible, so we're giving away 1 credit for each unique crash or hang report you submit. We're asking you to report any new crashes or hangs you find, so we can fix them before 1.0.

Thanks so much for your continued support. We look forward to seeing what you create.

Team Vuo